Who Killed Libia Episode 77 Update on Saturday 17th November 2018

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Gabriela informs Fernando that it will be necessary for him to move out of the hacienda for the time being to clear Oscar’s doubt but Fernando tells her that they can find other means to deal with that issue and the only solution is for them to get married and Gabriela looked so amazed upon hearing his statement. 

Not believing what she just heard, she asks if he’s serious and Fernando confirms it to her that he’s damn serious and she gets really excited but at the same time worried because she thinks it’s not possible since he’s still married to Sofia and Fernando clarifies to her that he’ll go and seek for a divorce. 

Again, he makes Gabriela to understand that no one will speak ill of them if they should get married because everyone knows how her wife Sofia abandoned and left him for another man so therefore, they also have the right to be happy and so if she accepts, she’ll become Mrs. 

Escandon and no one can do anything about it. In the same way, Raquel sits in her Garden and says to herself that she hopes Fernando leaves Gabriela’s house and stay away from her for good.

Mr. Augustin sees Fernando as he laughs whiles reading through the documents he signed for him which stated that he has handed over his properties to Fernando and quickly, he grabs it from him and starts to go through and as he realizes his mistake, he tears is up. Fernando starts to laugh and teases Mr. Augustin by saying that, he has safely placed the original copy somewhere so that it’s not going to change anything.

Gabriela later intrudes into their conversation and she asks what was going on and Mr. Augustin explains to her that Fernando deceived him to sign a document which states that he has handed over all his properties to him and it baffles his mind. 

She then questioned Fernando if what her father is saying is true and he confirms it by saying that he did it for her own good because her father’s plans towards her isn’t good and that was the only way out and though the documents maybe in his name, it’s still hers so she need not to worry. 

Gabriela becomes so glad as she listens to Fernando who is trying to play a defensive role on her part and boldly announces to her father that, she and Fernando will be getting married soon and they both kiss each other in his presence and sadly, he become speechless and goes away.

Mr. Augustin approaches Eva and starts to tell Eva what he was told but she tells him to hold his peace because she heard all the conversation and she now believes in his suspicions about those two earlier on. Again, she asks Augustin what he’s going to do, now that his properties are in Fernando’s hands and he discloses to her that, he isn’t that stupid to put all his eggs in one basket.

After attending to Sofia, the doctor comes to inform John that she’s fine but then the baby isn’t kicking and they are afraid that he might be still born. John gets so worried and immediately, he goes in to see Sofia and not knowing what to do to help her and the unborn child, he starts to remember how he used to sing with her late mother whenever she gets pregnant in his childhood for the baby to respond to the lullaby in her womb and decides to practice the same thing for Sofia. 

He then places his hands on her tummy and begins to sing and to his surprise, he feels the baby kicking in her womb and hurriedly, he calls for the doctor with so much excitement to come and check if what he felt was real and the doctor confirms that indeed the baby is kicking.

Raquel receives some letters and as she goes through them, she finds out that her Husband Ricardo will be returning soon and she gets so frightened wondering how she’ll explain to him as to why the wedding between his nephews and Gabriela’s daughters didn’t come on. Again, she reads another letter which stated that she needs to go to the court urgently to give her statement on a property which has allegedly turned out not to be theirs.

John happily informs Oscar that by the help of Mr. Augustin, they’ve been able to find the people in charge of their late Father’s properties and as he speaks, the court is working on it and also, Augustin has promised to give them his full support until they get hold of what is rightfully theirs.

Everyone starts to jubilate at the hospital as the doctor confirms that Sofia and the baby are safe and Mr. Augustin asks them to calm down first for her to be discharged so that he throws a big welcome party for her and they all screams in joy.

Fernando starts to recollect what Bongo and Rosa told him about he being the father of Luis and he gets up in the middle of the night and sneaks into the little boy’s room and by looking straight into his face, he wonders why he has no feelings for him if he happens to be his son.

Mr. Augustin informs Father Teddy about how Fernando has deceived him to hand over his properties to him as the next care taker and it surprises him that her daughter Gabriela is also supporting him and Eva also added that, that same Gabriela also came to tell her that Rosa isn’t her daughter and that was how come Sofia got pissed and went to confront her and as a result, she and the baby’s life are at risk now. 

Augustin then tells them that it baffles his mind about how Sofia could fall from that staircase just like that and Father mentions to them that he’s even confused but then what may have triggered the accident might be the fact that Gabriela told her something.

Sofia finally wakes up from her sleep after the surgery and she sees John siting right beside her. She then asks him to tell her how far her condition is and John gladly notifies her that she and the baby are in good condition and she gets so overwhelmed, thanking Joh for his support and showing her love in their tough times.

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