Till The End of Time Episode 32 Update on Tuesday 11th September 2018

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Saanjh falls asleep on sofa after waiting for Maya for 5 hours. Maya comes out and coughs. Saanjh wakes up and says she is waiting for her since 5 hours. Maya says by sleeping on couch and says her working hours are finished, but since she made presentation, she will meet her and asks to come to her cabin. Saanjh follows and gives her presentation and says she worked on it whole night and Arjun forcefed her so much tea while she worked. Maya looking at file asks if she and Arjun are friends. Saanjh says they are best friends and 2 bodies, one soul. Arjun takes her help in everything, his brother calls her if he needs money form Arjun, his mom calls her if he does not return home, etc… Maya says she did not ask her history and just asked if she and Arjun are friends. She tears presentation
papers and says when she met first them, she thought she has potential, but she wasted her potential in frienship. She continues insulting Saanjh, Saanjh leaves from there.
Maya goes home and makes Arjun’s painting. Saanjh cries sitting on terrace. Arjun enters there and asks why her nose is red, if she is having cold. He sneezes and says people tell they should stay away if people have cold, but does not hold good for friends. Saanjh says Maya is khadoos/arrogant as he says. He says she is arrogant, but she has to as she runs such a big business empire. Saanjh tries to speak, but he repeatedly stops her and continues praising Maya. Saanjh says he is right, she cannot understand Maya’s high class nature and happy as commoner. He calls him duffer, then Arjun and leaves storming. Ayan enters and she clashes with her and leaves without wishing. Arjun asks what happened to her Ayan asks if she did not tell him what happened to her and describes what Maya did with her. Arjun fumes.
Saanjh goes to her house fuming. Suman asks what happened to her. She does not reply. Suman says she prepared hair conditioner for her. Saanjh says no. Suman forces her and asks what happened. She tells Arjun has changed from duffer to Arjun since he joined Maya’s job. Suman says a monkey tried a lot to become human, but could not, same with Arjun, he is incomplete without Saanjh. She comes out of Saanjh’s room and sees Prem sitting on dining chair and asks how is Saanjh. Suman asks why is he so tensed. Prem asks her to take care of her child, else she will shatter.
Arjun fumes in anger after hearing what Maya did to Saanjh. He calls Maya, but she while drawing Arjun’s painting tries to pick phone and it gets switched off. Arjun fumes that she cannot ignore him like this. Maya tries to connect her charger, but does not find one. She angrily throws her mobile. In the morning, Arjun enters Maya’s cabin and angrily confronts her that she may be boss of a big company, but she cannot misbehave with his best friend. Saanjh always came first in maths and she cannot make any mistake, how can she tear Saanjh’s presentation and ignore her.
Precap: Maya’s fumes in jealousy reminiscing Saanjh describing Arjun and her friendship and Arjun confronting her for Saanjh.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Till The End of Time Episode 32 Update on Tuesday 11th September 2018

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