Who Killed Libia Episode 54 Update on Friday 21st September 2018

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Eugenia opens up to Rigo telling him that she is really in love with Benito but his family is against their relationship because the boy is from a rich home whereas she is from a poor home and due to that, they can’t be together in no matter what. On the other hand, Benito also explains to Oduro, Sarah and Jemima on their way home that Eugenia is a lady who comes from a poor background and that has caused his family to disagree on their relationship and he doesn’t know what to do now and Sarah asks if he loves her and he replies that she is the woman of his heart but now that she is introducing Rigo as her new found love baffles him a lot and he doesn’t blame her because it’s his fault for not fighting for their love. Oduro, Sarah and Jemima then advices him not to let go off the young lady in any way but rather speed up and win her over again no matter the circumstance because they deserve to be happy and they are ever ready to give him their support.

John offers his apology to Sofia explaining to her that he only behaved towards her in that manner out of jealousy because he didn’t want to lose a woman of her kind and since he has lost so much in life he doesn’t want her to be part. Sofia then makes him to understand that she understands him very well but he shouldn’t treat her in that way again because her heart bleeds anytime he does that.
Macuya sends for Oscar after her show and breaks it out to him that she is in love with him and since they are both adults it’s better they go straight to the point than to beat about the bush and though he has a girlfriend, she believes the girl doesn’t love him as he thinks due to her trust issues. Oscar then states to Macuya that he has realized her interest in him but he only responds to her reactions in other to get her girlfriend jealous and Macuya tells Oscar that then she wants him to follow her around all the time and she can even make him her manager which is going to fetch him more money and Oscar starts to show interest upon hearing the money issue but later tells Macuya that frankly speaking he can’t be following her around and Macuya still persuades him and kisses him suddenly that Oduro gets to see them and Jemima arrives to see them as well and she hurriedly walks away in annoyance.
Nimo ( the man accused of Bernardo’s death ) describes to Father Teddy that the cause of Don Bernardo’s death really baffles him a lot because he can recall that before their car got to hit him, it was as if he was sitting unconscious on his horse but even though his car crushed him indeed, the doctors made their  investigations and found out that he was hit at the back of his neck before that accident.

Once again John walks to Sofia to explain himself further to be pardoned and he tells her that if there were to be anything greater than love he would have offered it to her and also, he doesn’t want to see her suffer for his mistakes. Sofia then clarifies to him that though he is the sweetest and dearest man she has ever been with, his anger and ego makes him lose those good characteristics as a man and if he doesn’t control that attitude, it might prevent her from getting close which he may regret later but it would be too late and there, John accepts his mistakes and they kiss and make love at the end.
Don Augustine asks Eva if she knows the father of her grandson Luis and Eva answers that is her wish to know more about her daughter Rosa but she feels she might not be happy if she should delve deeper into her past and since she couldn’t protect her as a mother before, she takes all the blame for what her daughter has been through ands it makes her regret ever making Gabriela take away her daughter right from the very beginning.

Oduro pleads with Macuya to extend their contract and she refuses by telling Oduro that she can see her girlfriend doesn’t like her presence at all and Oduro makes her to understand that Jemima only hate to see her presence due to what she has been doing with Oscar and Macuya surprisingly shouts at Oduro for being stupid to be cool with that and Oduro tells her that there is nothing he can do about it because to be frank he and Jemima aren’t in love and they are only together because both parents are forcing them to so what is going on between them is just out of a deal they have agreed on to stop any pressure that may come from their parents and he cautions Macuya not to mention it to anyone.
Fernando goes to search through the study and finds a letter written by Bernardo which states that if it’s he Fernando who is reading the letter, then there are a lot more he has written to define who he truly is which he hasn’t discovered yet but if someone else happens to read the letter, then he Bernardo Elizondo writes to prove that Fernando is not to be trusted in any way because he is just an opportunist. Fernando then starts to panic after he reads the letter as he stares at Bernardo’s photo in the study.

John sits and stares into Sofia’s eyes with so much joy telling her he never thought he could ever find happiness in any woman and Sofia asks him if he is forever going to love her and John tells her that he is going to love her over and over again till eternity because she is going to bear him a child that will bind them together and Sofia asks what name he will give to their child if he happens to be a boy and he says he will name him after his father because he was a wonderful man and she asks what if it happens to be a girl and he replies that then he will name her “Sofia” because she has shown him the greatest gift of life which is love and they thankfully pray to mother Mary for their union.

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