Who Killed Libia Episode 50 Update on Saturday 8th September 2018


Gabriela sits in her bedroom and weeps bitterly casting her mind back on the day her daughter Sofia revealed to her that she has taken a seed for the man she truly loves and when Fernando also opened up to her that he has never made love to Sofia since they became couples and also the period John arrived in the hacienda to take away Sofia and made it known to her that he John is the one responsible for Sofia’s pregnancy. She then continues reminiscing on the sweet words Fernando has been saying to her off late and how they kissed each other. At the same time, Fernando also stands in a mirror and says to himself that he will indeed punish Sofi and John because no one messes with him and go scot free. He then also reminisces on the period he expressed his affection towards Gabriela and kissed her passionately and he mentions to himself that he is not only after Gabriela’s fortune but rather he truly loves her because she is a woman of his kind.
Rosa goes to visit Pablo and her sick granny and there she introduces herself to Pablo as the mother of Luis whom he used to defend from the hands of Petra and there Pablo recognize Rosa and he asks her if there is any chance for him to see Luis again and Rosa says yes. Rosa later asks for her leave after encouraging Pablo and she also congratulates Oscar and Franco for being set free from the police custody and promises to offer them her help anytime they call upon her and she leaves. Franco then rushes out to speak to Rosa telling her that he still loves her despite everything but Rosa makes Franco to understand that she is more concerned about her son and nothing else so she is sorry and walks away.
Oscar and Franco together with Tina gladly welcomes Sofia into their home and say to her that they have already accepted her to be part of their family so she shouldn’t panic at all but rather feel free because they are in full support with John and Sofia excitedly shows her gratitude for their kindness and hospitality towards her.
Finally, Don Augustin moves into his new building with so much excitement as Eva accompanies him and he tells Eva that he is happy to be in his new home but what matters to him most is her three granddaughters but at least he is happy that Sofia is finally with the man she truly loves. In the same way, Sofia shows how much she misses her grandfather and Eva and she continues to say that she regrets leaving her other two sister’s behind because it makes her feel that her mother will descend her anger on them since she left the hacienda without her approval and Franco, John, Oscar and Tina break down as they listen to her.
Father Teddy enters the prison to ask the prisoners if by any case they will like to make some confessions and one of them tells Father Teddy that he has already made his confessions to God but something bothers his mind and he wants to know when he will be free so that he can explain to him about how their car managed to crush Bernardo and Father Teddy promises to make time for him.
Franco and Oscar sneaks into Sarah and Jemima’s room respectively in the evening and as Franco gets to Sarah’s room, she was fast asleep and suddenly Franco finds all the letters Sarah has been writing expressing her great affection towards him and he gets touched as he reads. On the other hand as Oscar gets to Jemima’s room she wakes up and finds him standing by her and she becomes delighted but later she tells Oscar to stop playing with her mind and be straight and Oscar promises Jemima that he truly loves her but he is only worried about the fact that their mother wants to offer her to someone else.
Armando summoned his guards into the prison where Kino (Petra’s murderer) is to finish him and as they arrive, they meet Father Teddy returning from the prison and they greet him. One of them then dresses as Father Teddy and enters the prison to leave a poisonous food right in front of Kino’s cells and leaves without anyone noticing. Kino’s inmate decides to take the food to eat and Kino snatches it from his hands telling him that the food is his and he eats it. Unfortunately for Kino, he gets poisoned and start to struggle to death but as he struggles, he tries confessing to his inmate that Fernando is behind everything but tactlessly, he couldn’t finish his statement and suddenly passes out.
 Raquel visits Gabriela in the hacienda and as they sit to chat, Fernando comes to join them and he makes Raquel laugh so much due to his kind of conversation and there Gabriela gets jealous and quickly walks out and Fernando goes to tell Gabriela that she shouldn’t get mad at him but rather she should think of how  to punish John and Sofia and Gabriela gets convinced so she arrives at the three brothers house with a gallon filled with fuel and pours is all over their building whiles Sofia was seated inside and sets the place ablaze.

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