Sightless Love Episode 6 Update on Tuesday 18th September 2018


Angustias tells Prudencia that Alberto is more interested in marina than he himself realizes, that his face lights up every time he talks about her and Luis says if his son is like that, then it’s because the blind girl has excited his hormones and if she continues to provoke him, the wicked man (him) will appear to her.

Susana tells Vanessa that she has to start organizing her wedding with Alberto because he is very interested in marina, Vanessa tells her that the blind girl is pretty, but she isn’t a danger Susana answers that if Angustias, who knows him very well, has her doubts, it means something, but Vanessa isn’t willing to pressure Alberto until he is done with his PHD but Susana is going to take care of organizing the wedding.

Marina tells Damiana that she would accept the proposal of Isauro to go to the city to put some distance from Alberto because she can’t seem to forget him and Damiana tells her that Alberto and his family are not from the town and they will leave very soon and she was born in that place too and it is her paradise where she has grown all her life so she shouldn’t let anyone take it away from her and also since she is still young, she will overcome that broken heart soon.

Susana convinces Alberto into buying Vanessa an engagement ring as her birthday gift after Alberto’s acceptance, Susana goes crazily joyous telling him this is the best decision he’s made and everything shows that they love each other very much and there is no time to wait but they should marry but Alberto tells her that Venessa has to finish her school and he also is not even working yet and now he wants to have his PHD before marriage but Susana thinks they should sacrifice.

Alberto tells his parents about his intentions to get Vanessa the engagement ring and his mum Prudencia thinks he shouldn’t rush things but his father thinks it’s a good idea and money isn’t a problem at all so he should go to the city to buy an aqua-marine ring like the earrings he bought for his mum and should make sure to pass through their house and bring his mum’s earrings to her.
Isauro tells Ramona that marina’s disappointment with Alberto is going to help him to convince marina to accept to go to the city with him but Ramona tells him that she doesn’t believe that Damiana is going to let her go and much less now that Damiana is convinced that he is in love with her daughter and advices him to forget about the attachment he has to marina and look for affection in another woman who loves him but Isauro tells her that there is no other woman than Marina for him.

Prudencia tells her son that she doesn’t feel he is mature enough to take up marriage responsibilities but Alberto believes they are young and they will surely learn those responsibilities little by little since they have lots of things in common. She then asks him if he things that is enough and he is sure. So, she asks him what about the other girl (Marina) and he answers that that friendship is over but Prudencia thinks though it seems so yet he hasn’t been of himself after cutting that friendship with her and Alberto interrupts his mum by an excuse to go to the city. She asks him to not worry in case he never finds the earrings.

Mr. Luis tells Margarito that next month his son will marry Vanessa. He again seizes that opportunity to warn Paulino that he must be very careful with what he does and his actions, because this time he didn’t fire him thanks to his son, but one more complaint and he will be dismiss.
Marina excuses Isauro to go pray to God to heal her heart and Isauro tries convincing her that those pains of the heart can only be healed by time and distance and going to the city with him to study her degree in Medicine, she will forget Alberto but Marina says that will be impossible because she fell in love with him and Isauro confronts her that she doesn’t know what love is and she says she knows because Baldomero explained it to her and Marina says though love hurts but she wants to hear Alberto’s voice again but he warns her to not go look for Alberto again because Alberto is planning his wedding with his girlfriend and even the feeling both of them had wasn’t love and Marina says she will wait until the earrings changes everything.

Baldomero tells Damiana that there is a person looking for the grave of a girl who died the same day as Eulalia and it seems they are related and Damiana tells him that if they find out that there is no baby buried in the grave, they could send him to prison.
Prudencia and Marina coincide at the church house and after talking with her, she tells Angustias that she sees why Alberto like her because she also did like her as she felt tenderness and wanted to protect her.

Isauro goes to warn Baldomero to stop explaining his so-called stupid love to Marina and putting nonsense into her head and he questions him as to who he thinks he is to warn him about Marina and he says it’s because she owes her life to him because he saved her from that fire.

Venessa wants to know from Luis when they are going back to the city and he says after the festival and Vanessa wants them to celebrate her birthday firth before they leave to the city. Quickly, they overhear Paulino singing and playing his quitter and Prudencia wants to know who is that and Venessa says it’s that ranch boy who thinks he is the famous rock star. She excuses to go her room and there she peeps him through her window.

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