Twist of Fate Update on Tuesday 18th September 2018


Payal making Abhi sit in car while he is fully drunk. She asks driver to take him home. Abhi asks her to come with him. Pragya refuses and says my working hours are over, but she sits in car. Abhi says we will go to 5 star hotel and dance and enjoy. Pragya says no, and asks driver to take him home. Abhi says you came back as you know you will get extra money. He keeps his head on her shoulder. Pragya thinks may be Abhi was drunk and that’s why he hugged Tanu, or may be they made him drink too much. Abhi asks if you are my wife? Pragya is shocked. He asks why didn’t you go then. She thinks Tanu tried to take his advantage. She thinks they can’t take his advantage until she is with him. She brings him home. Dadi sees Pragya bringing Abhi. 

Abhi asks why did you bring me home….you told that you will take me somewhere. Pragya takes him to room and removes his shoes. Dadi looks at them. Pragya gets emotional recalling their moments in the room. She covers him with blanket and thinks she shouldn’t stay there for long…She kisses on his forehead and says goodnight. Later in the morning, Abhi wakes up with a hangover, wonders who brought me home. He gets flashes and wonders why I couldn’t recall. Dasi comes there shouting his name and asks what you have done. Dadi says you haven’t thought about your image. Raj asks why you have done this? Abhi asks what I have done. 

Dadi shows Abhi and Tanu’s pic in a compromising position in the newspaper. Abhi says this is not me. Dadi says this is you only. I can’t think of doing this. Raj asks him to remember. Abhi says I went to party with Aaliya and goes to talk to her. Dasi says our Abhi can’t do this. Pragya is leaving for work. Sarla asks her to sleep for some more time. She asks where is your new job etc. Pragya gives her cheque and says this is lifeline company cheque. She tells that they gave salary plus compensation as Abhi forced them. She asks her not to worry. Sarla says she will handle home and expenses. Pragya says it is time for you to take rest, now let me do the duty. Abhi comes to Aaliya’s room and sees her missing. 

He calls her. Aaliya comes there. Abhi asks did I really do this and shows the newspaper pic. Aaliya says this is truth…you have done with Tanu. Abhi asks how can this happen. He says you would have stopped me. Aaliya says when I came out of washroom. you was on Tanu. (Tanu made him fall on her intentionally so that Aaliya clicks their pic.). Aaliya tells him that she doesn’t know how the pic is clicked and says it is on all sites and newspapers. She asks how can you do this? She blames him for embarrassing Tanu. Abhi is shocked and says I don’t know as I was drunk. He says Tanu is having a misunderstanding. Aaliya says no, and says Tanu told me that you was hugging her again and again while she tried to separate herself from you. 

She says Tanu was crying all night and I couldn’t apologize to her. Pragya comes to Mehra house and thinks why there is nobody in the hall, it is breakfast time. She picks the newspaper and didn’t see the news. Abhi is in shocked and tells Aaliya that he will tell his fans and media that he didn’t do it intentionally and will apologize to Tanu. Aaliya asks what will happen if he apologize to her, and says she couldn’t talk to her parents, clients etc. She says I saw her condition and was feeling pity on her. She asks how can you cross the line. Abhi says I didn’t cross the line..What do you think that I will ruin her name or my name. 

He says I can’t do this even in drunkard state. Aaliya says I know and trust you, but what about society. She acts innocent and asks him to think about society. Abhi asks her to tell the way so that they can protect their reputation. Aaliya asks him to do what is right and asks him to get in relationship with Tanu. She asks him to give marriage proposal to her infront of world. Pragya comes and looks on. Aaliya scolds her and asks her to wait in hall. She says important discussion is going on here and asks her to get lost. She closes the door. She asks Abhi, if you like Tanu. Abhi says I like her, but can’t marry her. Aaliya says you like her and was staring her in the party. 

She says even she likes you and was dancing with you. She says if you don’t agree then Tanu’s life will spoil. Abhi says but. Aaliya says Tanu is beautiful, supermodel etc. and asks him to marry her, to make media keep quiet. She says now Tanu can’t refuse after this scandal. Abhi says marriage is not the solution. Aaliya says marriage is the only solution. Aaliya forcing Abhi to marry Tanu. Abhi says his mind is not ready for marriage. Aaliya gets a call. She scolds the person and asks him to wait for Abhi’s announcement tomorrow and not to call her again. She tells Abhi that there is no option, this is only right. She says situation will be difficult for us too. 

