Till The End Of Time Episode 33 Update on Wednesday 12th September 2018

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Aryan angrily storms into Maya’s cabin confronts her how dare she is to insult Saanjh. He says Saanjh is not only his best friend, they are one soul and 2 bodies. Saanjh is so helping that she does not hurt anyone, she was topper in maths since childhood and if Saanjh is hurt, she gets pain. She tore Saanjh’s hard work and threw on her face and made her wait fo 5 hours and even insulted herso much. She may be boss of a big company, he does not give a damn and if she again tries to insult again. He walks out fuming. Maya smirks.
Saanjh in her office. Arjun calls her and informs that he confronted Maya nicely. She says if Maya informs her boss, she may lose her job. He texts her to peep from window. She peeps and sees him waiting for her on his jeep and orders her to come
down before he counts 10, else he will come up. He counts 10 and she rushes down. He scolds her why did not she tell her what Maya did to her, she would have slapped him when he did not listen to her. His continues scolding. She happily hugs him. He says he brought her a lot of snacks and she needs to pay him in 100 rs notes and not 500 rs as nobody is accepting it. She laughs. They both enjoy ice cream and snacks.
Suman helps Vandana in kitchen. Vandana drops something. Suman asks if she wants to hurt her would be bahu’s mother and then gets sad. Vandana asks what happened. Suman says Prem does not like Saanjh and Arjun’s friendship now, he feels the speed Arjun is heading, he may break Saanjh’s heart and move with someone else. Vandana says Arjun will never do that and says Saanjh’s love will break Saanjh’s heart and not Arjun.
Maya reminisces Arjun insulting her for Saanjh. She tells Jahnvi that she has arranged a party for her in a hotel and has invited all her friends and asks her to reach hotel in the evening. She then SMSes Saanjh and invites her for dinner at her home. Arjun and Saanjh continue to enjoy ice cream sitting on jeep when Saanjh gets Maya’s message. Arjun reads it and shows it to Saanjh. They both go home and inform Ayan. Saanjh says Maya is so perfect and she does not want to go in her white house. Arjun insists to go. She says she will give excuse. Ayan jokes diarrhea, vomiting. Saanjh says stomach upset. Arjun asks her to try her dresses. She tries and they both reject it. Saanjh finally says she will wear whatever she likes and wears her favorite dress.
Maya at her home reminisces Arjun insulting her again and plans how to kill Maya. She picks knife and plastic dumping bag and thinks Saanjh must be 5 or 5.2 feet max. She applies oil on brinjal and keeps it on gas stove. Arjun drops Saanjh outside Maya’s building. Saanjh says she does not want to go. He encourages her and sends. Saanjh goes and rings bell. Maya greets her in. Saanjh asks if no one is at home. Maya says no, only her. She takes her to dining table and asks her to sit. She serves soup and says she hopes she likes her food. Saanjh asks if she likes cooking. Maya says she likes chopping, cutting, etc., and shows knife.
Precap: Maya frightens Saanjh with knife and Saanjh shouts in fear.

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