Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 4 Update on Tuesday 27th November 2018

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Camilo asks if he could see his son Cristobal but the nurse informs him that it’s not possible at the moment because traces of alcohol was found in his blood and so he’ll be under police custody and right there, Camilo tells Monica to call his lawyer to come over so that they can settle that issue as soon as possible. He then excuses himself to make a phone call and the nurse mentions to Monica that if her husband is ready, they should alert her and Monica tries to tell the nurse that she’s not his wife but the nurse still continues to refer her as Cristobal’s mother and she gets baffled.

Diana’s mother Eugenia asks her if anyone knows about her cancer and she answers that she hasn’t gathered the courage to tell Camilo or her children and so she wants her to keep it as a secret and she agrees to do so. Again, Eugenia asks her daughter if she could help her in any way since she knows the gravity of that sickness and Diana tells her that no because she knows that cancer equals to one’s death but Eugenia tells her that it’s different in herb case but she refuses to listen and Eugenia leaves in sorrow and tells her to look for her in case she needs her in the future.

Camilo gets to speak with Cristobal and Cristobal asks of her mother and he tells him that she’s at home with his other siblings and that she got really affected by his accident. Cristobal then asks if Camilo came with his eldest son but he explains to him that he loves him and care for him and also, he’ll see to it that his problem with the police are solved so that he can be discharged for them to talk more on that issue.
Eugenia arrives home with tears all over and enters her bedroom, refusing to talk to anyone.

Regina gets dropped at home by the parents she has decided to give her child to for an adoption after having so much fun from a picnic and they get enthused to see her live in such a lovely home.

Laura goes to speak to Diana to talk to their mother Eugenia and find out what’s bothering her because she’s been crying all day locked up in her bedroom. Rafael also comes around and asks for his permission out and Laura gets so excited seeing him and so she decides to go with him so that he drops her at home. But before Rafael leaves, Barbara confronts him on not letting him have his way in their family.

Monica and Camilo had to stay till the next morning before Cristobal could be discharged and so they decide to look for a hotel to spend the night but unfortunate enough, all the hotels in the town were booked and so they had no other choice than to share one room. Camilo then tells Monica that they need to manage it due to the inconvenience and he promises not to cross his boundaries as they share one bed and he goes ahead to sleep. 

Laura and Rafael go to have a drink at a bar and they begin to communicate about relationships and Rafael clarifies to Laura that he’s single and Laura also tells him that since she’s aging, she’s becoming vulnerable but Rafael complements her on looking as if she’s 16years and she laughs. He continues by saying her that, he has once dated a lady twice his age and it was wonderful and they both look at each other with so much affection.

Diana calls Camilo the next morning to find out how he spent the night and he clarifies to her that he and Monica had to share a room because it was the only one available and also since there was only one bed, they had to share it like that. 

Ximena gets so excited and couldn’t wait to hear what Monica has to tell her about spending the night with Camilo but Monica refuses to mention anything and tells her that she needs to change and get back to the office but Ximena refuses to let her go without saying a word. She then follows her to the bedroom, asking if they kissed or had anything but Monica shakes her head stating that to Camilo, she doesn’t exist and will forever remain as his secretary.

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