Three Sides of Ana Episode 94 Update on Tuesday 11th September 2018

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Ana Lu needs a clue 

We return to the scene after Solebad has her concierge/taxi service, Evaristo, pick her up. He takes her to a restaurant, where she woes on and on about AnaLu being An-aloof. He thinks it’s time she told the truth to not risk losing her, but she’s desperate to know what Aloof knows exactly so she doesn’t overspill her jar of secrets. He gets Shakespearian: But the truth strains out through the smallest crack, and always ends up coming to the surface (Pero la verdad se cuela hasta por la rendija más pequeña, y siempre termina por salir a la superficie). In any case, he promises to protect her. She blames him for being sloppy (descuidaste) and bringing Marcelo to her doorstep. Flashback to Evaristo getting tied up by Martinez: Ev tells him he’ll be sorry for killing his granddaughter. Martinez says he didn’t do it. 

Ev warns him that he’d already called Marcelo beforehand and he’s coming to settle this betrayal, which happened all for the damned money. Martinez threatens to talk of Ev’s betrayal and the significance of Soledad Hernandez. Ev wants to know how he came to know this. An enemy more powerful than him. Ev forbids him saying a word. Martinez finishes tying him up, and asks his family to stay quiet. Martinez clan doesn’t seem to mind  when papa brings home tied captives  Ev drops her home where she finds Aloof giving her the cold shoulder again. After many attempts at a conversation, Sole pleads for Aloof not to ignore her. 

She breaks her silence to say she’s lost her trust. Sole had known Marcelo all along, and Aloof wants to know why he’d want to destroy her and why he says they must escape him. Solebad only wants her happiness and thinks running away is a good idea. Aloof refuses to go anywhere, she doesn’t want her mother to talk to her or come near unless it’s with the truth. Sole sobs anxiously, and gives in. “What do you want to know?” She asks about her father’s name, but Sole says “Anything but that”. Then she asks to tell her about her sister. At this Sole is shocked, and asks which sister. Sofia. But that can’t be done as it becomes too much for Sole to bear, and she exits the room. (Woman, throw the dog a bone! Hell, we’ll even take a biscuit!)  Marcelo and Ram are still arguing about Gina’s demise. Ram wants to know who was the employee who killed Gina. Flashback to Marcelo holding Martinez at gunpoint: Martinez is pleading with Marcelo, saying that the girl had committed suicide. Marcelo said he knew it was him, since he followed her. But Martinez only did as he was commanded, he knows he betrayed him but there was a lot of money involved, and Ev, the shyster, is not worth him risking his life. Marc won’t have him speak that way about his comrade, and he shoots him.  

Hold me, Marcy Marc says he doesn’t forgive betrayal easily. Well Ram doesn’t forgive not being told after having carried the guilt of a supposed suicide on his shoulders all these years. Marc is unconvincingly repentant, things just out of hand. Ram is shocked at how little regret he seems to have. Marc has a flashback to his moment of regret: He unties Ev who grovels gratefully that he saved his life and he’ll never forget this. A little Martinez Jr. comes in with his mama and baby sibling to ask what Marcelo did to his papa. When you grow up, if you still feel raw about it… I’ll be waiting There was a time he felt regret, but he’s different now. Ram sees his coldness, and says he’s not the friend he remembers, the one who’d consider others’ feelings. But see, it’s the very same people he considered that Marcelo is wary of. 

Ram thinks he’s lost the goodness in him, it’s separated into Santiago and if he doesn’t reconcile with his other half, he’ll become a psychotic monster. Perks to being a Psychotic Monster: Loyal minions Marc goes upstairs to find AnaLet clean of her Joker smile. He hopes she’s still not mad at him for whooping her Tio. She applies lotion on her legs hurriedly, and wants him to leave her alone. He sees that she likes Santi better because she can manipulate him, but there’s no need to be against him since it’s only a matter of time before he dies, she only has to wait. She claims she doesn’t want that, but she doesn’t know how this marriage will work. Despite himself, she’s the most important thing for him. He says he’s willing to meet her conditions, so long as she earns his trust and gives her what he’d lost: a baby. 

(One of the signs of the Apocalypse is the birth of the devil incarnate, Viewerville starts stocking canned goods and emergency supplies). Ernestina and Llora are discussing Llora’s wedding plans, over tea, and keeping with the tradition of celebrating a marriage request dinner (celebra la pedida de mano) to make it official. Llora and Ram are down with any tradition Erne wants to make happen (including pin the money on the bride,  whacking a prostethic piñata, and riding the “Just Married” burro into the sunset). Leonor will cook a spectacular dinner, and Llora wants to make the dessert. Erne suggests flan, but Llora wants to make something tastier (what?! What is tastier than fla—ohhh, ok. Uh, that’s for the wedding night, no?). 

