Who Killed Libia Episode 76 Update on Friday 16th November 2018

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Sofia gets so nervous and worried and she begs her grandpa and Sarah to tell her what the doctor really said about her condition because she deserves to know everything and her grandpa tells her to be brave and sadly, he informs her that the doctor said she might lose her baby and Sofia weeps bitterly and they try to console her but she just couldn’t bear the pain.

Gabriela’s test result from the hospital arrives and it was stated that her health condition is really bad and the moment Fernando reads it out to her hearing, she breaks down in tears saying that it can’t be possible but Fernando and Jemima consoles her to be calm and wishes her a speedy recovery.

Eva and Rosa engage in a conversation and Rosa mentions to Eva that she has been refusing to tell her the reason why Gabriela came to look for her and Eva tells her not to worry herself about anything that concerns that woman because all she’s good at is to hurt people. 

Rosa not being so convinced by Eva’s words, she insists on knowing the exact thing Gabriela told her and so she persuades her to open up no matter what and eventually, Eva states to her that Gabriela said she isn’t the daughter she has been looking for and Rosa looked stunned.

Eva tells Rosa not to worry about Gabriela’s statement because she has already accepted her as a daughter and so shall it be and nothing is going to hinder her motherly love for her. Tearfully, Rosa also tells Eva that she has also accepted her as a mother and she’s going to hold unto it forever and they happily hug each other.

Sofia lies in her bed and battles with her mind on whether to believe if Eva or Gabriela is her mother. In the same manner, Gabriela tells Fernando that she hypocritically went to tell Sofia that what she said about she being Eva’s Daughter was a lie and she pardoned with her to forgive and forget because she’s the one who gave birth to her and foolishly, she accepted her back. Fernando then asks her to confined in him and tell him the truth in that issue but she refuses and tells him to relax.

Oscar discloses to John that he caught Fernando and Gabriela red handed fondling and kissing each other and John gets so amazed and he tells Oscar to keep mute and not mention it to anybody because it’s unbelievable and also, they’re going to use it against them as a form of blackmail if they should step on their toes.

Fernando goes to see Raquel and she gets upset as she sees him and asks what he came to do and he explains that he only came tell her his reasons for going back to Gabriela’s house and that was because he had no money on him as a man. Raquel then giggles and tells him to mention any amount he needs so that she signs a check for him instantly.

Oscar goes back to the hacienda to pack out his belongings and Jemima pleads with him not to leave but he insists on going and as he attempts to step out, Jemima agrees to go with him but unexpectedly, Gabriela budges into the room and looks at them in shock. Furiously, Gabriela walks Oscar into her study and points a gun at him that if he prefers to leave, then he should go in peace and never try to convince her daughter to go with him else he’ll be a dead being. 

Fernando also walks in and tells Gabriela not to soil her hands with the blood of a worthless person like him and to their surprise, Oscar reveals to them that he already knows about their secret affair and so he isn’t surprised by their actions.

Jemima packs her things and informs her mother that she has decided to move in with her husband and her mother asks if she can cope in that filthy house of theirs when she has all the luxuries in the hacienda and she makes her to understand that she loves her husband and that’s what matters and Gabriela wrathfully throws them out.

The doctor declares that Sofia’s situation is getting worse and so they rush her to the emergency and everyone present prays and wishes her the best of luck as she’s being taken away.

Oscar and Jemima arrive in their home and he tells her to cope and stay with him though the place is quite small and she may not have that comfortability but then, if her sister Sofia was able to endure then she can do same.

Gabriela share tears after Jemima left and Fernando tells her not to worry because he’s around to keep her company but she says to him that it will be necessary for him to move out of the hacienda for the time being to clear Oscar’s doubt but Fernando tells her that they can find other means to deal with that issue and the only solution to that is for them to get married and Gabriela looked so amazed upon hearing his statement.

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