Who Killed Libia Episode 87 Update on Saturday 8th December 2018

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John finishes with the cake and everything gets set and they all couldn’t wait to taste that delicious cake specially made for Sofia. On the other hand, Fernando waits patiently to hear the news that will later pop up after they eats that cake but it’s rather unfortunate that Sofia happens to be the first person to taste it and she seems to enjoy it very much and before anyone could also taste it, Franco mistakenly pours the beverage they were going to use to take the cake all over it. 

Sofia starts to react to the poison Fernando kept in the cake she ate and the doctor quickly attends to her and states that she’s being poisoned but then she’s very lucky for not taking enough and so, the antidotes he has given her will suppress the poison in her system.

Oscar shows the letter he found in the hacienda to Mr. Augustin and he reads it in shock and goes to inform Eva about it as well.

John sits quietly and thinks about how he’s going to inform Sofia that their main reason for arriving into their home in the first place was to seek vengeance for the sudden death of their little sister and how she’ll take the news afterwards. He continues to think that, she’ll come to hate him if she becomes aware and that might cause him to even lose the baby they’re expecting.

Fernando tells Armando to go over to the brothers’ house and check if they died after eating the cake. Armando later brings him the feedback that nothing happened to any of them and he really goes mad.

Eva communicates with Sofia and she states to her that Gabriela might be hiding something serious about her birth and she’s been thinking of it lately but then she doubts about the fact of being her mother.

 Sofia also added that, Gabriela is getting her confused over that issue but even if it should turn out that she isn’t her daughter, she’ll continue to see her as a mother because she has been the one catering for her all this while. 

Rosa hears the news about Sofia being poisoned and she decides to go and check on her if she’s alright. On her arrival, she happens to find Franco and Sarah passionately kissing and she gets stunned in tears.

Eva asks Rosa if she’ll be permitted by her employer (Fernando) to move in and stay with her and Rosa becomes silent for a while and later tells Eva that she has something to say to her but she begs her not to mention it to anyone and she asks her to go ahead. Shockingly, Rosa opens up to Eva and mentions that, the person behind her worries in life is Fernando and he’s also the father of Luis.

Fernando informs Gabriela that he failed once again in eliminating those wretched people and Gabriela furiously tells him that he’s very thoughtless and useless but Fernando warns her to be mindful of her words else he’ll quit and protect her no more.

Armando carries some beautiful flowers to see Rosa but she tells him to get away with those flowers because she needs nothing from him. Armando then expresses to her that, he knows very well they’re not compatible but Fernando has asked him to act friendly nowadays and he doesn’t know why but he’s sure he might be up to something. Again, he added that, he wants both of them to team up against Fernando though they dislike each other and Rosa tells him to go away and that she’ll think about it because she doesn’t trust his words.

Eva, Rosa, Ofelia and Peter go to Benito’s pub because he had a surprise guest, who happens to be a legend when it comes to music to perform and she’s popularly known as Margret. As the M.C introduces this woman on stage and Ofelia sets eyes on her, she begins to panic and says to herself that, she can’t believe Rosa’s mother is back.

Mr. Augustin arrives at the brothers’ house and he brings to the notice of John and Sofia that, Raquel angrily came over to the hacienda and she picked a quarrel with Gabriela about a baby girl she exchanged for the Osei family’s land.

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