Three Sides of Ana Episode 93 Update on Monday 10th September 2018

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Nerina tells AnaLu thank you very much for the offer to speak to my son, but no. Or, she’ll think about it, but at any rate she’d like to be alone for now. After AnaLu leaves, Nerina has a mini-meltdown, knowing that Clawdia recognized AnaLu. AnaLet waits impatiently for Iñaki to finish showing a property. Outside, Orlando picks his teeth and bounces the business end of a ballpoint pen off of his face, then sucks on it. (I don’t know why this greasy lad isn’t a chick magnet.) Finally Iñaki is done, and AnaLet offers to let him cheer her up. They go someplace (I don’t know where they are, I think it’s a hotel) and she tears his clothes off and slaps him. He grabs her by the throat, and then they get freaky. I don’t know what to tell you. It looks like love to me. Mariano tells Viri about Gina. Maybe he was in love with her, but for sure he was obsessed. She made him crazy. Of course he regrets it now. And not only did he cheat on Jennifer with this girl, she was also engaged to Ramiro. After Gina died, there didn’t seem to be any reason to tell Ramiro about the affair, but he feels guilty about it. Viri thinks he should tell Ramiro and Ana Laura. 

He’s afraid it will hurt Ana Laura’s image of him; Viri says that’s the problem. He’s all image and he should be real with the people who love him. Then they say they’re in love with one another, and smooch. Leonor serves tea or coffee in dainty little cups for Facundo and Marcelo. She’s so formal that it’s hard to believe that she and Facundo ever had a thing. When Facundo and Marcelo are alone, Marcelo expresses doubt that Facundo’s interest in her was sincere. Orlando watches AnaLet leave the hotel and takes pictures as they kiss and then get in the car and drive off.  Valentin is deep into his drinking routine when Clawdia shows up and pumps him for info about the missing triplet. She admits that she’s looking for a weak spot so she can crack Mariano’s heart open. Tin doesn’t know much – just that AnaLu is presumed dead from an accident, but Ana Laura senses that she’s still alive. “What if she is?” Claw asks. AnaLu flashes back to the odd conversation she had with Clawdia, when Claw seemed to think she was someone else. Chana interrupts her thoughts, but AnaLu says she’s thinking about “nothing.” 

Ana Laura snuggles with Ramiro on the couch. These two really know how to swing! She thanks him for supporting her by being at the rehearsal, and scolds him for being kind of rough on her friend Valentin. She wants the two of them to get along. As for lunch (from which Valentin was excluded), the restaurant was nice, but Ram had promised to talk about Ana Lucia but he didn’t.  They go to Laura’s bedroom for more privacy for this part of the conversation, but he still has virtually nothing to say. He’s allegedly “closer” to finding AnaLu, but he doesn’t want to say more until he can have AnaLu there in person. This super-feeble revelation, which could have taken place in the restaurant at lunch, is good enough for Laura. “I know you would NEVER lie to me,” she says happily. Valentin would rather tell his sister about Ana Laura than AnaLu. Laura is engaged to Ramiro. 

(He toasts the bride and groom.) Laura is so naive, Ramiro promises so many things, he actually promised that Ana Lucia would be there on the day of their wedding. Claw points out that Laura’s naivete works to Tin’s advantage – because she believes in him, too. Tin doesn’t like her little joke. This guy is not a happy drunk. “If Ana Laura heard how you talk about her, she wouldn’t like it,” Claw says.  “You’re right,” Tin says, straightening up and blotting his boozy mouth with a napkin. But he doesn’t mean she’s right that he should say nice things. He means she’s right that maybe AnaLu is alive. That’s how Ram could promise to have her at their wedding. Claw teases him, that would be a great way to beat Ramiro and win over Ana Laura, to show up with AnaLu first. Tin gets really excited about this, but Claw says she was only kidding. And if she did have that info, she’d use it to get Mariano eating out of her hand forever. Nerina calls. Claw rejects the call. 

She tells Tin it’s more fun talking to him. She’d rather hear about his meeting with Mom today. Nerina is frantic on the phone. She’s making this actress’s signature pained face, the one where she looks like she has a mouthful of sour milk and nowhere to spit it out. She tells Remedios what’s going on. Clawdia is very close to AnaLu’s family. Now she’s not picking up the phone. They panic. Soledad could go to jail. Rem wants to warn Soledad, but Nerina thinks she can fix this. Remember Facundo and Marcelo? They are still sipping from dainty cups. They discuss the matter of getting Remedios out of Marcelo’s life forever. Facundo is supposed to take care of this.  Across the lawn, AnaLet arrives home. She glares in their general direction (or perhaps she is just glaring into space – it’s hard to tell) and goes into the house. Facundo asks Marc if things are any better between them. Marc says no, MYOB. AnaLet is rude to Leonor as usual. 

