Till The End of Time Episode 36 Update on Monday 17th September 2018

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Aryan shows his clicked photos to Saanjh. Maya angrily looks at Saanjh sitting in her cabin. Saanjh gets afraid seeing her anger and tells Arjun that she has work and needs to go. They both walk out of cabin. Maya comes out and strikes a conversation. She says she prays their friendship won’t break. Arjun says it will never and whoever tries he will kill them. Saanjh gets afraid looking at Maya’s facial expression. Maya says she hopes nobody breaks their friendship. Arjun says thank you and walks with Saanjh to parking lot. Maya also comes down and fumes seeing their nok jhok.
Ashwin enjoys sweets smirking. His live-in partner Shipra says he looks so happy. He says weird concept that there are 2 faces of coin, if one loses, other wins, he is winning now, Jahnvi
and her daughter were so sweet to him the other day, reminisces Maya confronting her. He says Jahnvi is a borderline diabetic and he tried to stop her from eating sweets, but she did not listen, reminisces force feeding her whole box of sweets.
Suman while cooking in kitchen cuts tomato angrily. Vandan asks why she is so cruel on tomatoes. Suman says she is cutting Maya’s head for coming in between Arjun and Saanjh. Ayan enters and catches tomato and asks what is this. Vandana says Maya’s head. Their drama continues. Ayan says when Saanjh herself did not propose Arjun, what will Maya do, she got a chance more, suggests them to stop today’s proposal meeting. Vandana warns him to shut up and not ruin their hard effort.
Arjun drives car continues his nok jhok with Saanjh. Maya follows them and fumes in jealousy. She applies hand brake of her car and car hits tree. Arjun runs for her help. Driver apologizes Maya thinking it is his mistake. Arjun says he will drop Maya home. Maya asks if he is sure. He says yes and walks with Arjun. Saanjh is about to sit in front seat, but Maya runs and tries to sit and asks Saanjh if she wants to sit. Arjun says Saanjh sits daily, it is guest’s turn today and asks Maya to sit next to him. After some time, Maya see her veil in jeep and asks how did he get it. He says it fell on him and he was about to die, when Saanjh pulled it and wanted to throw, but he kept it as cleaning cloth. Maya reminisces dropping it. Arjun continues praising Saanjh that she is his lucky charm and protects him always. Maya says let us talk about magazine’s cover page and continues. Saanjh sits in backseat silently. Arjun stops near Maya’s house. Maya says time flew so fast and thanks Arjun.
Arjun and Saanjh reach home. Families wait for them with food. They start enjoying food. Vandana sees Saanjh tensed in a thought. Suman says Arjun that he should get habituated to home food as he will get only this after marriage. He says he okay, he will start eating poison then.
Ashwin’s live-in partner watches TV serial where villain tries to kill heroine. Ashwin comes and switches TV off and asks if she does not want to see real heroine’s scream. She says Maya is not afraid of him now. He says watch how bird flutters its feathers with full power before dying.
Maya reaches home and sees door locked and Jahnvi unconscious on floor. She breaks door glass via her sandals and enters house, rushes to Jahnvi and tries to wake her up.
Precap: Saanjh asks Ayan to call Arjun and ask where he is. Ayan says he is not picking call. They both reach Maya’s house and see Arjun and Maya hugging each other.

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