Who Killed Libia Update on Sunday 14th July 2019

SUNDAY UPDATE ON WHO KILLED LIBIA? ON UTVSofia and John go to inform Gabby that they’ve been able to do a DNA to know that their biological child is among the three children so therefore, Sofia now has the custody of all the properties her late father left in her name and as they speak, everything is in the hands of the law and Gabby just couldn’t believe it but she pretends to be strong and starts to pollute Sofia’s mind about John that his reasons for chasing her up and down is because he wants to have a share in her wealth. Sofia then voices out to tell her mother that it’s never true because John can never do such a thing and Gabby starts cursing and exchanging words with her but Sofia refuses to let it get to her and she makes her mother to understand that she thought it wise before making that decision and she did it for the sake of her children and siblings so if she doesn’t stop insulting her, she’ll have to pack out of the hacienda.Jemimah congratulates Oscar for making an effort to stand on his feet and Oscar tells her that the love she has for him is what encouraged him to make that effort so she should just remain with him and not change her mind again because he has learnt his lessons. Jemimah then expresses how much she loves and cares for him and promises to be by his side till eternity and they kiss each other and Franco suddenly bumps into them and he feels very happy to see them in that manner.Ruth angrily asks Gabby as to why she preferred to have a child with her father Ricardo when they never loved each other and Gabby bitterly explains that in her entire life, no man has ever loved her so when she met Ricardo, she thought that might change but she realized he never loved her when she was pregnant and that was even the main reason why she never informed him about the pregnancy. Ruth then asks if her main reasons for doing everything she did was just because she needed love and Gabby replies that yes and that was why she decided to get close to Fernando but even with him, she still doubt s his love for her and when Ruth asks why, she explains that something tells her that she (Ruth) is sleeping with him but then she should be very careful because if what she feels turns out to be true, she won’t even consider her as a daughter but will make sure she pays dearly for it.Gabby goes to share tears on Bernardo’s grave and curses him for hunting her and causing her to fail in everything she does and Eva comes around to stop her from acting senseless and making unnecessary noise. They then argues so hard over the late Bernardo and Gabby tells he to stop worrying herself over him because he never loved her and Eva says likewise to her that Bernardo never loved her neither and Gabby tells her that she still have Fernando who loves him so what about her and Eva tells her to stop being childish because Fernando doesn’t even love her and it’s worse.Fernando says to Gabby that she’s a loser to have let Sofia conquer her in that way and Gabby also tells him he’s also a loser because he has never succeeded in eliminating John. She then clarifies to him that she senses he’s doing something behind her which is cheating and even Eva of all people has stated to her that he doesn’t love her like he says and Fernando tells her not to pay attention to Eva. She then tearfully expresses to him that even if she’ll lose everything and still have him by her side, she’ll be very happy and Fernando hypocritically comforts her but says in his mind that if she thinks he’ll still remain by her when she loses everything, then she’s mistaken.Sarah cheers Jemimah for a change of mind and getting back with Oscar and she briefs her about Sofia and John taking a DNA to know that their child is among those three children and how Sofia has managed to get back the properties from their mother’s hands and Jemimah expresses her joy in that. She then informs Sarah that though she’s back, she’ll continue to sleep in the shop and Sarah heatedly halts her states that there’s no way she’s going to allow her to sleep in the shop again!Fernando goes to confront Sofia as to how she was capable to disregard her mother and take away everything from her hands and Sofia makes it clear to him that she did it only to protect her from him because he’s cheating and if he doesn’t take his time, she’ll reveal his affairs with Ruth to her mother and Fernando warns her to be very careful because she’s playing with a viper and if she tries anything silly, he’ll bite her without her knowledge and Sofia gets shaken. Sofia calls for Ricardo and Ruth to notify them that they have just two days to pack out of the boys quarters and Ricardo tells her she might be joking because the only one who has the right to throw them out is Gabby and Sofia brings to his notice that all the properties are back in his name so if he doesn’t obey her command, then they might not be able to contain the disgrace that awaits them.Raquel boldly goes to see John in his house to take a look at the document which states that she’s the rightful owner of all the properties Ricardo wanted to take from her and she proves to John that she’s ever ready to face Ricardo and take back what is hers and neither he nor Ruth will have any dime from her unless Gabby decides to help them. John then briefs her that as they speak, Sofia is now in charge of everything in the hacienda and she’ll be sending them out of the place in no time. Ricardo and Ruth decides to consult Gabby about what’s going on to see if it’s true and as they enter into the main house, they get in contact with Jemimah and Jemimah mentions to Ricardo that she has never liked him ever since she set her eyes on him and he tells her he doesn’t understand what she’s saying or is she getting mad and Jemimah spills it out that has he forgotten so soon that he disguised himself to rape her, and Ruth gets shocked as she raises her head to look at his father.
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