Till The End of Time Episode 118 Update on Tuesday 15th January 2019

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Arjun tells Maya that he hates her now and wants to get away from her. She panics and tries to hold him, but he pushes her and leaves. Her nose starts bleeding. She follows him to house and he walks into room pushing her. Jahnvi watches everything sitting on her wheelchair. Maya forcefully walks into room and asks Arjun to calm down.

Arju breaks things and says he cannot continue more and leaves. Saanjh walks behind him and seeing Jahnvi says nothing happened. She then goes back to her room and panics sitting in a corner, with bleeding forehead and nose. Jahnvi gets in on her wheelchair and watches shattered room. Maya walks towards her limping and says nothing happened, she fell. Arjun is seen sitting on truck and gulping liquor.

Saanjh distributes gifts to her family and Ayan, Vandana.
Shubh says all the gifts are for him. Ayan taunts him. Suman continues pampering him. Saanjh says stop it, else she will go again. Shubh jokes Suman poured all her anger on him in Saanjh’s absence. Ayan taunts even then he is still fat. Saanjh gives gift to Suman and says it is bikini. Suman says she loves. She gives gift to Prem, Ayan, and Vandana next. She taunts Vandana that she should be careful as Ayan is marrying now and her bahu will trouble her. Vandana reminisces Maya troubling her. Ayan says he is not bhai. Vandana says one more gift box and tells the one she brought gift for has changed and will not return. Saanjh tells it is for someone else. Ayan asks if she found a boyfriend. She says yes. Everyone get excited. Suman asks who is, what he does, etc. Ayan asks if she verified him. Saanjh says he himself is coming to prove his identity.
Maya continues panicking an tells Jahnvi that Aryan in anger tells he will leave her, but it is not that easy, she loves him forever. She continues. Jahnvi presses buzzer. Maya angrily pulls it out and breaks it with hammer. She then goes to her room and takes bath looking at Arjun’s big wall photo murmuring she will not leave him forever, etc. She dresses up and applies sindhoor on murmuring. Arjun sitting on truck continues gulping liquor and venting his anger on Maya. Maya calls him and shouts she has made his life hell. He holds his ears. Maya smirks seeing his location on CCTV camera and reaches him. He says shouts why don’t she leave him alone. She says she will not forever.
Precap: Maya tells Arjun that she made special aloo parantha for him, if he needs anything else. He says 2 spoons poison. She asks what he needs in lunch. He says divorce papers.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Till The End of Time Episode 118 Update on Tuesday 15th January 2019

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