Sightless Love Episode 5 Update on Monday 17th September 2018

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Alberto and Vanessa bump into marina, and Vanessa makes it clear to marina that Alberto is her fiancé. Alberto asks Vanessa to excuse them and after, Marina reproaches Alberto as to why he kissed her and let her build hopes without telling her that he has a girlfriend and Alberto tries to explain things to her, but marina tells him that she does not want him to look for her again and that he doesn’t want to hear his voice ever again.

Isauro demands from Damiana that she should forbid Marina from going to see Alberto because he will only play with her, but Damiana tells him that he doesn’t have the right to get into her life and besides marina enjoys Alberto’s company a lot. Still Isauro replies that he has the right because he saved her life from that fire and thanks to that he has his face fire branded and she even blames Damian for being the cause of the accident since she left that candles in the house and so she should be on his side and Damiana assures him that she will speak with Marina. After he left, Damiana then wonders if he is in love with Marina or not.

Luis tells Prudencia that Alberto is very attentive or distracted by marina and that she even came into his lands. Prudencia tells him that for sure she didn’t mean anything by it, that she doesn’t know about that sort of formalities, Luis answers that she is very innocent, that this blind girl turned out to be even more clever than them, that she uses her disability to manipulate their son.

Marina tells Damiana that she believed that Alberto loves her, but he has a girlfriend and they love each other very much and that Mr. Luis threw her off his property and told her that she is not welcome and these hurtful words have truly thorn her heart into 22million pieces and Damiana calms her down and says those are tests life brings our way.

Venessa and Alberto arrive home and she tells the family not to worry because that so-called blind girl is not all that as beautiful and catchy as Alberto described her but Alberto asks her to stop being mean towards Marina.

Mr. Luis tells Alberto that Paulino and his family will have to leave the ranch for daring to hit him, his only son and Alberto says there is no need doing that because is indeed Paulino hit him, it’s because he deserved it for kissing marina when he’s warned him to stay away from him. his dad calms him down and says as a man they will always feel attracted to women but he has to be careful since one might think he is going in for a fling, the woman will be looking for something deep. He also reveals to him that, Marina came looking for him and he threw her out of his lands and Alberto questions him about why he did that and Luis says it’s because she isn’t their class and Alberto warns him to not hurt her again and Luis will do that in exchange that Alberto never looks for Marina again. Alberto again asks his dad to change his mind about kicking Paulino and is family out of the ranch.

Damiana gives Marina the Aqua Marine earring and she asks her to make sure to put it on always and she regrets not letting her wear it to the party because it could have saved her from intimidations. She tells her that the earring belongs to her mum Eulalia.

Luis calls Margarito and tells him that he is no longer going to sack them and so Margarito go to tell Paulino and Yolanda that they don’t have to leave la Añoranza, because Mr. Luis told him that Alberto asked him not to fire them but he warns Paulino to stop causing trouble with Alberto.

Damiana tells Isauro that his jealousy makes her think that he is in love with marina and it does not look good that she keeps going to his house if his intentions with her are that and Isauro replies that he only cares about them and nothing else.

Marina reveals to Isauro that Marina confessed to her that she isn’t her mum but an adopted child of Eulalia and Philemon a couples who lived in the abandon building they are now in.

Angustias tells Prudencia that Alberto is more interested in marina than he himself realizes, that his face lights up every time he talks about her and Luis says if his son is like that, then it’s because the blind girl has excited his hormones and if she continues to provoke him, the wicked man (him) will appear to her.

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