Till The End of Time Episode 117 Update on Monday 14th January 2019

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Maya is seen getting into bathtub and bathing sensuously thinking about Arjun. She gets out of bathtub and gets ready. She sees Arjun sleeping. A scissor falls and she holds it and says can’t it see, Arjun is sleeping and should not be disturbed. She injures her hand and writes I love Arjun on mirror with her blood. She then goes to Arjun’s room and does not see him. She panics and searches him in whole house. She finds a note with a rose by Arjun that he has gone out to get a surprise for her. She looks him via CCTV camera riding car. He throws her flying kiss and shuts CCTV camera. Maya panics more.
Maya continues panicking seeing Arjun shutting CCTV camera. She goes to comatosed Jahnvi and speaks to her emotionally expressing her love for Arjun and how she got rid of Vandana, Ayan,
Saanjh and everyone out of Arjun’s life. She says Arjun is only hers and does not even got even a moment away from her, it has been 3 years since it is only her and Arjun. She then panics how can he plan surprise when he stay with her all them, what is he hiding. She vents out her anger on Jahnvi and then apologizes her. Her schizophrenic convulsions continue.
Arjun continues driving his car towards airport and thinks he has to do this sometimes. Sanjh comes out of flight and speaks to someone over phone saying what Prem and Suman could not do in 3 years, he did it. She meets Ayan who has changed now and is much mature. He calls her Dusky. She hugs him and says she felt good hearing Dusky after a long time. She further says he has become mature. He says he has to as he is getting married, says let us go and walks. Arjun is seen standing nearby, speaking to a foreigner. Foreigner asks if he is sure he wants to do this. Arjun says yes.
Arjun informs Maya to reach at some place. She reaches and opens door and walks on a flower bed till a wrestling ring. Arjun asks foreigner to fight with him and gets beaten vigorously. He asks foreign to hit him hard. Maya cries and pleads to stop. Arjun asks to continue beating him. She breaks lock and walks in and cries seeing Arjun. She then tries to hit foreigner with an axe, but Arjun stops her and lets foreigner go. He then holds Maya and says this is her marriage anniversary gift. She says she loves him and he is her life. He says he is her madness and not love, she should free him from the promise and reminds promise made during pheras that he will be with her till his last breath. He says he hates her and needs freedom from her. He breaks magalsutra and walks. She cries shouting Arjun..
Precap: Maya applies sindhoor looking at Arjun in a mirror. Arjun angrily breaks mirror and shouts Mayaa

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Till The End of Time Episode 117 Update on Monday 14th January 2019

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