Who Killed Libia Update on Friday 12th July 2019

FRIDAY UPDATE ON WHO KILLED LIBIA?Ricardo spots Jemimah in town and he takes a plan to rape her that very night as a means to get back at Sofia for what she has been doing against him.Oscar sees a sign of improvement in his legs and he becomes hopeful that he might one day walk again so he decided to see Jemimah to speak to her and stop her from going on her trip but Jemimah refuses to stay and insists on going.Jemimah goes to show her bus ticket to Sarah and though Sarah didn’t like her idea of leaving, she tells her to come over and spend the night at the hacienda since it’s going to be her last hour with them but she insists on sleeping in the shop in other not to create any scene with Gabby when she steps foot there. Meanwhile, Ricardo hides and eavesdrops on their conversation and for knowing that Jemimah will be spending the night all alone in the shop, he gets delighted that his plan will take off without any difficulty.Sofia argues with John about whom to take care of their daughters since they both happens to live in the same building (the hacienda) and Ruth from nowhere come to interfere but John puts her in her place by addressing her in an unpleasant manner and afterwards, Sofia makes Ruth to understand that she can never win John’s heart in any way because he always makes her look stupid and that she (Sofia) will forever be the only woman of his dreams and she walks out on her. Ruth then giggles and says within that she’ll teach the both of them a bitter lesson for talking rubbish into her face.During night hours, Ricardo sneaks into the shop to carry on with his mission as planned whiles Jemimah was fast asleep but as he keeps struggling with her to have access in raping her, Jemimah smashes his head with a flower vase and quickly escapes. On the other hand, Ruth also sneaks into Sofia’s children’s room with a snake and leaves it on their bed whiles they sleep but lucky enough, John enters the room and attacks the animal but he ends up being bitten and Sofia rushes to fetch a doctor to treat him.John suggests to Sofia that he thinks Fernando is responsible for bringing in that snake to bite their children and Sofia heatedly goes to attack Fernando and Gabby stands in his defense. Sofia then asks her mother again as to why she prefers to defend outsiders instead of her own children and she pushes her to tell her why she hates her so much and Gabby tells her to prepare because she’s going to tell her why she does that.Gabby expresses to Sofia that in the beginning, she thought she hated her just because she came to take away the love Bernardo had for her but she has now found out the main reason why she hated her right from birth and Sofia gets confused. Gabby then asks her to find herself a seat because what she’s about to say might break her down and Sofia tells her to go ahead because nothing surprises her anymore and just as Gabby was about to spill the beans, Jemimah budges into their midst with tears and reports to them that someone nearly raped her in the shop and she takes all the attention as she gets consoled by her sisters.Fernando goes to see Ruth at the boys’ quarters and Ruth excitedly asks if any of the children of Sofia has been bitten by the snake and Fernando replies that John was the one who got bitten and Ruth suddenly gets worried and asks if he’s alright and Fernando asks why she’s trying to be caring now and she answers that she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to John. Fernando then slaps her and mentions that if she had planned what she went to do with him, it would have been a success because he’s the only one with a master mind when it comes to doing evil. They both end up in bed at the long run and Gabby later arrives at the boys’ quarters and begins to scream out Ruth’s name and quickly, Ruth pushes Fernando off and meets Gabby at the door and pretends to have been sleeping. Gabby then tells her she thought Fernando was with her and Ruth asks how she can even think of such a thing in the first place and she goes in to find out for herself but she happens not to find him anywhere.Gabby returns back and finds Fernando fast asleep in their bedroom and she angrily asks where he went and he tells her he was in the washroom and there, Gabby calms down and states that she thought he was with Ruth and Fernando also hypocritically asks how she could think of that and she apologizes and they make love.Sofia goes to check on John and she finds out his temperature is very high so she uses a wet towel on him and as she stares into his face, she starts to remember the time where she told John about her being a victim of rape and how he didn’t ignore or reject her for that reason but rather made her feel special and continued loving her the way he did. She then comes to a conclusion that John indeed loves her like he said so therefore, she’s going to give him a second chance and hear what he has to say.
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