They’re Inceseparable Marrano gets a surprise visit from Ana Lecherous. (He really should change his locks …and maybe get a rottweiler). She didn’t want to wait for him at the office to admit that her behavior yesterday was out of line (You might wanna start with the incest stuff, sweet cheeks). Marrano feels that if she’s sincere, she needs to start by giving an apology. (Si de verdad tu arrepentimiento es sincero, tendrías que empezar por pedir disculpas). She’s all, yeah dummy that’s why I’m here. He’s all, not to me, to Viri and her employee. They head over to the boutique so she can grovel more appropriately. 

She approaches Viri to tell her that her Uncle was right (Um, was that an apology?) and while she doesn’t remember the name of the seamstress, she’d like to talk to her. She then asks Sole if she remembers her (No, the fangs are missing). She explains very snootily that she was dealing with her own issues (Pfft, that’s an understatement), and took it out on her that day. Sole says the apology isn’t necessary. AnaLet says even though she had to do it, she feels so much better, so much in fact that she wantonly throws herself at her uncle. He hugs her back, saying he’s proud. Aww, big happy incestuous family. She then looks at Viri and sarcastically tells her that she hopes she’s satisfied. Viri smiles, although she’d prefer to give her neck a hug …with her hands …tightening a noose …that’s lit on fire. 

Rem pleads with Nerpina, asking her if she was able to convince Claw from spilling the frijoles. Aloof drops in, and Rem tries to play off that they’re just discussing the bills. Santi used to make sure they got paid. Aloof offers to take the payments to the bank, since she’s got nothing better to do. Rem says that she better hurry before the lights get cut off. She hands her what looks like crisp American dollar bills. Now with Aloof gone, they continue talking and Nerp mentions that Clawdia loves the uncle, Marrano, and she wishes to marry him. Rem corrects her: that’s not love, that’s interest. “Sorry, but after what your kids did to you, clearly money comes first”. (Perdóname, pero después de lo que tus hijos te hicieron a ti, claro que siempre ven el dinero por delante). Nerp begged Clawd to give them time before running her mouth. 

Then Rem becomes upset that Nerp made a derp and told Clawdia about Sole, she felt she had no other choice since Clawd knows where to come to get all this info. They pray that the uncle doesn’t find out about Sole, or he’d kill her. Just gonna stop by a few malls first, k? Gambling thugs (They’re like a Dr. Seuss version of Thug 1 and Thug 2) show up at Inaki’s and are surprised he called them before they expected (El miedo no anda en burro: Fear doesn’t ride a donkey, similar to “Fear has wings” or “Fear gives caution”). He assures them it’s all there and that the check is real. Word (Palabra). They still question it, ¿No será de hule tu chequecito? (The check isn’t made of rubber, is it?), so he insists that he wouldn’t try any foolishness but he can even take them to the bank to prove it. Big thug decides instead to have Little thug keep an eye on him while he has the check verified at the bank. 

Meanwhile Little thug rummages through the fridge pulling out champagne and sniffing out the cheeses. Inaki tells him to be careful. “I get it, pig-headed puny” (Entiendes bien, canijo). He wants to know how a guy who grew up with a circus knows how to use cutlery. Just then the Big thug arrives back surprised, the check came back good. Inaki says ta-ta, never wanting to see them again. Little thug wants to say goodbye properly and punches Inaki until he hits the floor. (Eh, I give it a 7.5) Someone should probably tell Ev he’s got cousins Ghoulieta is at Inaki’s place and has a flashback to her son on a phone call: He’s screaming into his phone promising he’ll prove himself, then flings it to the floor. Ghouls observes this upon entering his room. He swears sometimes he wants to kill her. Ghoulieta tells him that woman treats him like a toy. He defends her as the woman he loves. Ghouls thinks he’s exaggerating, she’s married to the man she chose. 

Dani blurts out that if she truly loved her hubster, then she wouldn’t have asked him to get rid of him. She wants to know what he means. He tells her not to meddle while forcefully pushing her out the door.  Dani lives on thru her memories, just not very good ones Ghouls wonders why Inaki protects Marcelo, he corrects her that it’s Santiago. All the same to her, he’s still the husband of the woman he’s interested in. She knowingly addresses that his love is unrequited, that AnaLet is just playing him like her son. Inaki pictures his success at bedding AnaLetsGetitOn (Viewerville arches their head, um well it doesn’t look like he’s losing).  

