Who Killed Libia Update on Saturday 13th July 2019

SATURDAY UPDATE ON WHO KILLED LIBIA? – ON UTVFather Teddy walks to Ruth to preach the gospel to her so she can turn away from her bad deeds and accept Christ in her life but she as usual makes fun of Father whiles he preaches to her and tells him to go away because he makes her feel sleepy whenever he preaches and Father tells her to think about it and listen to her heart because she’s not totally lost but rather, there’s a chance for her to turn a new live and be born again.John wakes up the following morning with Sofia by his side and he gets amazed and Sofia tells him she’s ready to listen to him now and he goes ahead to narrate how everything happened for him to have ended up I bed with Ruth like that. Sofia then asks who could be capable of doing that and John tells her it could be no other person that Ruth and he’s certain someone assisted her because she couldn’t have carried him all of herself and Sofia proposes that it could be Fernando. She then tells him she’ll think about his explanation and will also allow him to take the children to his house like he suggested earlier on for their safety and John appreciates her for the understanding and Sofia excuses herself and clarifies that she’s not going to sit idle for their enemies to always have their way and so, she’s going to seek a plan which will protect them form henceforth.Soledad questions Raquel concerning how prepared she is to seek for her right and freedom and Raquel tells her she doesn’t even know yet because she’s scared of what Ricardo might do to her and Soledad states that putting fear in her heart isn’t going to help her at all so she better stand on her feet as a woman and fight for what rightfully belongs to her because enough is enough and she goes ahead by saying that even she (Soledad) has overcome her fears and has decided not to keep quiet anymore.Oscar and Franco go to the hacienda to see their brother and upon their arrival, they get to meet Gabby and Fernando but they pay no attention to them and makes them to understand that they’re also owners of the hacienda and therefore has the right to come in and out at any time. Gabby then gets to heated up that she tells Fernando she’s going to throw everyone out of the house including Ricardo and Ruth and that she doesn’t care if Ruth is her blood because she has no trust in her.Sofia consults Father Teddy that she wants to carry on with a plan which is going to serve as a guidance for her children and siblings but she what she’s going to do too is going to serve as a form of disregard to her mother Gabby and since she has learnt from the scriptures that children are to obey their parents, she doesn’t know if it’ll serve her right. Father then enlightens her that her mother Gabby has proven so many times that she doesn’t need her love, care and respect so all she does is to pay her back with evil all the time so if she has decided to disregard her just to protect her children and sisters, then there’s nothing wrong with it so she can go ahead.Soledad goes to the hacienda and she gets to meet Gabby and when Gabby asks what she has come to do this time around, she expresses to her that she came purposely to speak to Sofia and make her realize that she (Gabby) isn’t her biological mother so that she can put an end to worrying herself over her and have her freedom and Gabby dares her not to even try but Soledad proves to her that she doesn’t fear her one bit. Gabby then tries pushing her out and John comes in to ask Gabby as to why she’s treating a blind woman like that and Soledad asks John to step aside because she can defend herself from her and she warns Gabby to be very careful because she can mess up her life within a second and she leaves. After Soledad leaves, John asks Gabby as to why she was trying to push Soledad away and prevent her from speaking and she tells him to think anything she wants because she has nothing to hide.Sofia goes to consult a lawyer that she wants to do a DNA test to find out whom among the three children is her biological child but after finding the results, she doesn’t want anyone else to know about it and the lawyer tells her that though it will be quite difficult, he’ll try his best to do as she says and also he can as well help her to get back the properties her late father left for her and Sofia becomes so grateful. She then sends the information to John and he also agrees to carry on with the DNA.Otafrigya really goes mad after finding out that her mother went to the hacienda so he confronts and cautions her to stay put and not move an inch closer to their enemies because they’ll hurt her and Soledad keeps telling him to calm down and forgive but he objects to it as usual and she tells him to join her pray to God for his wisdom but he makes it clear to her that his heart is full of rage that he can’t pray at the moment.Jemimah happens to see Ricardo as she makes her way out of the hacienda to take transport and she happens to find out that he’s hurt on his head so she gets an idea that he might be the person who disguised himself to rape her and she gets frightened.John and Franco pressures Oscar to go and stop Jemimah because she’s finally on her way out of the town and as Oscar gets to the bus station, he pleads with her not to go but she turns deaf ears to his plea and steps into the bus. Oscar arrives home looking very depressed in sorrow but to his surprise, Jemimah shows up and he manages to stand up from his wheel chair to embrace her.
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