Who Killed Libia Episode 47 Update on Saturday 1st September 2018

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Eva goes to see the three brothers at the cells to tell them that very soon the payments will be done and they will soon be set free and the brothers shows their gratitude to Eva for doing her best to help them. Oscar then asks Eva how her lovely Jemima is doing and Eva tells him that she is fine but just that Sarah and Jemima are pissed with Sofia because they are against Rosa coming to live with them in the hacienda and Franco asks Eva why Rosa will even go and stay in the hacienda in the first place and Eva tells Franco that she will tell them everything later and John also tells Eva that at the right time all secrets will surely come out because he can see everyone has a skeleton in the cupboard. 
Eva then tells the brothers that she really wanted to help Libia the day she came into the hacienda but Libia didn’t want to listen to her and there, John furiously asks Eva to leave because she could have done something to help their sister so she didn’t force at all and there Oscar and Franco also asks Eva to get out of their sight.

Fernando goes to drop a live snake at the horse stable right beside Don Bernardo’s horse and leaves to inform Sofia that he heard that the police will be transferring John and his brothers to the prison and Sofia gets moody. Fernando then continues to tell Sofia that her car has gotten a fault because it can’t spark so incase she wants to go out, she will have no other choice that to consult him and use his car instead. In the same vein, Sofia gets worried that John will be transferred to prison and she decides to go and see him. 

She then goes to the horse stable to pick his father’s horse since her car can’t spark as Fernando said but immediately she sat on the horse, the snake bites the horse and it throws Sofia off it’s back and there Sofia starts to weep in pain thinking that the child in her womb may get affected. 
As Sofia lies unconscious in the stable, Fernando appears with a hammer in his hands and as he tries hitting Sofia with it, the horse detects it and quickly attacks Fernando and hit him hard till he also fell unconscious right beside Sofia in the stable.

Rosa tells Ofelia that since she got closer to Sofia and Eva, she has always been treated good and it makes her think Eva might be her biological mother so she is happy to have finally find her family but Ofelia advices Rosa to be careful and stay away from them else if they discover that she is an accomplice of Fernando, they will hate her forever and Rosa tells Ofelia that she is aware of that but if she should stay away from them it will affect her very much but all she wants to do is to protect Sofia from Fernando’s bad deeds because she is sure that Fernando also treats Sofia just like he does to her but she fears that Fernando might take it upon her son Luis. 

John feels a sharp pain in his heart and tells his brothers that he is sure something bad has happened to Sofia and his unborn child because the same thing happened to him when Libia died and his brothers tries to calm him down. Believing that God is capable of a great protection, he kneels down and pray to God to protect Sofia and his son for him whiles his brothers also joins him in prayer. 
Same vein, Father Teddy arrives to visit the brothers in jail and John tells Father Teddy that he feels a sharp pain in his heart that Sofia is in danger and quickly Father Teddy rushes to go and check on Sofia.

Rosendo quickly rushes to the chapel to fetch the doctor and Father Teddy asks Rosendo why he is panicking like that and he replies Father that both Sofia and Fernando are in danger. Father Teddy then realizes that what John felt was real. 

He quickly rushes back to the cells to inform John that what he fell was real because they just informed him that Sofia is in danger and John forces Father Teddy to get him out immediately but Father tells him to relax and after he pays the bail for John, he asks the police officer to detain John for a while else if he should come out now, he might get himself into trouble because he is really affected by what has happened to Sofia.

Eva shows her appreciation to Sarah for reconciling with her sister Sofia in the presence of Fernando who lies in bed and Sarah tearfully tells Eva that all what is happening has really caused her to panic but then Fernando is the only one he believes in and can rely on because he is a very good person but Eva tells Sarah that the way everyone thinks Fernando is good, she doesn’t see it that way and Fernando quietly listens to what Eva says to Sarah.

The doctor comes to inform Sofia after checking up on her that she might lose her child if care isn’t taken and Sofia tearfully pleads with the doctor to save her child else she will die and Sarah and Jemima console her.

Gabriela furiously tells doctor Gomez that she needs to go home as soon as possible because Fernando is in danger but the doctor tries to stop her from going yet still, she refuses to stay. 
Gabriela arrives home and Don Augustin tells her to go and see her daughter Sofia because she is in a critical condition but Gabriela refused and tells Augustin that she is going to see Fernando instead. 
Gabriela then walks into Fernando’s room and upon seeing him, she begins to tell him that he means so much to her than he thinks so therefore she wants him to get well soon and Fernando tells Gabriela that he didn’t know she cared about him that much because he also cares a lot about her and wishes to be with her always. Like seriously and can’t think far for this two, Gabriela allows herself to be kissed by Fernando and she also replies. Hahahahahahahah this people blast waaaaaaa can you imagine. “Kania Kaba (Fernando want mother and daughter at the same time)” hahahaha!!!! You can’t stand to miss tomorrow’s episode.

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