Who Killed Libia Episode 95 Update on Friday 28th December 2018

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John and his brothers, together with Vincent their uncle rushes to the court to show their certificate but the lawyer tells them there should be a will signed by their late father to prove that he left his properties in their care else, nothing can be done to make them acquire what they want.

Sofia and her sisters finally meet Eva and they ask if she knew the purpose of the brothers when they came to the hacienda on the very first day and she replies that yes and begins to explain herself as to why she still permitted them after knowing their reasons, but they tell her it’s too late to forgive. Sarah then wrathfully orders her out of their compound and tells her never to come close and the rest also says same and painfully, she walks away.

Sofia tells Father Teddy that she still loves John because he’s the only man who was able to take away her fears and made her feel how it is to be loved but what he did has really killed her spirit. Father then makes her to understand that love conquers all so if she truly loves him like she’s saying, then she must learn to forgive him but she halts the conversation and mentions to Father that she and her sisters are planning to start their own business so they’ll be needing his help.

Sarah meets Rosa in town and she makes her aware that the sacrifice she made for her was of no use because she was caught up in the hands of a wicked man like Franco but Rosa clarifies to her that Franco nor his brothers are wicked and the fact that they made a mistake doesn’t qualify them as one. She goes ahead by notifying her that Franco saved her life twice and aside that, his brothers has also given her their full support in any crisis that she finds herself so she better reason up and forgive.

Sofia and her sisters send flowers to Libia’s grave and asks for forgiveness stating that, though they knew nothing about her death, it pains them that she died as a result of their family and also prays to the Lord to keep her in His bosom because she’s innocent.

Eva informs Rosa that things didn’t go well after speaking to Sofia and her sisters and they forbid in seeing her ever again and they’re right but she regrets her mistakes and she isn’t worthy to be called a mother but Rosa consoles and tells her not to speak like that because to her, she’s a mother. Out of the blue, Maggi approaches and mentions to Eva that Rosa isn’t her daughter so she should stop worrying herself and they looked dumbed.

Vincent goes to show the brothers where he buried their parents on the night of their death and in fact, it was such a sorrowful moment for them as they weep bitterly on the grave.

Peter goes to the chapel and prays to the heavens to direct him on what to do with his father Mr. Alex.
John budges into Mr. Alex’s office and mentions to him that he doesn’t deserve to be called an uncle at all and if his parents were to be alive, they would have regretted ever having a brother like him due to the kind of business he has associated himself in because, it doesn’t speak well of their family at all. Mr. Alex asks John to sit so that he briefs him on certain things but John tells him he has soiled his hands and didn’t live any exemplary life for them and Alex clarifies to him that, he’s right to judge but a time will come whereby they’ll get to understand why he’s doing all these.

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