Who Killed Libia Episode 73 Update on Friday 9th November 2018

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Don. Augustin informs Eva that the Oyoko land happens to be a property of the three brothers and their parents were killed purposely for it and so, Gabriela, Bernardo and even himself are now suspects.

Eva becomes so surprised and again, Augustin tells her that according to Raquel, she and her husband gave that land to Gabriela as a compensation but Gabriela has refused to tell them the actual thing she did to acquire that land. Also, Augustin asks Eva to tell him the reason why the brothers were carrying weapons and looked so angry on the very first day they came to the hacienda but she refuses to talk and tells him to go and ask the brothers himself.

John visits Libia’s grave and begins to communicate to her that gradually, they are going to achieve the properties their late parents left behind and he wish she was still alive to witness everything and enjoy the inheritance as well but it’s rather unfortunate.

He continues by pleading with her to protect and give them her moral support so that they can recover everything their parents strived for and also, help Franco to recover because he can’t stand the chance of losing him as well and as a sign of Libia’s response, the flowers on her grave brightens.

Gabriela picks a file and says to herself that it’s about time she opens up about where Sofia really came from so she can be free because by so doing, Sofia will suffer more as well as those poor retched brothers.

The police officer calls for Fernando and explains to him that everything shows he was only defending himself from Bongo and it was his own fault for ending up dead. He added that, Bongo is already having so many bad records so therefore, they are setting him free until further notice.

Augustin tells Gabriela not to allow Fernando into the hacienda again should in case he gets out the cells and she tearfully asks him that if she sends Fernando away, how will she cope because she has no one to speak to aside him.

Augustin then questions her to explain why she can’t do away with that guy and she answers that he’s so dear to her but Augustin tells her that if there’s anything between them, she better put a stop it before it’s too late and she angrily walks away.

Fernando visits Raquel to tell her that he has been set free and he wanted her to be the first to know that why he came. Also, he mentions to her that he’s no longer living with Gabriela and he’s using it to prove to her that he no longer wants to be with her and as he gets closer and starts to kiss her, Raquel tells him to stop it because her husband is very difficult and if he gets to find out, they’re going to be in great trouble.

Fernando then tells her that before he can leave her in peace, she also needs to confirm to him that she feels same towards him and surprisingly, Raquel kisses Fernando and they make love. After their love making, Raquel testifies to Fernando about how good she feels and assures to provide anything he may ask for and also, she makes him promise never to leave her for anyone.

Fernando pays a visit to Rosa at the hospital to confirm from her if what Bongo told him about Luis being his son is indeed true and she states to him that yes, it’s true.

Teasingly, he starts to laugh so loud and quickly holds her by the neck clarifying to her that, if she thinks that will make him treat her and that aimless son of hers well, then she’s mistaken because nothing on this planet will change his attitude towards her.

Suddenly, Sofia and John also arrive and when they set eyes on Fernando, they ask him what he’s doing there and he answers that he only came to check on Rosa and Rosa confirms that he’s right and he excuses himself. John later questions her if Fernando is the one causing her so much pain and again, she refuses.

John mentions to Sofia that Rosa’s actions tells him she’s sacred to speak the truth because of Fernando and so as a sister, she should find a way to talk to her and see what’s really bothering her.
Fernando goes to the hacienda and as soon as Gabriela sees him, she runs into his arms thanking him for coming back but he pushes her aside and tells her that he only came to pack the rest of his belongings and she starts to hold and kiss him, begging him not to reject her and out of the blue, Oscar catches them in the act and he just couldn’t believe his eyes.

Rosa informs Ofelia that she couldn’t say the truth to Sofia and John because she’s afraid Fernando might hurt them because Fernando is so wicked and doesn’t think twice in hurting people and also, he wasn’t moved when she confirmed to him that he’s the biological father of Luis.

Fernando gets to excited about the fact that things are really turning out well for him and he picks Libia’s chain in his secret locker and says to himself that, ever since he got rid of that young girl, things are really going on well and as he continues speaking to himself, Oscar sneaks into his room but couldn’t figure out the exact thing he was doing and so he turned back.

To his surprise, Gabriela sees him and queries him as to why he’s going around peeping into other people’s room and that indeed, his actions proves very well that he’s a villager who lacks manners and Oscar gets so offended as he stares into Gabriela’s eyes.

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