Till The End of Time Episode 34 Update on Thursday 13th September 2018

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Maya serves soup to Saanjh and says she hopes she will like her prepared food. Saanjh excitedly asks if she loves cooking. Maya picks knife and says she likes chopping, grinding,etc., cooking is just a byproduct. Saanjh gets worried seeing knife. Maya asks her to enjoy her soup and goes to kitchen. Arjun waits outside Maya’s apartment building for Saanjh on his jeep. Watchman asks him to move his jeep from there. Arjun says he is thinking what Maya and Saanjh must be doing, Maya is hot fire and Saanjh water, etc..etc..how will it look when Maya apologizes Saanjh. Watchman says feels good. Arjun says he should think how to salute dusky/Saanjh when she comes down.
Saanjh sips soup afraidly looking at Maya. Maya says she does not like cold food and gives roti. Saanjh
asks if she will not eat. Maya says after she eats and says eat, it is very tasty. Saanjh thinks why she is forcing her to eat first, if she has mixed something…prays god to save her.
Jahnv enjoys party with her her friends. Friends praises her designer sari and says she is Maya’s mother, so designer saris are obvious. They ask to try cake. Jahnvi says she is diabetic. Ashwin SMSes if she is enjoying party without him. She looks around. He says where is she looking, he lives in her heart. He continues ending romantic shayaris. She sees him sitting in restaurant bar in front of her, smiling at her and gulping liquor.
Saanjh tells Maya that food is very tasty. Maya just stares at her. Saanjh asks why did she plan sudden dinner with her. Maya asks if she should not have invited her. Saanjh says nothing like that. Maya says she knows what she called her, after yesterday’s incident, Arjun got angry on her and she cannot see Arjun angry on her, orders to eat Saanjh thinks where Arjun pushed her. Maya asks what Arjun likes. Saanjh says he likes food a lot, traveling Ladakh, Rishikesh, etc.. Maya asks why is she not eating. Saanjh picks a bite. Saanjh says keep it down, it is cold, moves plate and asks what else Arjun likes. Saanjh says he likes everything. Maya asks bitterguard. Saanjh says o. Maya says then he does not like everything, what else. Saanjh says butter chicken, pav bhaji, etc. etc. and turns. Maya comes from behind cutting bread with a big knife and says some people are lost and some are killed. She holds knife on Saanjh throat and Saanjh shouts in fear.
Arjun and Ayan play video game. Suman and Vandana ask why did he let Saanjh alone at Maya’s house, Maya does not even know Saanjh well. Arjun says how does he know. Suman asks what Saanjh will do there. Ayan says gossip, makeup, etc. Vandana says she does not like all this, she used to tell Saanjh to make girls as friend and not these boys.
Maya forces Saanjh to have gulab jamoon. Saanjh says thank you and tries to leave. Maya stops her and asks why is she going so early, she has to help her in cleaning. Saanjh nods okay. Maya takes out plastic bag and says her height must be 5 feet 2 inches like her and weight 40 kg. Saanjh says she wanted her to help in cleaning. Maya says not now, may be next time. Saanjh runs towards door and tries to open it unsuccessfully. Maya folds back plastic bag and walks towards Saanjh. Saanjh freezes in fear. Maya says Arjun is different from others and she likes different things a lot.
Ashwin SMSes Jahnvi to come and meet him, else he will come there. She meets him and asks what is he doing here. He says he cannot live without her. She says without her or her money. He says money is his weakness and love his desire, she should look into his eyes and see how much he loves her, sheds crocodile tears. Jahnvi tries to wipe it, he says let it be, he cannot live with her and better he dies. She says soon they will be together. he hugs her and smirks. He then forces her to have sweets. She reminces Maya warning her that she is diabetic and cannot have sweets. Ashwin emotionally blackmails her and forces her to eat her to eat whole box.
Maya tells Saanjh that people come here with their wish and go with her wish, she cannot go yet, says she is just joking. Saanjh reminisces Maya’s words that Arjun is different and she likes different things. Maya gives her gift box. Saanjh says what is the need of this. Maya says this is for Arjun, she wanted to give him in the morning, but Arjun angry on her because of her. Saanjh says sorry. Maya says why she is saying sorry, she is Arjun special friend and even special for her. Saanjh takes gift box and tries to open door, Maya opens it and thinks it is enough for today, game is still on.
Precap: Saanjh gives Maya’s gift to Arjun and tells Maya gifted this to him, she loves him. Arjun says Maya does not love him, she appreciates his work. Maya looking at Arjun’s painting thinks she will propose him soon.

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