Who Killed Libia Episode 48 Update on Sunday 2nd September 2018


Gabriela then walks into Fernando’s room and upon seeing him, she begins to tell him that he means so much to her than he thinks so therefore she wants him to get well soon and Fernando tells Gabriela that he didn’t know she cared about him that much because he also cares a lot about her and wishes to be with her always. Like seriously and can’t think far for this two, Gabriela allows herself to be kissed by Fernando and she also replies. Quickly, Gabriela comes to her senses and tells Fernando that what they are doing isn’t right because he is her daughter’s husband but Fernando convinces Gabriela that he has never had any intimacy with Sofia and she knows that so therefore there is nothing wrong with what they are doing and besides she Gabriela is the only woman he loves to be with and Gabriela runs out of Fernando’s room and he laughs at her.
Fernando’s guards who went to kill Petra sits to drink and jubilate for a successful work done because there were no traces left behind Petra’s death and as they sit to jubilate, the bar attendants overhear one of them disclosing that he was the one who went to hid the weapon in the brothers’ bakery shop after murdering Petra.
Don Augustin asks Father Teddy to explain to him why he always says that Fernando is the cause of Sofia’s problems and Father Teddy pleads with Don Augustin that he is not in the right position to say anything to him because he has promised not to do so and he excuses himself.
The bar attendants discloses to Rosa that they overheard one of Fernando’s body guards saying that he is responsible for Petra’s death and that he was the one who went to hid the weapon in the brothers’ bakery shop and Rosa becomes shocked and tells the bar attendants to go and report what they have heard to the police but the boys refuses because they are scared that Fernando might deal with them if he gets to know. Rosa then goes to inform Ofelia that the bar attendants have gotten to know the real murderers of Petra but they are scared to report the truth to the police and she wish she can go and do the report herself but then she is worried about her son.
Gabriela pleads with Fernando not to let anyone know what happened between them and Fernando tells Gabriela that though he respects himself as a man, there is no way he can keep mute about it because he needs her just as the way she also needs him. Don Augustin then approaches and confronts Fernando about what he did to Sofia in the stables and that he should get out of the hacienda immediately and there Gabriela begins to defend Fernando. Don Augustin then despises Gabriela for defending Fernando and tells her that one day all their bad deeds will be known to everybody and they will be put to shame as he exists.
The police officer goes to inform Oscar and Franco to get ready because it’s time for them to be taken to court and John tries to prevent the officer from taking away his brothers but Oscar and Franco convince John not to worry because the truth shall surely come out and they bid farewell to themselves and left with the officer. Same vein, the bar attendants go to report the truth to the police and there the officers go to arrest the real murderer of Petra and sets free Oscar and Franco including John as well because Father Teddy paid for his bail.
Jemima tearfully informs Sarah that they are finally taking Oscar and Franco to prison and Sarah furiously tells Jemima that she doesn’t care about what happens to those brothers and Jemima asks Sarah to swear if she truly loves Franco no more and Sarah tells Jemima that she won’t swear because she love Franco but now she hates him so much because of Rosa and don’t want to see him ever again and Eva appears looking sad upon hearing Sarah. Sarah apologizes to Eva for speaking ill of her daughter Rosa but it was her fault that Franco left her.
Gabriela goes to see Sofia in her room to tell her that she wish she dies together with her child and Sofia asks her mother why she hates her so much and Gabriela tells Sofia that the very moment she gave birth to her was the time all the love her father Bernardo had for her Gabriela switched and she Sofia was the reason why Bernardo stopped loving her as a wife all because she was born and Bernardo couldn’t stop loving her and so if she doesn’t tell her whom she is pregnant for she will kill her and the baby in her womb and there Gabriela starts to slap Sofia mercilessly and Jemima, Sarah and Eva tries to stop Gabriela from hurting Sofia and suddenly, John appears at the hacienda that he has come to take away Sofia and his unborn child leaving Gabriela in great shock.

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