Who Killed Libia Episode 56 Update on Sunday 23rd September 2018


Don Augustine goes to search through the study and he finds a doctors report which states that Gabriela’s illness isn’t real and as he glance through Gabriela arrives to see him and she tries to snatch it out of his hands but suddenly Eva also arrives and yells at Gabriela to stop attacking her own father and there Gabriela sends her wrath on Eva telling her to mind her own business and go look after that stupid daughter of hers and Eva angrily tells her not to talk like that about her daughter again because she is also the daughter of Bernardo likewise her three other daughters and Gabriela gets stunned.

John’s condition gets worse and he gets high fever and there he starts shaking with the thought of Sofia being Libia and he begins to tell her that they will surely revenge on her death as they swore with an oath and this confuses Sofia and she gets frighten to see John in that state and she tells him to calm down because she is Sofia and not what he thinks.

A group of women chase after Sofia as she walks out to look for a doctor to take care of John’s condition and begins to stone her by calling her all sort of names that she is a whore, prostitute etc. for leaving her husband to be in the arms of another man and fortunately for her, Father Teddy shows up and stops the women from stoning her and he says to them that who ever is righteous amongst them should try stoning her and they all starts to drop their stones one after the another and walks away in shame.

Gabriela smacks Eva’s face as she confirms that Rosa is carrying the Elizondo’s blood and tells her she regrets ever permitting her into the hacienda for her to sleep with Bernardo and bear him a child. Their argument gets more deeper and Gabriela unexpectedly faints and Eva shouts for help. In the same strain, Oscar and Franco sneaks into Jemima and Sarah’s room to have a word with them and as they hear Eva’s voice, Sarah and Jemima pleads with the two brothers to unlock the door so they can get to see what’s happening and quickly, they rush out and attends to their mother. Oscar and Franco then decide to take that opportunity to search through the house since everyone was attending Gabriela to see if they can find something that may have led to the death of their sister Libia.

As the doctor finished attending to John, Sofia informs Father Teddy that John suddenly got a high fever and started saying he needs revenge which made her confused because she doesn’t understand why John will seek for a revenge in any way and she asks if Father knows something about it and he answers her that it’s better she waits for John to recover so that she finds out from him.  Father teddy then tells Sofia that he is wondering why those women wanted to stone her in the first place because he has never set eyes on them before so he thinks someone may have paid them to do that and Sofia asks him if its possible for someone to wish her dead and Father confirms that its very possible and that person may be closer to her than she thinks. In the same manner, Armando gives payment to the women who led their people to stone Sofia and tells them that though they couldn’t complete their assignment they don’t want to see them near the town again and Fernando later tells Armando that Father Teddy has made his mind to always cross his path and anytime he does that, he feels like letting him join his ancestors.

Oscar and Franco search through Gabriela’s bedroom and finally finds Libia’s photo in her drawer and they get really furious but later places it back to avoid any traces.
Father Teddy calls for Fernando to the chapel and warns him to put a stop to his bad deeds and stop pretending as if he knows nothing  because he is very sure that he was the one who ordered those women to stone Sofia and if he doesn’t take care, God will send his wrath on him which he may not be able to stand and Fernando teasingly tells Father to stop talking rubbish and let him be at peace as he walks away in laughter.

Oscar and Franco inform John that they found Libia’s photo in the Hacienda and Oscar mentions to John that he wanted to kill everyone in the hacienda at that moment including Jemima but Franco stopped him and they left the photo behind because they didn’t want any suspicions. He continues to tell his brothers to remember the oath they took on Libia’s grave and they all approve that they do remember but now things have turned around.

Eva rushes to inform Sofia about what happened between she and Gabriela when she told her about Rosa being Bernardo’s daughter and that she regrets ever mentioning it to her because Gabriela fainted and her sickness has become so serious that she doesn’t know what may happen next and Sofia gets really worried as Eva speaks.

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