Sightless Love Update on Wednesday 29th August 2018


Misfortune happens where the hut where Marina and Damiana live catches fire in the absence of Damiana and right there arrives doctor Isauro to pay Marina a visit and he tries all means to rescue Marina but he is trapped into it unfortunately. In a while the neighbors arrive to save the doctor after quenching the fire though he got severe burns on his face and body and he is taken to the hospital. Meanwhile Marina looks very sad and wish that her Mum Damian takes her to the hospital to see Isauro since he encountered that misfortune because he tried to save her.
Since the whole hut caught fire, Margarito offers Damiana an abandoned house, so she lives there with Marina, Damiana tells him that she doesn’t want him to have problems with his boss but Margarito answers that Mr. Luis hardly even comes to the ranch and so they can renovate to make it a conducive place for them.
Damiana pays Isauro a visit at the hospital and there, Isaura’s character becomes bitter due to the burns he suffered on his face and he tells Damiana not to tell Marina how his face is presently, because he doesn’t want her pity.
Mr. Luis and Prudencia pays a visit to their son in the United states where he is studying to encourage their son to propose love to Vanessa before someone lures her away from him and so after they left, Alberto thinks things over and asks Vanessa to be his girlfriend, she accepts.
Isauro is discharged but his bitterness looks very awkward and refuses to see his patients and not even the words of his house help looks worth to convince him but Marina tries speaking some sense into him but still it seems he doesn’t want to let his patients see his face like that and so Marina agrees to help him by attending to the patients but she still needs him to teach her on how to go about it.
Now that Marina has accepted to be Isauro’s assistant, she’s starts attending to the patients under the supervision of Isauro. Marina then discusses with him if he thinks she can go to the university to acquire her degree because she wants to become a doctor as she wants to help people around her and Isauro assures her if that is her wish, she can attain it because she has that capability in her.
Mr. Luis is happy because his son Alberto has finished his career in medicine and since he is also now with Vanessa, he tells them that he wants them to get married for him to have many grandchildren but Prudencia tells him that Alberto still needs to take some vacations first; Alberto tells them that he wants to spend some time in the ranch.
Prudencia tells Angustias that she hasn’t forget her dead baby girl, who she did not know but Angustias answers that she must overcome that grief, because in exchange she helped by giving her a healthy son. Prudencia tells her that she adores Alberto, but it hurts her deeply to have lost her baby girl and also, she is afraid that one day, Damiana will bump into Alberto and reveal the truth to him.
Whiles Alberto walks through the vegetations of their Ranch in Valle De Bravo and trying his hands on a gifted gun his dad gave him, he bumps into Toribio gathering some of their fruits for Marina since she complained hunger to him. Alberto seeing him goes after him to let him explain what he is doing in their vegetation but Toribio gets away. But unfortunately for Alberto, the gun gives out a shot without his notice and this causes fear and panic to Toribio and with their shouting, it draws Alberto’s attention to them and thinking it was Marina who stole the fruits, he confronts her about why she stole the fruits and Marina asks him to not call her a thief and also he has no right to do so but Alberto let her know that he is the son of the Boss of the land but she doubts it and upon trying to get closer to her, she bites him and left.   
Isauro goes to see Damiana commanding her to stop Mariana from meddling with that “madman” Toribio but his purpose for coming over is to see Marina to talk about her future. That is, he wants to take Marina out of that small town and make life meaningful for her but Damiana makes him to understand that, he can speak his intentions with her and let her decide because all she can say is that Marina’s place is the small town and nowhere else but Isauro goes crazy and left.
Marina arrives home in much fright to tell Damiana that she bumped into a man who says that he is the son of the owners of La Añoranza and Damiana goes anxious. So, Damiana tells Marina that Isauro wants to take her to the capital to study and Damiana says though she doesn’t like the idea, she still thinks it will help her study for her future but Marina says she can’t also go and leave her mum Damiana unless she agrees to come with her to the city. Same vein, Alberto also arrives home and told his parents his encounter with a girl he saw.
Angustias intentional though curious asks Margarito if Damiana is alive and he confirms it to her. Damiana pays a visit to Margarito and in their conversation, she prays to him to not let the Ocaranza’s know about their stay in the abandoned ranch most especially, Angustias. Margarito then assures her.
Marina goes to see Isauro and he asks her to come with him to the city so he can offer him a different life but she refuses stating that she can’t leave her mum and even if he convinces her to go with them, she knows her mum will never be happy and also Toribio will die out of sorrow. Isauro replies her that Toribio isn’t a part of their family and so she should forget him and Marina says he is her friend and he need her.
Mr. Luis tells Alberto that he must formalize his relationship with Vanessa that he will not find better woman than her, Prudencia tells him that she is concerned that his son isn’t in love, Mr. Luis answers that to be in love does not exist anymore.
Margarito reveals to her that Angustias asked about her but he never told her that she is living close to the ranch as he assured her, Damiana then answers that in case she asks him again, he should tell her that, she left town. Margarito asks her if she is owing that woman anything and Damiana says it’s all because she never loved the way she treated some of the workers. That is all.
Alberto engages in a conversation with Paulino and he asks him if he knows all of the girls in the countryside and Paulino asks why he is asking him that, Alberto answers that, it’s because he set his eyes on a very special girl and he questions Alberto as to what he meant by special and he goes giggling.
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