Till The End Of Time Episode 28 Update on Monday 3rd September 2018


Arjun on stage says whatever he is today is because of one person. Saanjh standing outside gets happy thinking he will take her name. He says Maya… Saanjh shatters hearing this and walks back home. Arjun gets down stage thinking he conquered today’s event. Reporters question him and asks to pose for a pic with Maya. They both pose. Reporters ask Maya how is she feeling posing as a model for the first time. Maya says it is not about posing, it is about passion and catching the leaving moment and moment of the person, repeating Arjun’s words. Arjun smiles at her.
Arjun then realizes that he had called Saanjh to bring clothes and searches his mobile. He leaves Maya’s hand, takes phone from Maya’s assistant and sees Saanjh’s 15 missed calls. He
calls her and asks why did not she come. She says she had come, but guard did not let her in. He apologizes and continues his jokes. Saanjh says she needs to talk to him important and asks him to come on their apartment building terrace after his event. He promises he will come. Saanjh goes on terrace and waits for him eagerly making a tent and keeping all their childhood items. She thinks she wll propose him once he comes.
Arjun gets busy in party with Maya. A girl asks him reason for his passion. Arjun starts flirting with her and girl reciprocates positively. Maya fumes seeing this. Girl gets a call from her boss that she has been dismissed from. She worriedly informs Arjun. Maya asks if there is a problem. Girls says her boss dismissed her without any reason. Maya says she will speak to her boss. Girl thanks her and leaves. Arjun smilingly looks at Maya. They both enjoy party again. Arjun touches her hand while chatting unknowingly. Maya goes to washroom and feels his touch.
Saanjh waits for Arjun whole night and falls asleep. Arjun goes home and sleeps forgetting that he has to meet Saanjh on terrace. In the morning, he wakes hearing neighbor ladies’s loud conversation with Vandana and goes out. All ladies surround him and congratulate him for his front page pic in newspaper. Arjun gets happy seeing his and Maya’s pic in newspaper. Ladies praise he has become a star. Vadana gets emotional. Ayaan asks Arjun if he met Saanjh on terrace. He says he forgot. Ayan says he is finished now. Arjun hits him and rushes to terrace.
Arjun rushes to terrace and sees Saanjh asleep. He hits her head with paper roll an dwakes her up. Saanjh wakes up. He asks why she is keeping their childhood items. She hides and says he made her wait whole night and forgot her. He apologizes. She asks him to do sits up and forces him. He does. She says he would have thought Saanjh is just his best friend and can ignore her. She then gets sad. He shows his newspaper pic. Saanjh happily hugs him but then gets sad seeing Maya’s pic with him.
Maya at her house sitting on sofa reminisces Arjun and her walking holding each other’s hands and Arjun’s speech, etc. Jahnvi brings tea and asks him Maya about her hand injury and asks to show it. Maya says she is fine and continues imagining Arjun. She then goes to office. Arjun comes and gives her a gift. She opens it and sees her photo. He says it is a special gift from him for her. She gets very happy.
Precap: Maya with Jahnvi goes to a boutique. Ashwin comes and asks if she will shop for him. She says no. He shouts she has become very daring. Maya confronts him and says he knows what she can do.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Till The End Of Time Episode 28 Update on Monday 3rd September 2018

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