Till The End of Time Episode 37 Update on Tuesday 18th September 2018

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Arjun during dinner party with his and Saanjh’s family takes selfies and does his usual witty talks. They sit for dinner. He sees Maya’s key with him. On the other side, Maya panics seeing her mom unconscious on floor. She calls Arjun and Arjun rushes out. Whole family waits for him to return for 30 minutes. Prem asks to dinner now. Suman says let us wait till Arjun returns. Prem says he will not come and tells Saanjh that she should forget Arjun as he has moved out of her life to someone else’s life. Suman shouts at Saanjh to run away from here and don’t be afraid of anyone, Prem. Vandana asks them to stop figting. Ayan calls Arjun, but he does not pick call. Saanjh asks him what is he doing instead of calling Arjun. Ayan says bhai is not picking call.
rushes to Maya’s house and sees Jahnvi unconscious on floor. Maya pleads to save her mother. Arjun picks Jahnvi and rushes towards car. Maya shouts not to take her mother away from her. Arjun says her mom needs doctor first. Maya continues panicking. Arjun shakes her and asks her to go and sits in car and opens back door. She sits in car and cries mom I came. They reach hospital and doc takes Jahnvi to ICU. Arjun consoles Maya that nothing will happen to her mom. Doc tells Arjun that Jahnvi’s condition is still unstable. Maya prays god and pleads not to punish mom for her mistakes.
Ayan says family that bhai is not even replying to messages. Saanjh also eaggerly tries. Vandana asks her to relax and take rest now. Saanjh tells Ayan let us go to Maya’s house and see what Arjun saw in Maya that she lacks. Arjun sees Saanjh’s missed calls and calls her. San Saanjh confronts if he does not care about them and ran to Maya, everyone is waiting for him with dinner. He shouts Maya’s mom is in hospital and he really does not care about her, she can go to hell. Saanjh tries to speak, but he disconnects call. Prem says Arjun did not do right with Saanjh. Saanjh says Ayan let us go to hospital, Arjun may need them.
Maya continues crying. Arjun consoles her. She says he is a good man and god will listen to him, he should pray for her mom’s recovery. He hugs and consoles her. Saanjh with Arjun reaches there and is shocked to see them hugging. Maya smirks with closed eyes, feeling Arjun’s touch.
Precap: Arjun tells Saanjh that Maya does not have father. Saanjh says she has, his name is Ashwin Mehrotra. Ashwin is seen forcefully trying to enter Maya’s flat and Maya trying to close door.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Till The End of Time Episode 37 Update on Tuesday 18th September 2018

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