Who Killed Libia Episode 43 Update on Friday 24th August 2018


Sofia tells John that she will divorce Fernando as soon as her mother recovers and be with him and she asks him to be patient with her and not attack any member of her family again because though her mum is a bit inhuman but no matter what, she is still her mother. She also has the courage now to fight for any obstacle and John suggests again that they run away but Sofia refuses and she knows after the process have been accepted by the church authorities, the divorce will certainly come to pass and she will be free and John accepts to wait for her in all patience so he can also be with Sofia always.
Raquel volunteers to take care of Mrs. Gabriela, but Fernando arrives and she tells Raquel that she can leave because Fernando will look after her. Mrs. Gabriela looking upset about how Raquel and Fernando embrace and welcomed themselves, she tells Fernando that she saw how he was flirting with Raquel but he wants to remind him that he is still the husband of her daughter Sofia and he reminds her that, indeed Sofia is his wife but there has never ever being any intimacy between them and also talking about Raquel he was just trying to be nice and besides, she was even the one who suggested to him to look for someone else and that is why he did flirts with Raquel because he thinks Raquel also looks as special as she Gabriela is. He takes Gabriela’s hand and kisses her.
In a conversation, Eva asks Sofia that, with all the love she has for John, what if she discovers that, John is truly hiding some delicate secret from him. Sofia replies that, if that happens she will have no choice than to separate from John because all her life she actually hates people who hides secrets.
Rosario gets surprised of Sofia’s effusive welcome and Eva tells her that Sofia, Sarah and Jemima are her sisters because they are of the same father thus Bernando Elizondo. Rosario then goes shocked and asks them to explain things to her and so, Eva discloses the secret of how it all happened to Rosario.
John tells Father Teddy that he thinks it is time he reveals to Sofia the whole truth about their coming to the hacienda but at the same time he feels Sofia will be disappointed in him for keeping such a secret from him and so he pleads with Father to pray for him. 
Oscar tells Franco makes some enquires from Hortencia about how well she knows Fernando and she tells them that she actually doesn’t know much about Fernando when he was a child but she knows a lady called Petra who used to stay with Fernando’s parents and she was really closed to Fernando but the truth is she doesn’t know where they can find her. Same vein, Petra alights from a commercial car transport and she is determined to reveal to Fernando’s family about his real identity and also that he has a child with someone if he fails to give her money. She passes by the market and Hortencia asks his children to follow her secretly to know where Petra stays so they can help the brothers.
Eva politely warns Sofia to not reveal to her mum about the real father of Rosario because she doesn’t want to cause any problem but will try and do it at the right time.
Hortencia’s son’s follow Petra to a restaurant and after taking their seats too, they intentionally begin to praise Fernando loudly and Petra upon hearing them approaches them and tells them that, Fernando is never a good person as they are saying but rather a crook because she works for him. the brothers ask her how she got to know Fernando and she tells them that she is working for him and if he dares fails to pay her, she will disgrace him to the whole world. But if he pays her, she will not tell them anything but vice versa will cause her to come over to the restaurant and meet them and blow the secrets to them.
Fernando is threatened by armed men to pay his gambling debts if not. Eva tries to make Sarah reason that neither don Augustin nor Sofia are responsible for her mother’s illness and shouldn’t be so unyielding with them. Sarah says that Fernando lives to protect them and he didn’t deserve to be cheated on.
John tells Oscar and Franco that he is afraid Sofia might find out their real reason why they came to the hacienda and to prevent any bad feelings from happening and any secret between them, he wants to tell Sofia but his brothers’ advices him to wait awhile for their love to have a great stand first if not they believe things may even get out of hands.
Tina visits Don Augustin at the hacienda and there she tells him that the accident they suffered was provoked because some people are saying someone tampered with the van’s brakes. Don Augustin wonders who could even think bad and wish dead. Whiles this conversation was ongoing in the hacienda, Fernand arrives and overheard and sneaks close to the door and eavesdrops and there he heard Don Fernando stating that, if someone could wish him dead then it will be no other than Fernando and Tina also confirm that, Fernando’s name was exactly what those who told her mentioned and if the investigations turns pointing at him, he will have her to contends with.
Eladio and Rigo go to tells the Reyes brothers about their meeting with Petra and all that she told them.
Petra looks very drunk and looks for Fernando at the hacienda and he tells her furiously that she can never again look for him at his house.
The three brothers separately and simultaneously go to meet with their girlfriends and whiles Oscar tells Jemima not to be angry with him because he has nothing doing with Rosario, Franco also discovers some letters Sarah wrote for him and John also tells Sofia that he wants to tell her the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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