He didn’t ask her to come so she could pry into his private life. He’s simply a luxury for her, and that costs money. (Yes, and Viewerville wants to know if you’ll take credit card). She pays him his fee, and sets calendar dates for Tuesdays and Thursdays. That’s suitable what with her being so busy, and his work schedule not of any consequence. She responds calmly that she hopes his sarcasm becomes less annoying over time (Nah, we like it). He’s happy to set his allowance at monthly intervals, so it doesn’t seem so bad. (Well, aren’t you the considerate fella). She then warns she’ll prorate any days he misses. Quick, somebody jot down the routing number! Just then, a knock is at the door and it’s Javier. Ghouls contorts her face into her best ghastly stare. Javier barges his way in, despite Inaki’s efforts to shoo him away. Inaki introduces his guest as a business client, and Javier sheepishly shakes her hand as she exclaims how she’s so glad to finally have met him, having heard so much from Inaki. Inaki excuses her as already leaving, but Ghouls wishes to stay. 

Inaki pushes her out anyway, and she loudly remarks that she hopes her paying visits will soon be for pleasure, rather than business. Javier looks on awkwardly. (Starting to wonder if these writer incest-addicts are reading way too much Oedipus). Discount Bros: Buy 1 son, get 1 free! Evilristo gets an update from Oily, who has brought the photos he took of AnaLet and Inaki making out in the car, and visiting at the hotel. Evil is having trouble focusing on the images, so he has his grandthug make sure to forward them to him. AnaLet has gone back to her old habits, and he plans on taking advantage of this at the right time. Oily is oozing with envy of Inaki who gets to be with such a woman. Evil quickly vaccinates him with a firm negative, he’s under no circumstances allowed to be with her (Allow? Silly rabbit, vampires drink blood, not snake oil). 

Evil doesn’t suspect she knows her sister is alive, but Oily reminds him that Inaki is Santi’s bff & could tell her. Ev plans to handle the situation while Oily takes the day off to fantasize Santi’s face finding out about his two-timing friend. Remedios tells Suzy she has to stay behind to clean, while she goes to the food market. Facundo is waiting outside for her, and expects her to come with him if she wants to die –er…uh, live. Rem doesn’t trust him, he then grabs her after she turns him away, but she threatens to yell fire. So he uses the good ol’ trusty rusty emotional knife to twist into her, by telling her that THEIR son needs both their help. She finally, yet pensively, follows him into her car. (Viewerville counts the amount of steps she took to walk to the car, and figures this is her IQ number). Face says it all: 

I got your sorry assk! Maribel joins Aloof for a walk to the bank and she’s still yammering about Ramiro hoping for his number. She can see herself marrying him, while AnaLu will end up with “–Nobody”, says the Aloof one, cutting her off. (Not even Isidro? There has to be some desperate girl out there for that man). She suggests that Maribel check out the wedding dress shop, while she goes to the bank. Maribel expects her to come back to take pictures, Aloof agrees & calls her a loca.(Loca y desesperada). Look they sell Reem Acra and Love,  just the place for female desperation! Maribel walks in, and the shop looks pretty pricey. She overhears a gushing Leonor and Ernestina helping a fussy Llora try on a gown, who has her back to Maribel. Just then, Maribel sees her face in the mirror and gets muy cara impactada (Great, now let’s just wrap this up with El Curvas finding out and Isidro mistakenly chasing after Ana Leticia, so we make sure all the burritos and joyitos in Mexico know EXCEPT Aloof). A shop associate, straight out of Pretty Woman, tells Bel that she should leave since she doesn’t look like she could afford anything here anyway. 

(Viewerville wishes to send Bel crumpled hundreds to shove in that associate’s cara fea), Bel says that she has a heart (I mean, until recently that was questionable, but yeah you tell that cold witch!). Hearts with frowns don’t buy gowns, so she leaves out of there looking back uncertainly. Ernestina is happily imagining Llora in that Kate Middleton dress, on her Tio’s arm, limping down the aisle. (They should totally make Tin the ring bearer!). Ernestina tells Llora that Tio took the news well, regarding her pedida de mano dinner tonight. Llora is glad him and Ram are getting along so well. Maybe try Sears Speaking of our 2 galans. Rambo shows up at Marrano’s office. (Viewerville hears the boxing ding). But all we get is collar-grabbing and vociferation. (Alright, well it’s Rameo so we’ll take what we can get). He wants to know why Marrano, a man he respected and admired (Really? The womanizer?), deceived him. He now knows where AnaLet gets her cynicism, and her lack of shame & dignity from. 

(Viewerville still pondering who gave her the murder gene). Marrano plays victim, claiming she deceived them both. Ram isn’t biting (oh, but we wish he would), and is certain he was the guy that stole Gina from Tin. Marrano initially denies it, but then admits to it and even slips up by saying that he was in the bedroom when he overheard Ram dumping Gina. Ram feels even more betrayed, and asking what Marrano expects him to understand about his being in her bedroom the day he was to wed. Meanwhile, a nervous Adriana lets AnaLet about the shouting coming from that office

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