Three Sides of Ana Episode 86 Update on Tuesday 28th August 2018


Llora has graciously decided to do Ramiro a great favor and believe him and his incredible tales. Does he promise to bring Ana Lu to their wedding? He does. What if it’s in a month? He is standing firm. What if it is tomorrow? Alright, Llora, be realistic now. Our sharp Llora uses her deductive reasoning skills in this conversation to determine that means Ram doesn’t really know where Ana Lu is. (What a detective. Has Evaristo heard about her?) She needs to set a wedding date though and they settle on getting married in six months and wrap up this point of conversation after one more promise of the lost sister delivery.
Llora doesn’t let Ramiro even wipe off the sweat of his face and continues down her honey-do list. In his spare time from trying to revive her supposedly dead sister, would he also hurry up and help Valeria already? She is a nice gal and does not deserve this. Ram has the “I knew I was forgetting something!” look on his face, but yes, yes, he says he is on top of that as well and will go work on that right that moment! (We suggest he invests in a note pad and starts writing these things down. Llora is a tough customer, who is not afraid to cry if delivered sub-standard service.) They discuss giving Ramiro’s info full of esperanza to Abue to give her some hope as well, but decide against it. Abue doesn’t feel well and they shouldn’t play with her feelings like that. (And Ramiro is probably nervously clutching his mental to-do list thinking the last thing he needs is Abue adding something else to it.)
He finally escapes Llora’s crying room and hurriedly passes the baton to Leonor in the hallway, and is off to see Marcelo in his room. There he finds our hero prostrated on the floor and shakes him to bring him to his senses. A couple seconds later it’s becoming apparent Marcelo has left the building and there’s only Santiago left. Ramiro doesn’t even look surprised and proceeds to fill him in on everything that’s happened: Marcelo arranged an Ana Lu sighting for Ana Le, and so his wife now knows her sister is his lover.
While this was happening, TioM had a nice heart-to-heart with Evaristo. He remembered Ev hinting at the possibility of foul play in Jenny’s fall and seeing her argue with some woman that day. Who was that woman? TioM wants Ev to find her and bring her to him! That same woman suddenly appears behind him and in a suspicious tone inquires about the topic of their conversation. Tio skillfully covers by continued discussion of Ana Lu’s fate, but he was only half covering and really does want to know. Evaristo confirms again that Ana Lu is dead and Tio is crushed. Ev takes his leave after promising to be in touch with TioM with further news. This gets Ana Le’s antenna back up – what does he have to deal with Ev about? Nothing related to you, brushes her off TioM, and you best go console your grandmother. Ana Le is not excited about that – Llora is probably already there getting all the attention for herself.
Tio is off to work and Ana Le decides to take a couple minutes to ponder life on the living room couch, where she is found by Leonor. The two discuss her marriage and how hurt she was finding out Marcelo had a mistress. He still loves Ana Le, of that she is sure, but seems that he loves the other woman too. Ana Le is not accustomed to losing though, so it’s not quite over yet. She is going to leave and if Marcelo wants to know where she is – tough break.
While she is thinking that, it’s a stroke of luck for Ram and Santi, who are still up in the room wiping blood off of Santi’s face. Santi still has a splitting headache and Ram is continuing to fill him in and Santi decides he must talk to Ana Lu asap. Before he does that, Ram has something to talk to him about….though not before he showers. (Yes, smell of must have been distracting our hunting dog Ram, and he can’t overstrain his nose, as he has many a scent to follow!)
Back at the pension, Sole, Chana and Ana Lu have provided us a filler scene of discussing the craziness of Isidro’s affections for Ana Lu and the fact that he left San Nicholas. (At least we hope it’s a filler scene and not an indication that Isidro is about to come running back in the plot.) Ana Lu then, apparently, decided to do some acrobatics right there with the silk ropes attached to a tree, and Chana and Rem continue their discussion while Sole is fetching some lemonade. Chana has some agenda in mind, as she is trying to convince Rem that Sole had no right keeping a girl who wasn’t hers. Nerina joins them that very moment and is happy to hear someone has a sane opinion on the matter! Even Chana is surprised to realize how many people are in on the secret. (We are, on the other hand, downright astonished that so much air time is spent on very strong opinions on what ought to be done with the secret, yet nobody lifts a finger. This quote comes to mind: “Don’t be afraid of your friends: the worst they can do is betray you. Don’t be afraid of your enemies: the worst they can do is kill you. Do be afraid of those indifferent: they neither kill nor betray, but with their silent agreement murder and treason exist in the world.”)
