Till The End Of Time Episode 24 Update on Tuesday 28th August 2018


Arjun gets a call from Ayan who is very afraid and asks him to come and save him. Arjun with Saanjh reaches the spot holding a rod thinking goons must have attacked Ayan and are shocked to see Ayan completely naked. Saanjh turns around shy. Arjun asks who made him nude. Ayan says he will tell later and asks him to give his T-shirt as he is muscular. Arjun says he is muscular, but cannot give his T-shirt. Saanjh gives her jacket. Ayan wears it and they triple ride on scootie.
Maya angrily asks Jahnvi why she met Ashwin. Jahnvi says she did not meet, but he had come and told Maya hired a goon to beat him who twisted his hand. Maya stands silently. Jahnvi asks if it was Arjun and says very few people care for others and are ready to take risk for other, she should think about Arjun.
Maya says Arjun works for her. Jahnvi says she should let him work into her heart. Maya says her saw her choice and how she was wrong. Jahnvi says Maya’s choice cannot be wrong though. Maya silently hears.
Arjun drives scootie while Saanjh and Ayan ride pillion. Saanjh asks Ayan what happened exactly. He says love and tells how he fell in love with a girl in 3 days and she took him to a building in lieu of romance and disrobed him to extract money from him and then left yelling seeing only 200 rs in his wallet and took his clothes. They reach apartment building and Ayan runs. Saanjh informs Arjun that tomorrow is her parent’s birthday. Arjun says he will dance in party. Prem calls Saanjh and angrily orders to reach home soon. Saanjh reaches home. Prem asks what did she tell Jeetu that his family rejected her. He asks if she told him about Arjun. She nods yes. Prem scolds how could she. She lost a good alliance for Arjun and one day Arjun will leave her, then she should not come to him. He leaves to his room storming. Suman consoles Saanjh and says her papa will calm down soon.
Maya sees her wallet and asks Jahnvi if she picked her wallet. Jahnvi says yes, it was on floor and reminisces Arjun’s pic in it. Maya takes wallet to her room, takes out Arjun and Saanjh’s pic and smiles looking at Arjun and reminiscing Jahnvi’s words.
In the morning, Arjun reaches office and sees Maya has not come yet. He says she comes late but scolds him instead. Maya comes and goes to her cabin. She calls Arjun and gives him envelope. He says termination letter again, how can she. She asks to open it. He finds his wallet in it and thanks her and says it is very special to him. She asks if he takes care of his special things like this. She asks if he will do an assignment. He sits and asks what is a theme. She says love and asks what love means to him. He tells his philosophy. Maya says love is an attraction, when met will change to passion and trust which is sign of prayer. He says looks like you are in solid love. He says her love is a passion which is endless. He says looks like her love is obssessive and immortal. She says love leaves death behind. Arjn asks what about his assignment.
Maya says assignment is on. He excitedly says he, Arjun Sharma, Fashion and City’s intern will do a solo assignment, means he is hero of this project. She nods yes. He tries to hug her and says he will hug someone out and sneezes. She says he will give cold to everyone and gives medicine. He says earlier assignment and now medicine, she is being so generous. He opens tablet and it falls down. He takes another one and leaves. Maya picks fallen tablet and writes A on it and consumes it looking at Arjun on his desk and smiles.
Precap: Arjun clicks model’s pic and asks her it is not working well. Maya watches him and reminisces her words and imagines posing herself and Arjun clicking her pics, then realizes it is just her imagination.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Till The End Of Time Episode 24 Update on Tuesday 28th August 2018

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