Who Killed Libia Episode 45 Update on Sunday 26th August 2018


John and Father Teddy goes to defend Oscar and Franco to the officer and there the officer informs them that he sent his boys to where the incident happened and they found a weapon which they think Oscar and Franco used in murdering Petra so they find it as a great evidence against them and John and Father Teddy stands speechless but John later denies to the officer that the weapon wasn’t used by his brothers so he should check the fingerprints to know whom it belongs to.
Sarah and Jemima goes to see Oscar and Franco at the cells and the brothers becomes glad to see them and informs the two sisters that they are not capable of committing such a crime and Jemima agrees to what they said but Sarah proves stubborn and says to their faces that they are capable and she will never believe them. In the same vein, Sarah and Jemima sees Rosa approaching and Jemima furiously questions Rosa if she has come to see Franco or Oscar and Rosa tells her that she came to see them both and there Sarah and Jemima angrily leaves. Rosa then tells Franco and Oscar that she is willing to help them in any way and she announces to them that the police has gone to carry some investigations in their bakery shop and they found a knife with blood stains which they suspect it to be the weapon they used in murdering Petra and it has become the talk of the town.
Sarah and Jemma goes back to see their “sick” mother Gabriela in the hospital and upon their arrival Gabriela asks them where they have been and they reply that they went to see those in need as she used to teach them. Jemima then decides to go home and get her mother something to eat and Gabriela asks Sarah to stay behind because she wants to talk to her. As Jemima leaves, Gabriela says to Sarah that among her three daughters she is the only one who listens to her and obey her commands so therefore, she wants her to go and find out whom Sofia is pregnant for and Sarah furiously tells her mum that she already knows that fellow and quickly, Gabriela gets up on the bed with so much energy asking Sarah to tell her who that man is forgetting that she is on a sick bed. Sarah then gets surprised at her mother for having that kind of energy all of a sudden whiles she was feeling weak just some few minutes ago and there Gabriela comes to her senses and pretends to be sick again. In the same vein, Sarah then asks her mother to explain to her what is going on because she doesn’t understand her and there Gabriela’s doctor comes to explain to Sarah that what happened to her mother is a normal thing which comes along with the sickness she is suffering from so she should calm down. The doctor then asks Sarah to excuse him and his mother for a while and there Gabriela quickly gets out of the bed and with so much anger since Sarah nearly caught her.
Fernando gets to see John and Sofia standing together and he watches them closely as John escorts Sofia and immediately Sofia leaves, Fernando goes to attack John and questions him about what he was doing with his wife Sofia and there Fernando punches John on the face which results both of them into a fight. Fernando then points a gun at John and warns him to stay away else he will kill him and Sofia as a promise so he should mark his words. In the same vein, Fernando drives to the hacienda and orders Rosendo and the other guards to stop John from entering into the hacienda because he is following him and if he proves stubborn, they should shoot him so as John approaches the hacienda, Rosendo and his guards attacks him and John tries to defend himself but unfortunately, Fernando goes to bring the police officer to arrest John.
Sofia goes to see Sarah crying in the hospital and she asks her how their mother is faring and Sarah furiously tells Sofia to leave her sight because she doesn’t want to say anything that will go against her as an elderly sister and Sofia pleads with her to calm down and forgive her yet Sarah refuses to talk to her. In the same vein, the doctor explains to Sofia that there are going to be changes in her mother’s health whereby it may seem she is well but they still need to keep her in the hospital and look after her closely.
Fernando goes to ask Eva that he overheard her telling Gabriela that she has a daughter and Eva tells Fernando that he is right and then Fernando assures Eva that he is willing to do anything to help her concerning that and Eva gets surprise about what Fernando said not knowing what he is planning.
Eva decides to go and see Rosa in the bar and talk to her and as she gets there Rosa remembers the warning Fernando gave her about not entertaining Eva into the bar for her to even notice that he has something going on there so Rosa quickly tells Eva that it will be appropriate for them to go and sit somewhere and talk and Eva agrees.
In the same vein, Eva begins to ask Rosa how Luis is doing and Rosa replies that he is doing very well because Ofelia takes care of him all the time and the she continues to ask if Rosa has known Ofelia for long and Rosa replies that she has known Ofelia for a very long time and that Ofelia finds it difficult to believe that she Eva can be her mother as she said. As they continue to talk, Sofia approaches and she feels glad to see Rosa and there Sofia suggests that they should go somewhere better and talk because she wants to know more about Rosa.
They take Rosa to the hacienda and there, upon Sarah going angry about Rosa’s reason of being in the house, she tries asking her out of the hacienda but Eva confronts her not to try at all to do that and whiles she was about disclosing the truth to them, Sofia spill out the beans and in fact, the two sisters Jemima and Sarah blows out of shock.

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