Who Killed Libia Episode 101 Update on Saturday 12th January 2019

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Gabriela and the Osei brothers are being summoned to the court the following day and it’s being declared that some portion of her lands rightfully belongs to the brothers and so, she must hand it over to them immediately but she yells on top of her voice, stating that there’s no way she’ll hand over that land to them. 

The attorney then tells her if she doesn’t shut up, the law will deal with her and tearfully, she attacks John asking why she wants to destroy her and he makes her to understand that he’s only fulfilling a promise he made to his late father. Also, John asks if she knew his father but she denies and he mentions that he’ll carry his investigations and if he finds out she knew his father, she’ll have a lot to answer.

Mr. Augustin looks through a photo album of his granddaughters and he suddenly finds an old graphic, where he sees a picture of Gabriela and the late father of the brothers. He then goes to show the graphic to Gabriela and asks if she knew the man but she denies, stating that they might have met somewhere unexpectedly but she doesn’t remember. Doubtfully, Augustine mentions to Gabriela that he knows her more than anyone else so she can’t deceive him and also, he prays she doesn’t have a hand in that man’s death and angrily, she tells him he’s getting mad.

Gabriela goes to attack Raquel for playing stubborn and still hanging out with Fernando and Raquel notifies her that she’s even leaving the town because she just received a letter from her husband that she should come over and she tells her to go and come no more because she doesn’t want to se her with Fernando ever again.

Rigo suddenly faints whiles in the market with Hortensia and after being rushed to the hospital, the doctor diagnoses him of cancer.

A young lady named Nora who lives with his father Mr. Agyemang Duah with excellence grades graduates from the university. His father Mr. Agyemang Duah who seems to love his daughter Nora so much throws a party for her on the eve of her graduation and she states to her father that, she would like to have her service in a particular town but Mr. Duah not liking the idea, he tells her if she insists on going to that town, then she ceases to get any support from him hence forth.

Tina cries to John that Rigo is in a very critical condition and they need an amount of money to carry his surgery but they have nothing and he offers to give them a helping hand. Surprisingly, Mr. Augustin arrives and he hands over some money to Tina, stating that he heard everything and though they may have their differences, it wouldn’t stop him from helping them out.

Eugenia refuses to go with Benito as promised due to Rigo’s health condition and he weeps bitterly.
Gabriela and Fernando plans on how to get rid of Sofia’s baby after she gives birth in other to prevent her from inheriting Bernardo’s properties and they agree on kidnapping the baby right after she delivers.
Time passes by and there’s a heavy storm. Sofia’s labour is due and Sarah rushes to inform Gabriela and Fernando that Sofia is in labour and Fernando offers to go and fetch the doctor himself due to the rain but he later comes to tell Gabriela that he’ll intentionally delay and carry on with their plan. 

Fernando disguises himself as John and stands somewhere waiting patiently and on the other hand, John picks his horse and rides towards the hacienda.

Fernando never returns so Sarah sends Fatima to tell Rosendo to fetch a midwife for Sofia because she’s in pain. The midwife arrives and Gabriela tells her she won’t permit her to deliver her daughter but the midwife promises to do a very good job and she’s given the go ahead.

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