Who Killed Libia Episode 55 Update on Saturday 22nd September 2018

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Sofia asks John why he is annoyed with Eva and as he tries to give her a reply, Don Augustine, Luis, Rosendo and Tina suddenly arrives and Don Augustine asks Sofia if he can have a word with her and Sofia asks what the problem is and Augustine explains to her that they want to sell the hacienda since he has refused to sign any documents for money and she nervously asks why he didn’t sign the documents because she doesn’t want the hacienda to be sold either and Augustine explains to her that he has a different way where they can earn some money rather than involving Fernando so she should come with him but John interferes and tells Augustine that he wont permit Sofia to enter into that house again but Rosendo and Augustine assures him that everything is in place so nothing will happen to her and John agrees and asks Sofia to take very good care of herself as she goes and Sofia promises that she will do as he says and wouldn’t even ride the horse since it threw her off the other time and she added that she doesn’t understand why the horse acts strange anytime it sees Fernando.
Franco pleads with Sarah to give him a second chance to prove his love for her once again but Sarah objects to his plea telling him that there is no way he can love two ladies at a goal and Franco states that it’s no fault of his to fall for two ladies and that makes him suffer so all he asks is just one more chance.

Bobby still tries to convince Rosa to accept his proposal and she will realize how serious he is but Rosa denies and clarifies to him that her heart is for just one man and he is no other than Franco.
Eladio tells Oscar that he carried some investigations together with Rigo which concerns Fernando and they found out that he gambles a lot and he always loses and due to that he owes a man named Otafrigya and looking at the way that man tackles him for his money, if care is not taken he might end up killing Fernando.

Rosendo brings back Sofia to John as he assured him earlier with Eva accompanying her and John happily shows Sofia the dresses he and his other siblings worn during their baptism and tells Sofia that he wants their child to wear it as well when he/she is being baptized and Sofia becomes so thrilled as she takes a look at the dresses. John gets upset with Eva upon seeing her in his house showing how disappointed he is for her not to have helped Libia the day she went into the hacienda during Bernardo’s wake keeping and Eva explains herself to him about how she was willing to offer some help to Libia but the young girl didn’t permit her and John furiously walks away on Eva that she could have still done her best to prevent Libia’s death so there is no way he is going to forgive her for that.

Franco and Oscar inform John that Eladio told them Fernando is a gambler who always loses and due to that he has so many uncovered debts and if he doesn’t pay, he might get killed. John then tells his brothers that he now understands why he is eager in getting money from the hacienda and he can see Fernando wants to take advantage of the Elizondo family so they better act smart.

Fernando informs Gabriela that her two other daughters are with Sofia at the moment and Gabriela furiously badges into the house of the brothers calling out Jemima and Sarah to come out quickly else she will whip them so bad that their skin will tear up and Sofia comes in to exchange words with her mother to beat her instead because she is the reason why her sisters came into the house and as Gabriela raises the cane on Sofia, John arrives and stops Gabriela not to touch her wife because she is carrying their child and this gets Gabriela more concerted that she begins to whip John so mercilessly till he gets injuries and falls with so much pain and this makes everyone present share tears upon seeing John in that state.

Oscar and Franco later arrive to see John with injuries at his back after Gabriela left with her two daughters and Oscar heatedly swears to pay back Gabriela for her actions but Franco tells him to relax and not do anything which will put Sofia into trouble till John recovers.

Gabriela brings Sarah and Jemima home and irately slaps them saying she is going to lock them up till they get married with Oduro and Benito in just a week time due to their disobedience and they tearfully pleads with her to have mercy but she pays no attention.

John warns his brothers not to take any actions or even think of paying back Gabriela for what she just did to him because he is ready to forgive due to the love he has for Sofia so there is no way they will hurt anyone from hence forth and Oscar gets really mad over the orders John gives to them.

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