Till The End of Time Episode 241–242 Update on Thursday 13th June 2019

Saanjh and Arjun enjoy their sangeet ceremony and dance. Arjun sees candle under Saanjh’s dupatta, picks it and asks Ayan how did this candle come. Ayan says someone must have kept while decorating. Arjun asks waiter to take it away. Lalvani thinks he has to kill Saanjh, else Maya will kill him. Maya dances in jail thinking she will also dance on Arjun’s sangeet. Saanjh dances o Radha on the dance floor..song. Arjun and whole family join her. Lalvani walks towards Saanjh holding knife. Some clashes with him and knife falls. He picks it again and dancing with oeveryone stabs Saanjh and walks away, which as usual no one notices. Saanjh holding her stomach injury collapses. Arjun and whole family get concerned and shout who did it. Suman says let us take her to hospital. Arjun lifts
Saanjh and rushes to hospital.Maya in her jail cell sins tik tok with watch sound. Jailer comes and Maay says good news came. Jailer says whole goodness came and says jail’s CCTV cameras are not working, she needs to order to repair them. She opens lock and walks away. Arjun walks in and strangulates Maya shouting he told her to stay away from Saanjh. Maya says if he kills her, they will be connected for many lives, he should kill her. Arjun leaves her and looks at jailer bringing Saanjh on wheelachair. Arjun says between hatred and love, love always wins and Maya is defeated gain. He reminisces doc treating Saanjh and telling it is a superficial injury and Saanjh is fine. Suman tells Arjun that she cannot tolerate all this much, they will leave this city. Ayan says whenever Maya is, they cannot stay there. Arjun says Maya will die in 24 hours. Suman says they have to wait for 68,400 seconds and get afraid each second. Arjun tells Saanjh that Maya wants them to be afraid and if Saanjh wants, he can let Maya win.
Out of flashback, Arjun holds Saanjh’s hand and walks into Maya’s cell back. Maya fumes and seeing them together again. Arjun says he was ready to accept defeat, but his love Saanjh did not want Maya to win. Fear’s problem is it is in limited quantity and vanishes soon. He wants to giv return gift to Maya one last time before she dies. He French kisses Saanjh. Maya angrily holds Saanjh and shouts she will not spare her. Jailer with wardens rushes in and hold Maya. Arjun tells Maya she can do whatever she wants, when she will head towards hanging on noose tomorrow, he and Saanjh will head towards new life. Maya continues shouting I will kill you.
Saanjh back in her room reminisces Maya’s warning that when she marries Arjun, she should be ready to see Arjun dead. She reminisces all the incidents of attack. Next morning, Arjun’s baraat comes and Suman does his aarti and says now he does not have to enter her house via window. She says she will perform nose pulling ritual. Arjun lifts her and she asks to drop her down. Arjun says she is heavy. Suman says she is from a healthy family. Shubh informs them that Saanjh is not opening door. Suman knocks door and panics something happened to her. Jahnvi says she must be getting ready or must have slept tiredly. Arjun walks into Saanjh’s room via window and sees her escaped from back door.
Precap: Jailer brings Maya to hang her on noose and dorns black cover on Maya’s face.

Saanjh’s family and Arjun knock Saanjh’s room door and ask her to open it. Suman says what if something happened to her daughter. Arjun enters room via window and sees Saanjh sitting emotionless in a bathroom. He sits next to her and asks how does she know it is his favorite place, the can do any wrong thing in bathroom as bathroom walls don’t have ears. He picks cigarette. She asks from when he started smoking. He says since she came here. She snatches cigarette and says it is their childhood choc cigarette. He says he wanted to gift her after wedding, but she does not want to marry him. Maya in jail smiles and thinks it is Saanjh’s last day, she can celebrate whatever she wants. Saanjh says she is worried that Maya will trouble them again. Arjun asks her to stop worrying as Maya
is going to die tomorrow, Maya should be afraid instead as she will be hanged tomorrow. He asks her to trust him, he will promise he will not let her into darkness again as their sun will tomorrow, they will head towards life and Maya her death.Jailer and warden give bath to Maya and she sits closing her eyes. Jailer comments Maya’s sin will not wash away with bath, she is going to be hanged and not going for marriage. Wardens take her away.
Arjun makes Saanjh sit in front of dressing table and says he himself will get her ready and does her makeup and gets her ready and then pampers her. Sajna hai mujhe sajna ke liye…song plays in the background. Maya reminisces Arjun romancing her and getting her ready. Warden handcuffs her and takes her to changing room. Arjun tells Saanjh it is a new start of their life and takes selfie with her. Jailer takes selfie with Maya and says she met mad woman like her once in life. Warden brings food. Maya munches food and tells story that there was one rajkumar, one rajkumari, and one monster. Jailer says in every story, monster dies. Maya says in her story, monster eats rajkumar and rajkumari and laughs. Jailer asks wardens to take this mad woman to hanging area.
Arjun and Saanjh’s wedding rituals starts. Pandit chants mantras and asks to call bride. Suman and Jahnvi bring Saanjh, and she sits next to Arjjun. Maya is taken towards hanging area, and she walks confidently. Jailer says her muhurath is passing away. Lawyer asks Maya if she has any wish before dying. Maya says she wants to make a call. Jailer gives phone. Maya calls Lalvani, but he does not pick call. Jailer snatches phone and says nobody can save her. Maya says it is not her death day. Jailer laughs and asks to take her near noose. Maya walks in front of noose. Arjun and Saanjh pick garlands and smile at each other. Maya reminisces Arjun telling they are made for each other and he married her in mind when she proposed him, he is just following rituals and she will be in his heart from hereon. Arjun and Saanjh exchange garlands. Hanger fixes black bag on Maya’s face.
Ghee bowl drops during wedding. Pandit says it is abshagun. Arjun says he does not believe in abshagun and asks tocontinue mantras, their abshaguns have gone today and it is only shagun. Suman does their gathbandhan. Jahnvi gets a message and shocked says Arjun…Maya. Arjun checks her mobile. Ayan also gets message. Saanjh asks what happened. Ajun sees news that Maya’s hanging is canceled into life imprisonment.

Precap: Saanjh tells Arjun that he told Maya will die,but Maya did not and will harm Arjun, she cannot risk Arjun’s life, so will not marry him.

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