Till The End of Time Episode 23 Update on Monday 27th August 2018


Saanjh and Jeetu’s meeting continues. Jeetu suggests her to marry Arjun as he knows how it is to lose one’s love and knows she loves him, she should not lose her friendship and love. Saanjh sits thinking.
Maya gets into her car and asks driver to move. Arjun knocks and requests for a lift and says he will not get auto and cannot trust train and he does not want to fall in walking on rat piss. Maya says okay. He gets a few children into car and says these are colony children and does not want them to drench in rain and fall ill. Maya fumes. Arjun continues his commentary and asks children if they would like to listen to music and plays music player. Car stops due to traffic jam. He sees corn shop near by and asks Maya if she wants to have corn. She says no. He takes
children out and gets them corn. He gets corn to Maya and says if she does not have corn, she will miss simple happiness in life and when she will look back later, she will repent. He says he will sent the bill to office tomorrow and not to worry. She takes corn. Driver gives her Arjun’s wallet. She checks it and finds Arjun and Saanjh’s pic. She fumes and asks driver to move. Car moves. Arjun shouts Maya…Maya…and then tells children not to worry, they have another vehicle and gets them on a cart.
Saanjh tells Jeetu it is not that easy to express her love to Arjun. Jeetu holds her hand and says I love you, she should tell Arjun like this. She should not lose her friend and love. He then says if Arjun rejects her, he will be always ready to accept her. She asks what will he tell his family. He says he will girl is too thin and will fly with air. His family calls and he asks her to tackle her problem while he will tackle his problem. Arjun calls her to come and pick him. She leaves.
Saanjh reaches Arjun on her scootie. Arjun sits behind her. Arjun starts his commentary. Saanjh reminisces Jeetu’s words and tries to speak. Arjun continues his commentary and says he does not have place for love in his life. Saanjh says I….Arjun says watch out and she rams scootie in pothole. They get out of bike. Arjun scolds her. Vandana calls him and he ignores her call and asks Saanjh what she wants to say. Saanjh asks him to pick Vandana’s call. He picks. She says Ayan has not come home yet and she is worried. He asks if she tried his number. She says it is not working. He says he will check. He tells Saanjh Ayan usually calls his mom, something is wrong. Just then, Ayan calls from unknown number and speaks worriedly. Arjun asks what happened. Call gets disconnected.
Maya goes to her house and sitting in her room gets upset reminiscing about Arjun and Saanjh’s friendship and proximity to each other. Jahnvi brings tea and calls her, asks if she is fine. Maya nods yes. Jahnvi says drenching in rain is so beautiful and even she should try once. Cool rain, hot corn, romantic songs, full on masti. Maya says she does not have time for all this. Jahnvi says nobody has time and one has to find for one self and dear ones. One has to open their door and let light come in, she should also try. Maya asks if she is not living Jahnvi says she should het someone teach her live. Maya says she does not need anyone. Jahnvi says she cannot spend life alone. Maya says everyone should walk one, even she walked without someone/Ashwin and he left her midway, love makes people weak and she does not want to become weak. Jahnvi says she made a mistake and it is not necessary for Maya to make mistake, she should find someone who will stand for her and fight with whole world and love oly her, she should give Arjun a chance.
Precap: Maya says Jahnvi that Arjun works for her. Jahnvi says she should give him a chance. She looks at Arjun’s pic. At office, Arjun asks if she loves someone. She says love is a passion for her.

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