Three Sides of Ana Episode 85 Update on Monday 27th August 2018


She wears crocodile on her feet and in her eyes  We return back to the scene when AnaLet confesses being with child during the burial of what she thought were Marcelo’s remains. Marcelo calls her a liar. (Viewerville nods in agreement, either that or she’s got a case of Rosemary’s Baby). She starts whimpering on about how she was devastated and couldn’t sleep, eat, or breathe (Damn, and she still survived). He’s hesitant, but inquires if she lost it. She nods, she did everything she could to save what she had left of him, a baby born out of love (or infidelity, Viewerville yells!). 

He’s not sure if he believes her but she doesn’t care, she doesn’t want him to touch her or try to console her. He’s the first one to know because she never spoke of it to anyone. But since he doubts her so much, he can talk to her gyno since he should still have it on record. At this he has a flashback:  He’s driving with Alfredo to San Nicholas to confront Soledad. They hope Ev doesn’t find out or he’d interfere with their investigation. 

To change the subject, Alfie asks how things are going in Marc’s matrimonio. She’s still distant and upset. Alfie remarks about a pharmacy package that Martinez intercepted of hers, it was a pregnancy test. AnaLet remarks that if it’s true what he’s telling her about Evilisto trying to kill him, then he’s also responsible for the death of her spawn. Marc plans to make him pay (probably with interest). He wants to go inside and expose all of his lies, including the return of AnaLu back home. But AnaLet won’t allow it, she refuses to have her sister return as his mistress. 

The family may not know anything, but it’ll be ever present in her own mind. She can’t pretend AnaLu doesn’t exist, and thanks to him they can’t have the joyful reunion they had hoped for, because her own sister is the maldita mujer (cursed woman) that’s stealing all his love from her. We see AnaLu climbing the silks and performing drops (Hmm, this maldita mujer is much tougher than you think). Ana Leticia’s dark shadow looms Marcelo defends AnaLu; giving the lowdown on her part in the play “How I Met Your Lover”, and how by the time Santi discovered the missing parts of the script, it was too late to go back. 

AnaLet is clear only on the fact that he left her bed to go into her sister’s, he was messing with them both and now she’s disgusted by him. Marcelo isn’t perturbed by this, because he’s well aware that when AnaLu finds out, she won’t forgive him either. And once he plants her back in her family tree, he plans to vanish from both of their lives, definitivamente. AnaLet has other plans, they won’t talk to anyone until they solve everything that’s happened. 

He concurs. But she has 3 conditions he needs to comply with in order for her abue to have the reconciliation she hopes for. He has to follow all of them verbatim. (Um, why is she in a position to be making demands?)  Oh sure, and would you like fries with that? Evilisto is in the living room showing his certificate of integrity from the Montessori College of Mentiroso. No one finds this suspicious, they skip the fine print & give their stamp of approval. According to Marc, he’s a good buddy & according to AnaLet, all things are possible in Telenovela Land. Ernestina also agrees. 

So does Llora. (Viewerville is checking off a list titled “Idiotos Cándidos”). Ram wants them all to shut up and just let the man talk. But Llora’s wig is on too tight and doesn’t hear, she asks Marcelo if he remembers the name of the missing girl he was investigating. He doesn’t. Llora plays a round of “Call Out a Random Name”. Luisa, Gilda…. Evilisto is bored, “Sofia” he says. They all yell Yahtzee. When family meetings require a dress code Ev tells them that he used this lead to pick up where Marc left off. AnaLet says that Ram also used the lead and found a girl who had died around the same time that AnaLu went missing. Ram says the lead went nowhere (Ok, guessing Sole’s house is nowhere then). 

Erne wants to know what this has to do with her grandbaby. Evil says it was a girl that was cremated after being found wounded near a river. He discovered that Sofia and AnaLu were about the same age, and they are in fact, the same person. He’s sorry to say it, but the girl is dead. AnaLet acts as if she figured as much. Tears are falling, and denials are cried with consternation. Llora skips out. Leo follows behind. Ram gives Evil the evil eye. 3 Lie Detectors + 1 Detective = Un4tunate Events Ram then looks over and asks Marcelo why he won’t let the cat out of the bag? Marc’s got nada to say, he’s just sad to hear the news. And you, AnaLiar? Just that her abue’s sorrow breaks her heart, she suggests he go check on Llora of Perpetual Tears. Ram and his elbow patches leave. 

