Sightless Love Episode 67 Update on Monday 18th February 2019


Marina goes to tell Bazan about Lucrecia telling her she is Alberto’s girlfriend and he lets her no that he knew about it but he chose not to tell her because he saw it as unnecessary. She then tells Marina that if she wants them to look for another doctor for Toribio he will do that but Marina says there is no need because it’s not Lucrecia’s fault to fall in love with Alberto and Afterall, she’s already told Alberto that they will live their individual lives and she can be sure that Alberto hasn’t told Lucrecia about her and Bazan says he never wants to speak ill about Alberto but he can say point blank that, he will prefer not to talk to Lucrecia about his past with her (Marina). Marina leaves and becomes so much affected.

On the table of men and having man to man talk, Baldomero asks Margarito if he has feelings for Damiana and Margarito confesses to him that he has always loved her but he had not realized until he lost her to him and now he (Baldomero) is the one she loves, but Baldomero tells him that he thought she loved him very much and has forgotten about him (Margarito) but it turns out it’s untrue as ever since he (Margarito) arrive in the city, she has been devoting all her attentions to him and he cannot continue pretending to be a fool to not see things, that it is obvious that Damiana loves him and therefore he will not try getting in their (Margarito and Damiana) way anymore but Margarito thinks Baldomero is exaggerating too much because Damiana is only giving him attention because he is sick so there is no need breaking up with her and Baldomero states that, he wouldn’t break up with her because she will definitely do it herself. 

Also, all he wants for Damiana is her happiness and if her happiness is by his (Margarito’s) side, so be it. This is really a big blow to Baldomero but “Berima na 3nom aduro a 3nwono” and Folks I think he deserves a big applauds. Waaooo true love of course. 

Alberto reveals Marina that Lucrecia knows about their relationship and marina asks him if he told her about her son and Alberto replies that he didn’t and this angers marina and she tells him that as he does not believe he is his son, he had no reason to tell her or clear things with her because he will always believe half the truth of the matter and that means he can never change and Alberto proposes to her to be friends but marina replies that they will never be friends. 

Lucrecia tries to manipulate her father by telling him that marina had a relationship with Alberto and she came to the hospital looking for him. 

On their first day of their honeymoon it looks like Vanessa never enjoy the special moment with her husband since she tells him that he was so rough with her but Edson thinks as time goes on, she gets use to his interests.

Prudencia proposes to Marina so they can be good friends but she turns her proposal down but in a nice way but Lucrecia tells her that she isn’t the first Ex of Alberto because she is friends with Vanessa and that is what she wants to have with her but Marina wants it to be a work related and Lucrecia says it and that she feels that way.

After Alberto helping Erick to prescribe medicine for his patient, Alberto reveals to him that, Marina now knows about him and Lucrecia and he asks him if he told her and he says no but it was rather Marina who asked about them from Lucrecia (he believes so because remember Lucrecia white lied about that to him) and she also told her. Erick then advises Alberto that he should try to conceal the love he feels for marina so Lucrecia never know that. Unfortunately for them, Lucrecia was eavesdropping without their notice and she goes back to her office to lie in her sofa looking so crazy that Alberto is always thinking about Marina. 

Luis thinking and believing that he will find Prudencia and Paulino together in bed at the tenement, he goes there after thinking he’s set a trap for them, he rather becomes surprised to realize that marina also lives there at the tenement because he bumps into Damiana carrying the child and wants to touch him but she never allows him touch nor see the baby and he now understands that it is the reason why her wife has been coming there always just to see her grandson but she but he ridiculously thought that she had an affair with Paulino and Damiana thinks it’s absurd for him to think so and she kicks him out from the compound because Marina only wants to see her mother and no one else like him. 

Luis lets Susana know that Prudencia has never been unfaithful to him but then she only goes to that tenement to see her grandson and Susana becomes very disappointed but still she tries inciting Luis that Prudencia has something with Paulino. 

Isauro has his therapy with Lucrecia and he tells him how he got burnt and became impotent after rescuing the love of his life from fire.

Bazan surprises Marina by giving her requirement for taking up her nursing course and Marina looks so happy.

Luis upon arriving home, he reproaches Prudencia for hiding things from him and she says she did that because that was Marina’s wish. He then says that since the little boy carries his blood, he asks Prudencia to bring child home and she goes shocked.

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