Who Killed Libia Episode 53 Update on Sunday 16th September 2018


Rosa gets cheered up as she performs at her musical concert and as she finishes, Bobby (A co-singer at the concert) congratulates her for a wonderful performance and asks Rosa if she can join him on a trip to another concert in Europe but Rosa tells her she is sorry because she might not be able to attend.
Tina, Pablo, Oscar, Franco and Sofia sing to surprise John as he celebrates his birthday after which they go to the chapel to celebrate mass and thanks God for adding a year to John’s age and later, they throw a party at home and there Oscar and Franco surprise John with a nice present just to show their appreciation for being at their side always as a mother, father and an elderly brother and John becomes overwhelmed as he receives his present. Eva, Luis and Don Augustine also arrive at the brothers’ house and join them as they celebrate with John on his special day.
Sarah and Jemima get to see Luis in their grandfather’s house and they wonder where the little boy comes from and Don Augustine introduces Luis as Eva’s grandson and they get amaze to notice that Rosa has a child. Don Augustine then advices Jemima to stop her petty jealousy on Oscar telling her to be careful else she will pave way for someone else to snatch away her man which she might regret later on so she should just relax and concentrate on her relationship with Oscar.
Fernando and Armando meet Macuya in town and decides to make a proposal to her so she could come and sing in their bar since Rosa happens to be on a musical tour but she refuses and explains to them that she will leave the town as soon as her contract ends so she isn’t interested and she leaves.
Sofia suggests that they should continue the birthday party at a park where her late father used to send them for fun and they all agrees to go and coincidentally, Gabriela and her daughters Jemima and Sarah together with Raquel and her sons Benito and Oduro including Fernando also arrives at the same venue. Raquel then suggests that they go to a different place but Gabriela tells her that they won’t move an inch but rather they will stay and she goes ahead to warn Sarah and Jemima not to get closer to Sofia and the brothers. Both families then begin to have fun at their respective places.
Benito and Sarah decide to go for swimming together and as they sit by the river side, Benito excuses himself and starts to think of Eugenia leaving Sarah in the river. Franco then jumps into the river and begins to swim with Sarah without her notice and kisses her which she rejects in the beginning but later enjoys it and Benito cover up for them so that one sees them.
Gabriela and Fernando shamelessly finds themselves at one corner of the venue and starts to kiss and suddenly John sees them but Sofia searches for John and as she finds him, she asks why he has a strange look on his face and John announces to her that he just saw Fernando kissing someone but unfortunately, he couldn’t figure out whom he kissed and Sofia makes John to understand that she sees it to be strange because ever since she met Fernando she has never caught him in the arms of another woman and John furiously asks Sofia if she is jealous and Sofia gets annoyed because she never expected John to ask her such a question and she angrily leaves.
Bobby takes Rosa on a date and there he makes a confession to her that ever since he set eyes on her, he has automatically developed a strong feeling towards her so she should give him a chance to love her but Rosa strongly opposes to Bobby’s proposal that there is no way she can enter into any relationship.
Eva asks Sofia why she looks sad all of a sudden and Sofia tells her that she doesn’t like the way John is behaving towards her because she just had a conversation with him and what he said proves that he doesn’t trust her and Eva states to her that she shouldn’t think like that because everything shows that John genuinely loves her so she should calm down. John layer interrupts and Eva excuses them, he then pleads with Sofia to forgive him and Sofia tearfully clarifies to him that she really is in love with him and will never betray his love but if there are going to be trust issues then he better stay off because she doesn’t want to go through the same thing she experienced with Fernando and she disperse.

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