Who Killed Libia Episode 71 Update on Saturday 3rd November 2018

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Raquel arrives at the hacienda and states to Gabriela that she needs to speak to her urgently and immediately Augustin sets eyes on Raquel, he mentions to them that, they should use the opportunity to clear up things concerning the Oyoko family and Gabriela should also tell him the kind of help she rendered to Raquel and her husband for her to have acquired that land as a compensation but Gabriela clarifies that she has no explanations to give to anyone and she walks away with Raquel.

Gabriela takes Raquel to her study and she asks her how Augustin got to know about the land issue and she tells her that she has no idea so she can go and find out from him. Gabriela then asks Raquel if she came to see Fernando and she replies that there’s nothing going on between her and Fernando so she should stop querying her over that and states it clear to her that, she’s in love with Fernando and though her daughter Sofia was married to him, there was nothing like intimacy.

She continues by saying that Sofia never treated Fernando well just like the way Bernardo did to her and so she and Fernando deserves to be happy so she’s going to do anything to make him happy and love her more. Raquel also clarifies to her that she’ll never cheat on her husband Rekado or stoop so low for someone like Fernando to be kissing her in public like she saw them the other time as if she was a prostitute. Furiously, Gabriela slaps her for such an insult and Raquel warns her that if she should ever raise her hand against her for the second time, she’ll tell their secret to everyone and it will go against her and quickly, she exits.

Gabriela goes to the bar and tearfully apologize to Fernando to forgive her and come back home because Raquel has stated it clear to her that they have nothing doing but he tells her to go away and never look for him again and he sends her out of his sight. As she leaves, he says in his mind that he’ll make sure she suffers and yearns for him more and more.

Bongo goes to see Rosa at the hospital and immediately Rosa sees him, she begins to panic saying he should go away because he’s dead and Bongo tells her to calm down because he’s alive and escaped from the prison just to come for her and his son.

Tearfully, Rosa says to him that he betrayed her and took her for granted all because she was so much in love with him and now, he’s the reason behind her suffering and he makes an apology telling her that he still loves her so she should forgive him for the sake of their son Luis.

There, Rosa tells him it’s about time he knows the truth and the whole thing is that, Luis isn’t his son as he knows but rather he’s Fernando’s and Bongo gets surprised asking how it happened and she explains that, on that very night he was sent to prison, Fernando raped her and that was how she got pregnant and brought forth Luis.

Hortensia goes to deliver Libia’s photo to John and she tells him that she’s glad she didn’t come to meet Sofia for her to see and suddenly, Sofia arrives and asks them what they are trying to hide from her and they become stunned.

John then tells Sofia that he has gotten to the limit of telling her the truth and so he takes her to Libia’s grave and as they get there, she mentions to him that the place is familiar because she remembers she once came there when it rained heavily and he John even came to query her for coming there.

John starts to explain himself to Sofia that he got annoyed all because she saw her to be an enemy and she asks why because she has promised to love him unconditionally so he better trust her at least for once and tell her the whole truth.

John then begins to narrate the whole story about how he managed to cater for his siblings when they lost their parents and also, how he got affected by the loss of her younger sister which made him think that he has failed his parents for having promised to take proper care of his siblings and John gets so sad that he just couldn’t hold his tears and Sofia gets emotional as she listens to him.

Oscar later arrives at the grave yard and he over hears the conversation between Sofia and John and there he approaches them and consoles his brother by telling him to be happy because the sacrifice he made for them since their childhood is more than enough and they really appreciate it. He continues by saying that, they should rather pray harder for Franco to recover and not to think of their sorrows and they join hands together and pray for Franco’s recovery beside Libia’s grave and Sofia also joins.

Bongo sends his wrath on Armando stating to him that since he’s an accomplice of Fernando, he’s going to kill him for making Rosa and Luis suffer in their hands and Armando starts to plead with him by saying that he’s innocent but then, Fernando is the one behind Rosa’s suffering and also, he was the one who betrayed and made him end up in prison and he sets him free.

Quickly, Bongo goes to attack Fernando for having betrayed him and also raping Rosa and the both of them gets into a serious fight and he points a gun at Fernando telling him to say his last prayers because he’s going to finish him. Unfortunately for Bongo, Fernando snatches the gun from his hands and he shoots him to death.

John, Oscar and Sofia decide to take a walk and to John’s surprise, he finds the tree which has their family’s symbol indicated on it and quickly, he notifies Oscar telling him that this is the tree they had on their father’s land and he asks how it happens to be on the Elizondo’s property and John states that Bernardo might be the one behind their parents’ death.

Sofia not understanding what’s going on, she asks for clarification and John mentions to her that her father is responsible for the death of their parents and Sofia gets confused and furious for such an accusation. Also, she mentions to John that she won’t take that from him if he should falsely accuse her family and that also, if he needs any explanations, he should go and consult her grandpa but John tells her to calm and not to allow this issue to create a barrier between them.

Eva and Armando get to find out about what Fernando did to Bongo and he explains that he only decided to defend himself and it happened. Eva shouts at Fernando that he’s very wicked and she goes out leaving Armando and Fernando alone in the study. Fernando then informs Armando that Bongo came to attack him for having betrayed him and he doesn’t know how he got to know about it but if he should find the one who exposed him, he’ll execute the person with no mercy. Again, he tells Armando that Bongo told him he’s Luis’ father and he’s amazed.

Don. Augustin discuss the plan that guides the land with John and Oscar  explaining to them that, he has no idea about how the Oyoko family land became a part of theirs and Bernardo himself had no idea about it and  John clarifies to Augustin that he and his brothers are the ones from the Oyoko family but they changed their family name just to escape from those who murdered their parents and Augustin expresses how surprised he is.

John and Oscar decide to go and question Gabriela if she knows something about the land but Sofia stops them saying that she and her grandpa will consult her first before anything.

The police arrests Fernando for killing Bongo and as they take him away, Armando gets so enthusiastic about it stating that he’s going to be in charge of everything from hence forth.

Oscar and John go to the land that belongs to their parents and also meets up with Raquel and interrogates her as to how the land became hers and she explains that, her husband was the one who acquired it and so if they need any clarifications, they must wait till he returns from abroad. John then makes her to understand that they are the owners of the land and are ready to take possession so they shall be back.

Sofia and her grandfather go to the hacienda to ask Gabriela to explain to them about how she acquired the Oyoko family’s land because it has turned out that the parents of the three brothers are the rightful owners and they were murdered purposely for it and Gabriela looked shocked.

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