Who Killed Libia Episode 44 Update on Saturday 25th August 2019


John goes to tell Sofia that he has something important to tell her and he wants her to pay much attention to him but Sofia rather sits John down to tell him a little about her late father Bernardo. She continues by telling John that her father once had a mistress called Libia before he passed away and on the day of his burial, the young and beautiful girl Libia came to their hacienda and there she confessed that she was pregnant for her father Bernardo but Gabriela really maltreated Libia and threw her out. But up till now, she really thinks about that young lady because she could feel her father Bernardo really loved her as she said and it really pains her that she died so soon. John then asks Sofia if she ever went looking for Libia and Sofia replies that she, Eva and Don Augustin thought of looking for Libia but that was the time they realized she was dead but she is very happy because she knows that Libia and her da will continue their love journey wherever they may be.
Petra goes to threaten Fernando to give her more money else she is going to dispose all his bad deeds and also inform everyone that he Fernando was the one who beat Rosa up and took away her son Luis. Fernando then agrees to comply to Petra’s demand and Petra tells Fernando that she will forever stay away from him if he will do as he says but Fernando says in his mind that he is going to make sure she indeed stays away forever because he will eliminate her as he smiles.
Oscar tries to explain to Jemima that there is nothing going on between him and Rosa but rather he was only consoling her because she was desperately in search of Franco but Jemima refuses to understand him and tells him to leave her sight. Oscar then asks Jemima if she is being serious because if he should leave as she says, a time will come whereby she is going to regret everything and by then it might be too late for her to reconcile yet Jemima still stands by her decision and asks Oscar to leave. Oscar agrees to leave and he informs Jemima that he is going to sacrifice himself to God and serve him as a priest and there Jemima stands in shock.
Oscar tells Franco that he wants to be a priest since Jemima is refusing to accept him and Franco teasingly tells Oscar to be serious for once. In the same vein, Pablo and his grandmother Delfina approaches and Oscar and Franco asks if everything is ok with them since Delfina looked sick and weak and Pablo explains to them that his grandma is not well and he doesn’t know what to do and as they talk, Petra appears very drunk and she tries to attack Pablo but Oscar and Franco stops her and there Pablo informs the brothers that Petra is the one who looks after Luis and maltreats him all the time. Petra then tells Pablo that she is going to deal with him for meddling into her affairs and Oscar yells at Petra to be careful else if she lays a finger on Pablo, he will kill her and there Petra takes Oscar’s statement and tells him that if anything should happen to her, he Oscar will be blamed because he just mentioned that he is going to kill her and she angrily leaves. In the same vein, Armando and his guards sits somewhere and listens.
Fernando calls Armando and informs him that he has an assignment for him and Armando asks what he wants him to do this time around and Fernando tells Armando to eliminate Petra for him this very night because she is in town and is blackmailing him for money. Armando then tells Fernando that there is no problem at all because he overheard Petra exchanging words with Oscar and Franco and there Oscar threatens to kill her if she should mess up with them so they can therefore eliminate her and later if people finds out that she is dead they will put the blame on Oscar and Franco which will lead them to be imprisoned and there all their wishes will finally come true and Fernando congratulates Armando for bringing up such a good idea as they jubilate. In the same vein, Armando pays someone to eliminate Petra and the following morning, a hotel attendant finds Petra lying dead in her room and she screams.
An officer and his policemen goes to summon Oscar and Franco that they have been charged for the murder of a woman called Petra and John furiously asks the officer why he is saying so and the officer explains to John that someone overheard his brothers arguing with Petra the previous night and there they threatened to kill the woman so they will have to carry investigations and if they turns out not to be guilty, they will be discharged and Oscar and Franco agrees to go with the officers. In the same vein, John goes to encourage his brothers that he is going to do his best to prove their innocence and get them out of cells.
Rosa tells Ofelia that he saw Armando giving a huge sum of money to one of the guards and it makes her wonder why because Armando only does that for a purpose and there Ofelia and Rosa gets frightened because they knew Armando and Fernando are definitely up to something.
Fernando goes to inform Gabriela and her daughters that Oscar and Franco has been detained by the police for murder and there Sarah and Jemima gets shocked but Jemima tells Fernando that Oscar and his brother can’t be murderers but Sarah objects to it.
John and Father Teddy goes to defend Oscar and Franco to the officer and there the officer informs them that he sent his boys to where the incident happened and they found a weapon which they think Oscar and Franco used in murdering Petra so they find it as a great evidence against them and John and Father Teddy stands speechless.

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