Till The End of Time Episode 35 Update on Friday 14th September 2018

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Saanjh rushes to Arjun’s room. Ayan and Vandana see that and discuss why she came at midnight. Ayan jokes bhai’s dignity is at risk. Saanjh wakes up Arjun and he in his usual witty style jokes and falls asleep. Saanjh tells him about Maya’s weird psychic behavior and says Maya loves him. He wakes up and says she has mistaken Maya, it is her style and jokes. Saanjh gives him Maya’s gifted watch. Arjun asks from where did she steal so much money and brought costly watch. Saanjh says Maya gave it for him and her behavior is very weird. Arjun says Maya has reached success in such a young age. Everyone gives gift according to their status, Saanjh gives chindi gift as per her status and Saanjh costly gift as per her status. Saanjh says something her boss did not give
salary yet, but Maya give such a costly gift, she really loves him. Arjun ignores her words and continues praising Maya. Saanjh walks out with teary eyes. Vandana hears all their conversation and realizes something is wrong. Maya is seen looking at Arjun’s painting and thinks soon she will propose Arjun.
In the morning, Saanjh rushes to Arjun’s room and asks Vandana if Arjun woke up or not and sees his room empty. Vandana says he left home early. Saanjh says he woke up without her call and did not even inform her like everday. Vandana says he must have gone to meet Maya who troubled her yesterday and gave precious watch to Arjun, asks why she is trying to hide her expressions. Saanjh stands with sad face.
Maya at home prays god if she is doing right. Aryan enters and says wrong….He shows watch and says always he used to come late as it was not his time, now as per her note, his time has started and he will be ahead of time. They both leave for office. Arjun’s imli toffee falls down. Maya picks and eats it. Arjun enters and says she may be boss of a big company, but she is a kid by heart, he will not tell her imli secret to anyone.
Saanjh descirbes Vandana about Maya’s weird behavior. Vandana says she felt same behavior during party and tells Saanjh that this world is not as simple as she is. She says she is sure that only Saanjh is perfect for Arjun and she will talk about their marriage to Arjun tonight. Saanjh smiles.
Arjun is in office. Suman calls him and invites for dinner. Arjun says if she remembers what happend last time after her dinner party, he does not want upset stomach. Suman jokes he is a big photographer and why will he attend her dinner party He says not to be dramatic, he will attend and she should keep medicine ready. She says he will keep a bucket full of medicines. Maya comes and asks him to check magazines and select color palette. He says he has…She says he has to go early, he can. Arjun thinks his one dose changed her behavior, he should give a dose regularly to keep her in tab. Suman tells Vandana their plan is successful and Arjun is coming for dinner. Prem says they are planning Arjun and saanjh’s marriage without Arjun’s permission, it may backfire. Vandana says nothing will happen and they will fix Arjun and Saanjh marriage today. Suman says if this happen, she will feed him sweets. They both laugh.
Saanjh enters Arjun’s cabin and goes to his desk. Arjun forces her to sit and shows his clicked photos. Maya watches that angrily from her cabin. Saanjh notices he facial expression.
Precap: Ashwin tells his live-in partner that when a bird is about to die, it flutters its feathers with full power, Maya is also doing same, she does not know her life is in his hands. Maya breaks window glass with her sandal and enters house and sees Jahnvi unconscious on floor.

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