Sightless Love Episode 7 Update on Wednesday 19th September 2017

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Vanessa overhear Paulino singing and playing his quitter and she excuses them to go to her room and there she peeps him through her window and remarks that Afterall Paulino isn’t bad at singing at all. Quickly, Paulino turns and detects that Vanessa is watching him through the window and their eyes catches up with each other but goes speechless.

Isauro asks Damiana to come over to her office and there he tells him that Marina is wearing some earrings which she told him silly things she said Damiana told her to be wearing it always because it could help her find her origin and Damian says yes. He asks her where she got the earrings and Damiana tells him that she bought them but Isauro confronts her not even if she worked her entire life will she afford such expensive thing and it could be that she stole them and Damiana replies that she is not a thief, but the earrings were a payment for a work she did and warns him that he can’t force marina to love him. Isauro tells her that Marina is the only one that can love him the way he is and she shouldn’t set her against him or she will have to abide with the consequences.

Yolanda tells Marina that Alberto went to the city to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend Vanessa and they will get married in a month. This actually causes Marina to get double of her already broken heart. Yolanda then states that, her only intention about telling her is for Marina to forget Alberto for good but this sounds very difficult to Marina.

Baldomero tells Damiana about how Isauro came to warn him about Marina and Damiana tells Baldomero that Isauro is in love with marina and he feels that he has a right over her, she tells him that she needs to do something to keep her daughter away from him; Baldomero tells her that Isauro told him that he (Baldomero) is poisoning marina’s soul.

Alberto holds Vanessa’s ring in his hands and he rather thinks about Marina and imagines when he danced with Marina at the party and he wonders why he is thinking about Marina when he is about to engage Vanessa.

Alberto arrives at the ranch to show the ring to Susana and her mum Prudencia and Susana looks so happy and thinks her daughter will really love the ring. Angustias and Prudencia ask Alberto if he is sure he truly doesn’t want to have anything to do with Marina and he says he is done with her but Angustias and Prudencia doubts him.

Alberto goes to tell his father that he never saw the earrings at their house in the city and his dad thinks it’s odd and he goes to inform Prudencia about it and Prudencia thinks it’s odd but she is sure it’s there somewhere but Luis thinks Prudencia is hiding something from him because he doesn’t believe her so called sorry. Prudencia then tells him that the Earrings got lost 20yrs ago when Alberto was born and Luis says she’s taking him for a fool for lying to him all these years and he really look for the thief and will teach that person a lesson.

Paulino and Vanessa goes on their horseback riding lessons and there, they kiss each other passionately and then coming back to her senses, she slaps him. as she tries to go away, she gets hurt and Paulino takes her home and Alberto checks on her. Luis thinks Paulino is to blame for hurting her and so he will kick him out of the ranch for good but Vanessa says it’s her fault and not Paulino since he tried helping but she stopped him. so, Luis warns Paulino that again he’s gotten defenders thus Alberto and Vanessa but one more stupid mistake, he will dismiss him.

Damiana tells Toribio that she will like Prudencia to see those earrings on Marina and she mentions to Damiana that she already met with Alberto’s mother at church, Damiana insists on knowing if she saw her earrings, marina asks her why is she so interested to know if she noticed her earrings, Marina tells her that, all what she can say about Prudencia is that she had a very nice feeling as if she knew her long time ago and Damiana looks wonderous.

Marino visits Yolanda in the big house and there, Alberto arrives looking for Paulino but he bumps into Marina and he tells Marina that he misses their meetings very much and Marina tells him that nothing is the same as before because they are through and he will be married soon too to his girlfriend, she tells him that he must love his girlfriend very much to be in such a hurry to get married. He tells her that he deeply regrets hurting her and quickly Paulino interrupts them.
So, Alberto tells Paulino that Vanessa’s party was cancelled due to her hurt foot and so he would want him to serenade Vanessa on his behalf and Marina hearing this goes more hurt.

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