Till The End of Time Episode 83 Update on Wednesday 21st November 2018

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Arjun applies haldi to Maya. Ang lagade re…song..plays in the background. They both get romantic. Maya rubs her cheeks to Arjun’s cheeks and applies mehandi. Arjun then tells he will not leave her hands easily. She asks till when.

He says till he is alive. She asks to give his fourth promise that he will hold her hand until they are alive. Arjun holds her hand and says they both will not separate, nothing can separate them, it is his promise. Mangalam Bhagawaan Vishnu….plays in the background.

Ashwin calls Jahnvi and says he cannot wait long for money. Jahnvi says he has only time with him and nothing else, if he tries to come near her and Maya, she will call police, then he will be behind bars forever. Ashwin smirks that his wife is challenging him, he has to do something now.
asks Ayan to call Arjun and find out when he is coming. Ayan says bhai will be back. Arjun returns and says he cannot see Maya suffering because of her father, he will kill Ashwin. Vandana asks him to relax. Ayan says same and says he is there to tackle their enemies.

Vandana asks Ayan to check if Suman is bring mehandi designer. Vandana says yes Saanjh is sending mehandi designer. Arjun says his dusky is egoistic, but he is more egoistic and will convince her soon.

At Saanjh’s home, Shubhh fumes that Arjun is at mistake always. Saanjh hits his head and asks to concentrate on his studies. She gets a call and rejects it, then picks it and says she will meet for only 5 minutes and walks out.

She meets Ashwin outside apartment building and asks why did he come here. He says says Maya is mad and she should Arjun from him, she will trap Arjun in problem. Saanjh says again she does not want to talk.

Ashwin says he knows she loves Arjun and can get Arjun to her. Saanjh stops. Arjun comes and holds Aswhin’s collar and starts beating him, shouting he troubled Maya, he will kill him now. Saanjh rescues Ashwin and asks Arjun to let him go.

Ashwin shouts he is doing a mistake and runs from there. Arjun shouts at Saanjh again she started her detective brain to prove Maya wrong. Saanjh says she got a call from Ashwin to meet him. Arjun shouts lie again, he is fed up of her lies and leaves. Vandana watches from her balcony.

Jahnvi hires security and orders not to let Ashwin around the building and not let anyone in without invitation card. Mehandi designers apply mehandi on Maya’s hands. Maya hears Jahnvi ordering guards. Mehandi designer tells she has inscribed Arjun’s name in her hand. Maya smiles.
Saanjh applies mehandi on her hand with a heart design and A initial and gets emotional. She thinks once written with mehandi cannot be erased, it will be abshagun. What did duffer do to her. Maya tells Jahnvi that nobody can erase Arjun’s name from her hand and smiles.

A man enters liming. Jahnvi thinks he his Ashwin and checks his face, relaxes seeing someone else. She reminisces Ashwin’s warning that he needs 50% share, else he will reveal Maya’s secret.

Ashwin from his apartment building says a security guard cannot stop a father’s love reaching his daughter. He fixes silencer to a gun and points at Maya, thinks he will not let this marriage happens.

Precap: Ashiwin shoots Arjun murmuring Arjun is Maya’s heart. Vandana shouts seeing Arjun falling down. Jahnvi looks at Aswhin.

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