When she finds out Grandma isn’t home, she stomps up the stairs like a moody teenager. Evaristo peers gloomily into the gloom when his phone starts to ring. He very slowly answers the phone with no particular sense of urgency. It’s Orlando, though it seems to take Evaristo a moment to remember who he is. Orlando gives his report, and mentions that Facundo had a fight with Remedios a week or two ago. This alarms Evaristo, who considers Rem a friend. Orlando also reports on AnaLet’s trip to a hotel with Iñaki. Evaristo praises Orlando for a job well done. AnaLet goes upstairs and finds Ana Laura making out with Ramiro. AnaLet scolds them! Ramiro leaves, and AnaLet teases Laura for allowing a MAN in her bedroom. Laura says they’ve set the wedding date for six months from now. AnaLet looks devastated, but congratulates her and says at least one of us is happy since I just had the WORST DAY OF MY LIFE!! (Not the day her parents died and she lost her sister; not the day her husband “died”; today.) She had a HORRIBLE FIGHT with her uncle! 

He hasn’t even called to apologize to her! But she won’t tell Ana Laura what they fought about. She gets very mysterious and says it was about Laura, sort of. He FORBADE her to say. Santiago/Marcelo told Mariano all kinds of awful things, but she mustn’t tell Laura. If Laura wants to know what their uncle has been hiding from them for years, she’ll have to ask him herself. Ramiro comes outside, where Facundo is saying goodnight to Marcelo. Ram and Marc talk about Remedios. Marc doesn’t care if his father was rude to Remedios; she’s no one to him, and he’s sick of her nosiness. Ramiro realizes that he’s talking to Marc now and not Santi. Marc says he wonders where Ramiro’s loyalty is – with Marcelo, or with Santiago? Ramiro says, speaking of loyalty, if you’re Marcelo and you remember everything, why don’t you tell me who killed Gina?  Mariano is getting ready for bed. 

He flashes back to the night of Gina’s death: He and Marcelo are sitting together in a car, and Marcelo says things went out of control but don’t worry, he made sure it would look like a suicide, so Mariano won’t be implicated. Mariano wants details, but Marc says it’s better if he doesn’t know. “You wanted that woman out of your life, and now it’s done.” (For a moment I think Mariano’s bruise has migrated to the other side of his face, but it turns out he’s looking in a mirror.) Speaking of mirrors, it’s time for AnaLet to take off her makeup. She, too, flashes back: she’s strangling Gina and screaming at her. Gina had told her that she’d found the love of her life with Ramiro, but meanwhile she was banging Mariano all along. 

He paid for her apartment and all of her clothes and jewelry, too! They struggle, and next thing AnaLet knows, she’s on the floor. She goes into the bathroom, where Gina apparently dead in the tub, and Martinez is just sitting there. He accuses her of killing Gina. He doesn’t care, as long as she doesn’t tell anyone that he’s taking the money. In the present, AnaLet peels off her false eyelashes and wonders who really killed Gina while she was knocked out. Back to Ramiro and Marcelo. Marcelo is saying that his man killed Gina. He was only supposed to watch her, but he killed her and took the money. Marcelo had dictated the suicide note to scare her into leaving forever, and he did that not only to protect Ramiro but someone else as well – the generous lover that she was cheating on Ramiro with. Mariano! Ramiro is shocked. 

Marcelo says Mariano was obsessed with Gina. He has no scruples or loyalty. They were just going to get her out of the country, but something went wrong. Ramiro is taken aback by Marcelo’s cold attitude and surmises that this is the real reason why Mariano never wanted Ramiro to be with Ana Laura – because he almost married Mariano’s lover. Marcelo said it was tough keeping the secret because both Mariano and Ramiro were his friends, “but then Mariano never kissed my wife.” (Much to her chagrin.) Ana Leticia uses Dow Industrial Factory Cleaning Fluid X3000 to remove her eye makeup and remembers Martinez accusing her of killing Gina. 

But, again, he doesn’t really care as long as she doesn’t tattle on him for taking the money. He swears he’s never stolen from his employer before, but his wife just had a baby. So let’s keep it a secret, okay? AnaLet rushes home, has a stiff drink, and calls Evaristo and tells him that Gina was killed by a man who works for Marcelo. In the present, AnaLet needs a stronger cleaning fluid because she’s smearing her lipstick back and forth across her face, literally looking like a clown. Not a classy clown like Tadeo, but the nightmare kind of clown in horror movies. In a creepy voice, she tells her fist (or maybe her weird ring) that Gina got what she deserved, and they got rid of Jenny too, and now they need to get rid of Viridiana. At the boutique, Viri is getting ready to leave when she hears Soledad upstairs, still working. Sole says she’s been fighting with her daughter lately, but don’t worry, she’ll be going home soon. 

Stepfather Evaristo will be picking her up. Nerina goes to Clawdia’s apartment and asks how Claw can afford such a place. Claw doesn’t want to talk about money. She offers Nerina a glass of Nerina’s favorite wine – the stuff she saved for special occasions, like this one. “Let’s talk about Ana Lucia,” Clawdia says. Marcelo says that Ramiro will have to get his explanation directly from Mariano. “Welcome to the world of betrayal,” he tells Ramiro. Now Ramiro will understand the desire for revenge. But Ramiro says no, that’s what Valentin is after, and he’s using Ana Laura to get back at Mariano. That’s not okay. And getting revenge won’t make Valentin able to walk again, so what’s the point? It was a work accident, not Mariano’s fault, much less Ana Laura’s. But Marcelo says Valentin’s mishap was no accident. It was definitely provoked. Obviously Mariano was trying to get rid of him for good. Val and Ram argue over whether Gina “deserved” what happened to her. Marcelo is comfortable with the way things turned out. “Who do you think you are?” Ramiro asks him.

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