Till The End of Time Episode 39 Update on Thursday 20th September 2018

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Arjun stays back with Maya on her insistence. She asks to start pestering her as he said. He says no and starts chatting. He says he gives a best massage, but he has to touch her for that. She agrees. He massages her neck and shoulder and says Dusky/Saanjh loves it. Maya gets jealous and asks to stop. He sits and while chatting falls asleep on sofa itself. Maya starts staring his face. Saanjh gets worried that Arjun did not call her yet and calls Arjun’s number. Maya sees Saanjh number on Arjun’s phone and angrily stamps phone with her sandal and it breaks down. Saanjh gets worried more worried. Arjun wakes up and sees Maya staring at her. Maya shies and changes her direction. He sees his mobile broken and panics. In the morning, doc checks Jahnvi and tells Maya that
her mother is stable now and she can finish discharge formalities. Arjun asks doc that he fixes patients, if he can fix his mobile.
Saanjh wakes up in the morning and comes out calling Suman. She sees lots of food on dining table. She picks pastry. Prem brings vada pav and says it is hot. Saanjh walks back. Prem asks if she is so angry with her papa. She says if he prepared all this for her. He says obviously. She asks if he is making her scapegoat. He says if she agrees without any drama. Suman comes and says Prem fought with her, but prepared breakfast for his daughter. Saanjh asks not to get jealous. Prem asks Saanjh to wake up her kumbukaran brother. Saanjh remembers Arjun and says his phone is off, so she has to go and wake him up, asks to pack vada pav as she needs to feed Arjun.
Maya takes Jahnvi home. Jahnvi asks for water. Maya dros water glass and picks glass strands. Jahnvi says she will get hurt. Maya says she is already hurt and pierces glass strand in her hand, shows her many injuries. Jahnvi says enough, don’t remember the past. Maya asks then why she is meeting her past, she is just her mother now and not anyone’s wife or daughter, piercing glass strand in Jahnvi’s hand. Jahnvi nods yes. Maya leaves. Jahnvi removes glass strand from her hand.
Maya goes to office and secretary informs her that Arjun took a leave today. At Arjun’s home, Vandana scolds Ayan for brushing teeth in hall and not in bathroom and says already she is tensed regarding a problem in his brother’s life. Door bell rings, Vandana opens door and is shocked to see Maya in front of her.
Precap: Saanjh serves vada pav to Arjun. Vandana says Saanjh brings Arjun’s favorite vada pav at least once in a week. Saanjh says Arjun likes chilli also. Maya eats whole chillies and Maya sees in a shock. Maya says Arjun he can stay with family for 2 days, after that he is hers. 

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Till The End of Time Episode 39 Update on Thursday 20th September 2018

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