Erne is confused, she was expecting good news. Marc’s all “Me too. Gee, I’m so glad Ev is here to help with my memory”.  Ev shrugs “Samesies ya’ll, but it is what it is”. AnaLet gives the acting performance of her life by consoling Erne, while Marc gives her the stare down. No consolation without their consolation prize Tio Marrano is the only practical one left, and asks for the preubas (proof) in the pudding. Evilisto whips out the autopsy report and death certificate from the Misleading Morgue of Maldad. Erne wonders about the bracelet, Ram even checked that it was authentic. Ev figures since Ram got it via extortion, it’s probably not real and made by very detailed con artists. Erne can’t handle it. (Neither can we, Viewerville prays to the telenovela gods to “deliver us from Evilristo”). Tio walks her to her room, but tells Mr. Evil Guerra to not leave yet. AnaLet’s all “I was right all along, what a pity”. Evil is smiling, well, evily. The boys take turns grading Ev’s paper Ch(arlat)ana is in Sole and AnaLu’s room telling them how much she missed them. There are no rooms left in the pension, but they offer their room. Sole suggests AnaLu can stay in her bed, so Chana can sleep in AnaLu’s (Dear Abby, my clingy mom has finally pushed me over the edge …of both mind & bed). AnaLu scraps the letter and just decides to sleep on the sofa instead. Solebad puts away the bed chains she had prepared. 

Chana says she has her own place, but finally concedes to stay with them. AnaLu leaves to check on that sofa. Sole tells Charlatana that she trusts her and they’re besties forever. Chana cuts her off “–yea, yea, yea, cut the bull, what do you want?” Sole inquires about her connection with Devilristo. Chana confesses she’s known him for years. They ping-pong between “You never told me” and “You never asked”. He asked her to watch over the two of them. Sole realizes that she got played like a cello from behind. They were never friends, they were just a job to her. Chana disagrees, she’s always been loyal and honest but Sole was the one who lied to her. Sole calls bull, saying she always knew her secret and even goes as far as calling her a charlatana with her so-called tarot and palm reading business. Chana tells her to cut it out (ya párale), it’s the truth, she didn’t know anything except that she was his stepdaughter who he cares dearly for. Sole counters that it was Chana who got lied to, because that man doesn’t give a fig about anyone. 

Chana admits he’s got a dark side, but it didn’t rot his whole heart. Soulless, speaking as an expert, says he has no heart or soul. Chana declares that he needs Sole, and his end is very close. But Sole thinks the Guerra is a Gato with nine lives. And although he did mention his sickness to her, she’s not moved as everyone’s headed to an end. The charlatana divulges that it’s a different end for him because she read his coffee cup. Before it’s over, Evilisto will pay for all the suffering he’s caused. Oh Sole, it’s so funny when you talk creepy! Leonora tries to turn off the faucet, but Llora’s plumbing is very delicate. Ram comes into her room with his toolbelt, and asks Leo to exit & let him work his magic. Ram is all “Calm down woman, it’s a frickin’ lie”. Llora is confuzzled. Ram confides that neither he nor Marc trust the bozo downstairs. Llora goes “But that integrity certificate looked legit”. Plus Marcelo assured them of his reliability. Ram says “Sure, trust the guy that got his memories jacked”. Well, the truth is his memories all came back, but he’s just pretending for now. That Evilisto bastard only knows how to manipulate. 

Llora worries about AnaLu, alone without them. Ram promises her that he and Marc will restore her sister back to them when the time comes. He’ll even consider giving AnaLu a wedding invitation to their nuptials. Llora is down with that, and hugs her Rameo. Chill babe, Rameo is here to patch you up 😉 Ev is outside and is joined by Marc. He wants thanks for doing Marc a big favor. Marc looks like he’s about to spit. Ev waxes poetic on how AnaLu had a good life with Sole, she never lacked anything and was happy –until Santi crossed her path. He continues that they both know she doesn’t deserve to find out he’s married to her kin. Marc’s now back with his wife, his people, and should leave the situation in peace. Marc’s all “If you say so”. Ev thinks for her sake, he should leave her alone, especially Solebad. Marc’s lit up at her name and won’t rest until AnaLu is returned to her rightful place. And he’ll have Ev watch with his own eyes, as he tears Sole apart to pieces (Ver con tus propios ojos, cómo la hago pedazos). Once that’s done, he’ll kill him. Evilisto cackles. He likes the taxista better. Marc says he knows Ev manipulates Santi, but him? Never. (That’s b/c AnaLeticia’s riding horseback & has you in her reigns, dummy). 

For Ev, at least Santi came to understand that Sole doesn’t deserve the cruelty Marc has in mind for her. “You can cross it off (podrás tacharla) all you like, but my daughter has always been an excellent madre to that girl”.  Marc insists Ev knows she’s a babynapper (secuestradora), otherwise why kill him to keep her out of jail. Back then, Ev felt he had no choice and hopes Marc won’t put him in that position again, but Marc dares him to try because he promises the outcome will be different this time. (Viewerville looks at Ev’s gorilla hands and Marc’s prissy mullet-tail while scratching their head).  A Mexican Standoff Marc is curious about why Ev lied about AnaLet hiring him for murder. 

