Till The End of Time Episode 29 Update on Tuesday 4th September 2018


Arjun gives a gift to Maya. She opens it and sees her photoframe and asks when did he click it. He says when she was busy posing for her beyhad theme. She says it is really nice and thanks him. He fixes it on wall in place of wall clock and says now every moment is Maya’s moment. He says yesterday night was his life’s most beautiful night and asks her to give his gift now. She says she has increased his incentives. He says he needs gift and not incentives. She asks what he needs. He whatever she chooses from her hand. Maya calls Jahnvi and says they are going for a shopping and asks her to be ready.
Vandana goes to Saanjh’s house. Suman tells her that Prem does not even eat without her permission. Vandana says ohooo. She then looks at Arjun and Maya’s
front page newspaper pic and reminisces Maya fuming seeing Arjun and Saanjh dancing together and angrily breaking juice glass with her hand, gets worried.
Saanjh at her house cuts Arjun’s pic from newspaper. Prem comments she can frame it. She ays she will fix it in her scrap book as she is doing since childhood. Prem comments good, anyways she has to live with Arjun’s memories her whole life. She says she will propose him today. He says like she did yesterday. She says yesterday was Arjun’s biggest day.
Arjun calls Saanjh and tells today is his salary day and they have to shop like rich from his 18 lakhs salary. She excitedly says shop like a rich, walk like a rich. Prem hears that. Saanjh and Arjun go to a shopping mall. Arjun says she wrote down whole grocery list. She says he has to shop for Ayan, aunt, etc.. They both start shopping. Maya also reaches same shopping mall with Jahnvi and looks at watches reminiscing Arjun’s words that he will take whatever she selects from her hands. Salesman asks if she is buying watch for her friend or boyfriend. She stands silently reminiscing Arjun’s words. Salesman shows a premium watch. She says she will buy this. He says she can inscribe anything on box. She reminisces Arjun telling everyone moment is Maya’s moment hereon. She asks him to inscribe “your time starts now.”
Saanjh with Jahnvi continues shopping for Arjun. Jahnvi goes to another section. Maya hears Ashwin’s foot steps and panics. She drops cloth rack panicking. Ashwin comes and grips her and asks if she will not shop for her papa. Jahnvi rushes and asks Ashwin to stay away. Ashwain says he cannot stay away from his daughter and asks Maya again if she will not shop for papa. Maya reminisces Arjun confronting Ashwin and says no. Ashwin angrily shouts she has become courageous, she is talking looking at his eyes. Saanjh looks Arjun on the other side an says she hsa become courageous now and her courage will not break again, he should get out from here. He says he will not go, what she will do. She pushes Jahnvi aside, come sin front of him and without panicking asks if he forgot what she can do or if she should remind him. She pushes him. He says he will cut her feathers and leaves warning her. Maya relaxes and hugs her mother looking at Arjun standing at a distance.
Maya then walks towards Arjun holding her gift and smiling, but stops seeing Saanjh and they both laughing and taking selfies.
Precap: Jahnvi asks Maya to free herself from her rule, give herself a chance to live, there is no loss in love. Maya says no one wins in love and she is not habituated to lose..

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