Sightless Love Episode 56 Update on Tuesday 22nd January 2019

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Doctor Bazan takes the patches off marina’s face and she gets scared because she now can see but doesn’t know what she is seeing and the doctor tells her that it is the light that is coming through her eyes since she’s not seen all her life and he starts helping Marina to use her sense of touch as he shows her certain objects so she canunderstand best. Again, to be able to help her more, he is going to allow her to see her family and friends one by one to identify them.

Vanessa and Edson are still on their date and she tells Edson that she is there with him only because her mother forced her, since her mother is looking for a millionaire husband for her and apparently, he is the ideal candidate and Edson replies that he doesn’t care because he is also looking for a woman with a surname of great origin, who is also very beautiful and very classy and he likes her very much and if she accepts to marry him, he will put the world at her feet because he has a lot of money. Vanessa then agrees, but she sets conditions and that is there should be no physical contact until she falls in love with him and Edson accepts because he also likes girls who plays hard to get. 

Ana suggests to Paulino to make a video of him singing and playing the guitar and then upload it on the internet and after she is sure someone might be interested in his gift and that he will find a job very soon and 
Zacarias tells Mr. Luis that Margarito fell down and had an accident and after doctors checking on him and Margarito says he (Luis) will have to pay and Mr. Luis replies that of course he Zacharias has do to Margarito everything to see him well again but Zacharias suggests that he should fire him because he is old now and Mr. Luis replies that he should stop saying nonsense because Margarito has worked all his life with his family and so he Shuns Zacharias and hangs up. 

Susana gets happy when Vanessa tells her that Edson proposed to her and Vanessa replies that it is not that she is going to marry him tomorrow but Susana tells her that she is not in a position to ask too much and she will not allow that someone else wins her boyfriend because she would do anything to have money. Vanessa replies that she knows it and that she (Susana) would be capable of becoming his lover. 

Susana then slaps her and tells her that she will do anything to get them out of poverty and Vanessa challenges her to instead marry him but Susana says that Edson rather loves her and not her (Susana). 
Luis has been able to rent an apartment where he can be able to meet Susana there more often so they can spend time together

Isauro does everything to get Dr. Bazan’s private clinic in his home just to get closer or know the whereabout of Marina.

Prudencia and Angustias’ finds it so strange that a so-called Edson Olivarez has proposed to Vanessa when she’s not heard of a billionaire with search a name before and Luis tells them that he knows that man very much because he’s partnered with him before since he works with a shipping company but he doesn’t think Vanessa is his type and Angustias says he is Susana’s type since Edson has money. 

For the first time Marina has been able to see her mum Damiana with her eyes and they both become so sentimental. Marina takes advantage to thank her mum for being there for her and Damiana thinks that God placed her in her hands so she can protect her. 

Edson tells Susana that he wants to marry Vanessa in a month and he will pay her very well if she convinces her. 

Lucrecia and Vanessa exchange contacts after she bumps into her whiles going to check on Alberto
Doctor Bazan tells marina that as soon as she sees perfectly, she could work as a receptionist in his private office and marina accepts on the condition that her salary will be used to pay for his services, he rendered to operate her eyes. 

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