Till The End Of Time Episode 25 Update on Wednesday 28th August 2018


Saanjh calls Arjun and scolds him to be on time for her parent’s wedding anniversary party. He says he will after his photo shoot. Maya hears his conversation and fumes. Arjun goes to studio and clicks model’s pics, but does not like her poses. Maya enters and sends all crew out except model and tells work is a passion and not a boring thing like she is acting. She shows her how to pose, unbraids her hair and shakes her head and then poses sensuously. Arjun watches from a distance silently and clicks pics. He focuses light on her face and clicks next. Maya then realizes him around and stops and asks model to pose like this.
Saanjh is at Arjun’s house. Vandana scolds Ayan for his yesterday’s mistake and says if he repeats his mistake again, she will not
give him even a rain coat like saanjh gave. Saanjh jokes with Ayan that girl did not even live his underwear and calls nangu..He jokes back and says if she will be silent and does not propose Arjun, he will find a hot girl and leave her. Saanjh gets sad.
Saanjh goes home and gifts sari to Suman. Suman gets very happy. Saanjh hopes dad also likes his gift. Suman says Prem will not be angry for long. Saanjh gives gift to Prem and he asks if she likes. She says it is her favorite color. He says then he likes it as he respects other’s feelings and not like some people. Saanjh feels sad.
After photo shoot, Arjun comes out of studio. Maya also comes out and slips. Arjun hods her hand and she enjoys his touch. She asks him to give photos. He says he will give in the morning. She asks why. He says because she likes him. She smiles and asks he wants to ahve dinner with her. He says yes, but then says no.. he has to attend Saanjh’s parent’s wedding anniversary. She says she will drop him home. He says they stay in opposite directions. She says she does not leave things halfway. He thanks her and sits in her car.
While traveling in car, Arjun’s hand touches Maya’s hand when he picks something from his pocket. She enjoys his feel. He gets choc out and offers her and says he offers choc only for the people he likes. She asks like.. He says like her. She smiles. They both reach home. Arjun and Saanjh family wait for them out. Saanjh is surprised to see Maya dropping Arjun home and greets Maya. Arjun introduces Maya to Saanjh and his family. Suman asks Maya to join them. Arjun says Maya is very busy and must be having a lot of work and says bye Maya, I will see you in the office tomorrow. He then asks Saanjh if she ironed his dress. She says yes and they both walk holding hands. Suman asks Maya again if she wants to join. Maya says she is actually thinking to stay back. Arjun is surprised. Saanjh says superb. Arjun asks Ayan to take care of Maya madam and walks again hoding Saanjh’s hand.
Precap: Maya gets jealous seeing Arjun and Saanjh dancing and enjoying party. She breaks juice glass angrily. Next day, Arjun gives presentation and says Maya he has made presentation as she liked except one change. She asks what. He says model and shows Maya’s pics.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Till The End Of Time Episode 25 Update on Wednesday 28th August 2018

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