Sole is finally done with the lemonade and breaks up the party. Saved by the bell, Remedios is pulled away because apparently Ramiro is calling her and it’s urgent. The latter, still standing in Marcelo’s bedroom, makes plans to meet up with Rem and waits for Santi to come out of the shower. Turns out Ramiro finally got around to looking at the suggestion box list from the viewing audience and will be taking Santiago to the hospital to check his crazy brain out, lest he do something else that puts them all in danger. Amid Santi’s protests that he must see and protect Ana Lu and has no time for this, for once, Ramiro is firm. Ana Le has no way to find Ana Lu and Santi is more of a danger to her at this point himself.
Elsewhere Inaki is pondering his fortune-less fate and finally decides to take Julietta up on her offer to purchase the pleasure of his company. No sooner he comes to this decision, he is met with another fortuitous occurrence – Ana Le is at his door. She wants a favor and is not afraid to pay up front, if you know what we mean….
Trembling Santi is in the hospital, asking mom Remedios to stay with him and wondering if Ram had told his wife that he’d be spending the night here. Yea, whatever, says Ram – couldn’t reach her, but left a message, so no worries. By the by, Ram really needs to depart, as he has some other super important life-or-death assignment to take care of (our Batman thinks he will be done with it by tomorrow noon). Scared Robin Santiago, in his last-ditch effort to escape the bad scary hospital, meekly asks if Batman would need some help. No, Batman has got it covered and pats Robin on the head – you just go ahead and get better, kiddo. Remedios tells the Bat dude to go ahead – she will take care of her little one, and one cape spin later, he is gone into the night.
Santi and Rem continue the tearful catching up conversation. Rem shares how hurt she was when she met Marcelo. Santi is almost crying already, he didn’t mean to hurt her. He only wants to get better and he can’t imagine how anyone, not even doctors, can help him. He also wants to leave Marcelo behind and just be himself (whoever that is…). He asks about Ana Lu and Rem relays a colorful story of Marcelo “tearing Ana Lu’s soul apart.” She then asks about Ana Le – what is his wife like? Is she loving, nice to him? Well naïve soul Santi thins she is a nice person, super understanding and she loves him. Rem reasons it’s because she doesn’t know her own sister is his lover….or does she? Santi lies that she does not and since he is no Marcelo, afraid he won’t be able to cover that lie up, pretends to be tired and says he wants to go to sleep. Not to worry, Rem will stay there to protect him from under-the-bed monsters.
Meanwhile, let’s move on to one of the more exciting parts of this episode. While Santi is waxing poetic about his loving wife, her vengeful majesty and Inaki are getting it on. Ana Le is ready to offer up herself in exchange for…. information about Ana Lu and her life. Information is power, you see, and Ana Le knows Marcelo’s lover is her twin sister. Well that’s pretty tame of a request, thinks Inaki, who was actually not above killing if that meant he will finally get his amor in bed. Ana Le is not wasting much time and articles of clothing begin to fly.
Suddenly Inaki stops and pauses, attempting to contemplate all the ways in which this could unfold and backfire, his one neuron spinning in every direction no doubt. Ana Le is indignant! He is pausing to THINK???  She points out they both have blackmail worthy information on each other. They should work together, or does he no want that anymore? This convinces our calculating boy, but he wants to be paid up front. (If there’s anything his shameless money extortion from Julietta taught him, it’s that if you get paid first, it gives you time to think of a plan to get out of paying your part of the deal.)
Ana Le is ok with paying in advance. She gives it a mediocre (judging from what we’ve seen her do before) effort to seduce him, but that’s plenty for our good looking Inaki. He is as excited as a boy with an ice cream cone, while Ana Le merely looks like she is tolerating his attentions, and might just have to close her eyes and think of England as he showers her with besos.
Sometime later it appears she is thinking of whole Europe by now and finally they are done. She wastes no time getting dressed, while Inaki mentally high fives himself and declares that she was worth the wait. Well, says Ana Le, now she is running the risk that Inaki will lose interest. Lose interest you say? Never! She is the woman he loves. The woman he loves, though, is not in the mood for cuddling and bed conversation – she gave him his candy, and now he needs to pony up his part of the deal. With blood circulation now fully restored to his brain, Inaki declares that he actually never met Ana Lucia. Really, this is the first time he put two and two together, when Ana Le said Santi’s lover’s name was Ana Lucia. Inaki was never told her name and really has nothing more to tell Ana Le. Ana Le could crush a glass in her hand – is he bloody serious?? He gets slapped right across his pretty face, but we venture a guess he’d still think it was worth it…
Other filler scenes :
· Abue and her mysterious Rodrigo are exchanging more dating app messages. She confides she is feeling sad and he wants to console her in person and finally meet. Abue squashes that idea down.
· Julietta has prepped the dinner and is waiting anxiously for her sonny, who is other engaged at the moment.
· Sole made Chana feel welcome, they chatted about Ana Lu and the conversation Chana had with Rem and Nerina. Chana confesses they wanted to convince Sole to tell the truth to Ana Lu, but Sole says she won’t be doing that.
· Ana Lu is sleeping in Santi’s room and remembering happier times

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