Till The End of Time Episode 26 Update on Thursday 30th August 2018


Maya attending Saanjh’s parents wedding anniversary party. Saanjh hosts the party and introduces her parents and briefs about their love story. She and Arjun then start chatting and laughing. Maya fumes seeing Saanjh and Arjun’s closeness. Suman sees Maya and tells Ayan and Vandana that she is pretty. Ayan says she is hot. Aryan offers Maya pakoras. She says no. He goes and joins Saanjh and her brothe on a dance floor. Ayan goes and asks for a dance. She says no. He leaves and joins others on dance floor. Saanjh’s mother also joins. Saanjh asks Prem to join them and asks how many times she should apologize. He asks to correct her mistake and propose Arjun soon as love cannot be one-sided. He also joins everyone on dance floor. Maya gets very jealous seeing Arjun
and Saanjh dancing together. Vandana watches her facial expressions and continues looking at her. Saanjh angrily grips juice glass and breaks it. Her hand gets injured and starts bleeding. She gets up and walks. Vandana stops her and says her hand is bleeding. Maya ingores Vandana and leaves.
Saanjh’s family reaches home after party and discuss it was very nice party. Brother Nikhil says he is very tired and will sleep between mom and dad. Saanjh says it is her turn. Prem says until Saanjh fulfills her promise, she will not. Nikhil asks what promise. Suman says Maya promised to propose Arjun. Saanjh then sitting on her bed practices how to propose Arjun and writes her dialogues and repeatedly changes them.
Maya goes to her room and removes hair strangs from her hand and cleans it. She reminisces Arjun and Maya’s closeness and fumes. In the morning, she calls Arjun who is still asleep thinking Saanjh called and says why she called so early. Maya says if she should not called. Arjun hears her voice and wakes up in a hurry check mobile thinking if Ayan changed names. Maya asks him to reach office soon for his presentation. Saanjh then calls Arjun and he says he is going to office. She asks how come he woke up without her calling and says she needs to talk to him something important. He says not now and disconnects call. Saanjh continues speaking and says yes they will meeting in the evening, it is an important issue. Prem calls her number and signals he is her father and she cannot fool him.
Arjun starts presentation in front of Maya and staff. He says he has made some changes in presentation, he changed a model. He starts PPT and shows Maya’s pics. Staff is shocked. Arjun says it is Maya’s mistake that she did not give him a good model and herself was posing in so much passion, he could not resist clicking her pics. She walks towards him. Staff gets afraid. She says it is good and says it is not passion, it is obsession, obsession for perfection and work. She says their theme is called Beyhad. She says Arjun will present his idea to client himself.
Precap: Arjun calls Saanjh and asks to bring his party clothes soon. Maya gives him tuxedo and says her company event, so her selected clothes. He walks holding Maya’s hand wearing tuxedo. Saanjh brings clothes, but watchman stops her.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Till The End of Time Episode 26 Update on Thursday 30th August 2018

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