Only you can save all of us. Abhi says I can’t marry. Aaliya says I am not asking you to marry today, just makes an announcement, try to know her and when you think you are ready, you can marry her. Abhi says I want to meet Tanu and have to apologize to her. Aaliya says she is not in a condition and will panic seeing you. Abhi insists. Aaliya says she will talk to Tanu and thinks to take Tanu’s mom help. Pragya wonders what is happening, and thinks he didn’t come till now. She opens the newspaper, but closes it without seeing the report. Aaliya sees Pragya and thinks to keep her far from Abhi, else Pragya will tell him everything and will stop him from proposing Tanu. She tells Pragya that Abhi is busy today and asks her to collect old newspapers and contacts arranged. 

Pragya asks what was the need? Aaliya asks her to do as she said. Abhi comes and says he is ready, asks Aaliya to come. Raj asks Mitali about kids’ result. Mitali tells him that Abhi misbehaved with Tanu. Raj says I know and tells that Abhi told that he didn’t do this. Mitali says no man of this family can do this, and says Aaliya and Tanu have trapped Abhi. Raj says I will go. Mitali asks him to drink tea. Raj takes a sip and says it is very sugary. Mitali tastes it and says it is good. Aaliya and Abhi come to Tanu’s home. Aaliya tells Abhi that she will meet Tanu first and then will call him. Abhi thinks this matter shouldn’t drag. He sees Tanu’s mum coming there and calling security to keep her stuff. Abhi greets her. Tanu’s mum scolds him for playing with Tanu’s respect and says you have ruined her respect. Abhi says sorry. 

Tanu’s mum says my daughter cried all night and have lost her respect. She says I don’t want this to happen with any girl. she says you will understand this when such thing happens with your sister. Abhi is shocked. Tanu’s mum goes. Pragya comes to storeroom and thinks she has to arranged the papers else Aaliya will scold her. Aaliya comes back to Abhi and says situation is tensed. She says Tanu is crying badly, and Tanu’s mum is crying too. She says I told Tanu’s mum that you are ready to marry her. Abhi is shocked. Tanu peeps out and sees Aaliya talking to Abhi. She gets happy hearing her and smiles. Abhi asks why did you say this? Aaliya says I have to tell this seeing the condition. 

Aaliya says Tanu said yes, her mum was hesitant but will agree. She says they have no option, but Tanu is having a condition. She wants you to propose her nicely. Abhi is trapped and tensed. He says I will propose her now. Aaliya stops him and says you have to propose her nicely. She asks him to plan a special proposal which can make her feel special. She asks her to do some magic and special. Abhi is angry and asks how to do something special. Tanu is happy and smiles. Aaliya asks him to make arrangements for romantic ambience. She says Tanu should say yes. Aaliya asks him not to discuss this issue even with Dadi until Tanu agrees for marriage. Abhi says okay, and lets go. Aaliya says I will stay here and handle the matter. You go and make the arrangements. Tanu comes there, and hugs Aaliya happily. She says you have handle the situation well and says you are a sweet heart. Aaliya says I won’t let Pragya come in between you both. 

Tanu asks her to handle Pragya. Aaliya says she will be ruined. Tanu says she is excited to get proposal from Abhi and also to see Pragya’s face. Aaliya asks Tanu to act helpless infront of him. They hug each other. Abhi comes home. Pragya comes out from storeroom and sneezes. Abhi asks what you were doing there. Pragya says Aaliya gave me some work. Abhi asks are you romantic. He asks her to decorate terrace and set a romantic ambience. Pragya asks you are doing this for whom. Abhi says I am doing this for myself and says I want to see if you can handle my concerts. Pragya says I have never done this. Abhi asks her to do as he is saying and gives her 3 hours time. Pragya thinks Abhi gave her work to make a romantic set up on terrace. She thinks once Abhi proposed to her on terrace. She recalls and a fb is shown….Sanam Re plays

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Twist of Fate Update on Tuesday 18th September 2018

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