Evilisto laughs at this “You know what? Deep down, I admire Mrs. Salvaterra. She’s very clever at having you convinced of her innocence”. (She’s not clever, he’s just menso denso). Marc doesn’t think she’d kill her baby daddy. Ev warns he has no idea what she’s capable of –even if the pregnancy was true, how can he be sure it’s his. “Your sweet innocent wife took advantage of your absence to pay a hotel visit to Daniel Escarcega, te acuerdas?” Marcelo wants to know what he’s up to with this whole charade. Ev just wants a truce, they have a common interest in protecting AnaLu. If Marc truly loved her, then he’ll make sure AnaLet never learns the truth or else she’ll kill AnaLu. To make Marc understand how far she’ll go, he asks if he remembers the look on Jennifer’s face at the construction site. “You were unknowingly observing the work of your wife. The next woman you hold while giving her last breath …could be Ana Lucia”. 

Marc doesn’t believe it, why would she hurt Jennifer. Ev doesn’t have any evidence, but he knows she was in Costa Paraiso that day and she paid him good money. Marc learns she used Danny as her cash mule and figures that it was him that ordered his murder, he had all the resources & motive to do it. Marc concludes that there’s no proof of her guilt, blah blah blah. (Viewerville slaps their tv screen, Baboso!). All Ev cares about is that AnaLet never finds out her sis is alive, or Santi’s lover ….even if it means eliminating all risks. “In this moment?”, Marc challenges. Yes, Ev would kill her with his own hands before letting her get to AnaLu. Just measuring your collar, buddy Marc doesn’t like the threats, and proposes killing Ev right now. Ev retorts “And I, you.” Marc is a constant problem, but he’s only still alive because Ev needs the key to that security box. Ev has outlived his loved ones, and only has Sole & AnaLu left. He’ll protect them above all. 

He makes Marc swear that AnaLet doesn’t know anything. Marc lies and says that to her it’s a relief to find out AnaLu died. Ev hopes it’s true. He adds one more thing: Tell Ramiro to stop playing detective, for his own sake. Advise him to keep his mouth shut (tight-lipped = boca cerradita)…for good. Through the Looking Glass Tio Marrano busts AnaLet spying at the window. She jumps and just says she’s wondering why Marc & Mr. Guerra are talking so long. Tio sits her down and asks her how she’s really feeling, assuming she’s just being strong. AnaLet runs with it, and claims to feel hurt but that finally knowing AnaLu is dead gives her peace. Tio adds they should all move forward united. AnaLet interjects “Yea, until Viri calls and you’re off running”. He responds that his priorities haven’t changed, but everyone had put their lives on hold when the accident happened, but now it’s time to close this chapter and start living again. He asks her how things are going with Marc, inquiring if they’re headed for divorce. 

She bites back that she won’t leave the path open (el camino libre) for that infeliz (poor she-devil) who’s waiting on it.  Even when he couldn’t remember his name, Marc didn’t forget their love. “And with my bad luck, he’s beginning to recall other things.” She prefers Marc didn’t remember, since she made many mistakes. Tio understands this perfectly himself. Marc even begged her for her forgiveness, and swore not to return to that chick (esa tipa). But her forgiveness comes at a high price. Tio suspects she intends to make him suffer. 

AnaLet asserts, “Yes, you have no idea”. Dammit Tio, don’t encourage her! Just then, Marc comes in to let Tio know Ev is waiting for him. AnaLet wants to know what Tio needs to talk about. Tio responds “None ya business” and peaces out. He approaches Ev and says he’d like to discuss a matter they left pending. (Sigh, the omnipresence of this man is unbe-freakin-lievable). We’re back inside where AnaLet can’t wait for Ev to leave. Marc plans to take a bath and change, AnaLet agrees since he looks terrible (Ah, the banter of a loving couple).  

Just measuring your collar, sweety Marc explains he’s been up for 24 hours and his head hurts. AnaLet, our little drug pusher, offers him a bottle of pills she keeps in her drawer. But Marc refuses as he has a lot of things to do. She asks if he’s going out. He asks if she’s got a problem. Nope, she doesn’t care so long as he keeps his pants fastened (pantalones abrochados). She reminds him of her 3 conditions… Remember, your IQ is this many now The first, she says with a caress, is that he never returns to her sister’s bed. The second is that he pretends their marriage is perfect. 

He cuts her off, he’ll comply with them all since he plans to stay by her side until everything is settled. Now he throws in his own caress, saying he wants her close –because then he’ll be able to watch her every move, until he figures out what she’s planning. Once he returns AnaLu to the house, he’ll disappear from both their lives completely. Mano a mano, dos inhumanos He heads upstairs and Leo comes down to tell AnaLet that Erne has calmed down, and how sad this news was for Erne after 20 years of holding out hope. AnaLet thinks it’s for the best, it’s time to they all put the past to rest. Marc is in his room admiring AnaLet’s handiwork with the mirror. He gets a pain in his membrane, and sees his reflection split in two. He starts to bleed from his nose, as he collapses to the ground. 

 Eek she’s right, I DO look terrible

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