Sightless Love Episode 4 Update on Monday 10th September 2018

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Marina is able to go to the party with the help of Toribio whiles Damiana was fast asleep and upon arriving at the party, Alberto asks her to dance with him and whiles in the act, Paulino tells marina that her mother is going to be concerned when she does not see her, marina tells him that she will leave and Alberto offers to take her, Paulino tells him that he should stay at his party and he will take marina to her house. They then bid goodbye to each other.
On their way, Paulino tells marina that Alberto has become very arrogant because when they were children they played together but since he went abroad to study and now a doctor he doesn’t know what happened to him to make him change so much like that but marina tells him that Alberto seems more like a great and good person to her.
Upon Marina’s arrival home. Damiana reveals to her how angry she is with her for going to the party without telling her and Marina says it’s because she never wanted to wake her up and that Toribio took her there and Paulino brought her back but it was a great day for her but Damiana warns her that is going to be her first and last day to go to that big house and she goes anxious. Yolanda then tells her that is good because that is how she should see him as a kind of person who is naturally kind who wanted to show her a wonderful time. Marina then says that will be a memorable to her always.
Yolanda pays a visit to Marina and looking at the level of high hopes Marina has about Alberto, she tells marina that she has to know something about Alberto, marina replies that she is sure that she is going to tell her that she should not build hopes with the boss’ son and she also knows that Alberto will never see her like her a friend, although he made her very happy last night at the party.
Angustias tells Prudencia that she never saw Alberto’s girlfriend Vanessa at the party and Prudencia answers that it’s because Vanessa had a headache. Angustias then reveals to her that she saw Alberto dancing with a beautiful girl and Prudencia thinks that will be one of the producer’s daughter and Angustias hopes so.
Susana wakes Vanessa up from her long sleep and warns her that she must behave like Alberto’s charming girlfriend and not as a spoilt brat as she exhibited at the party and she has to be careful because she could offend Luis or Prudencia one day and there would be no wedding with Alberto.
Ramona asks her boss Isauro why he wasn’t invited to that exclusive party and Isauro questions her as to why she thinks he should have been invited and she says it’s because he is the towns doctor and a person of authority too and Isauro says he wouldn’t even gone if he were invited. Ramona then says she can’t understand why he continues to shut himself up in everything and becoming a more bitter person every day but he could have had an operation years ago for his scares and seriously this makes Isauro go mad at Ramona.
Whiles Vanessa and Alberto take a stroll on the fields and she sees that her boy is having a divided attention and she asks him what he is up to and Alberto tells her she run into a lady friend at the party and Vanessa says she is making her jealous but he assures her to not be because he only has eyes for her. She then asks Alberto that it’s time to start organizing the wedding and they have to go back to the city too and he thinks they are rushing things too much and also, he can tell that she doesn’t like the ranch but he loves it very much.
Toribio makes a flower hair crown for Marina and she looks very beautiful marina tells Alberto that he promised her that he was not going to shoot anymore, this one replies that it was his father.
Don Luis and Alberto goes for gun training and as Don Luis fires the gun, Toribio overhears and goes so afraid and Marina calms him down. Quickly, Alberto remembers the pledge he made to Marina to not shoot again and he tells his dad that, seriously he doesn’t fancy guns at all and so he thinks he should do that with someone who finds interest it since that isn’t his thing. He leaves his dad and goes in search of Marina.
Seeing Marina, she confronts him for not fulfilling his promise of not using a gun anymore and he explained that, the gun was fired by his dad and not him but he rather kept him promise to her. Alberto then complements her beauty again and says the flower crown has even added up to her beauty and she says that was a Toribio made but he run off due to the gun and Alberto says it seems Toribio might be some kind of an artist to make such a great design.
Alberto again asks her how she came to learn about so many things thus doing things on her own if that was through her mum’s help and Marina confirms that, her mum indeed did a great job with her by teaching her so many things so she can live independent life without depending on someone since she never wanted her to see her blindness as inability or weakness and anything she knows again was through the help of the towns doctor. She again tells him that, she sees Isauro as a blessing and also her mum though not her real mum because she confessed that to her that her mum died during her birth and she adopted her but she gave her all her love.
Marina tells him that she is grateful to him for having dance with her since she felt something she’s never felt before. Alberto replies that he could have danced with her all night, they hug and kiss her but he comes back to his senses and asks Marina if she’s ever been kissed like that before but Marina goes overjoy and he asks her to forgive him and bidding goodbye to each other, he rides away with his horse.
Marina arrives home and Damiana tries chatting with her but it looks like her mind is still on the kiss Alberto gave her and Damiana sees there is something wrong with her but she never tells her. Same vein, Alberto arrives home to tell Vanessa that he thinks he agrees with her and so they should go back to the city right away and Venessa goes surprised but she tells him that, she will agree to his ideas and decisions from now onwards and let them do all of the wedding preparations at the ranch and then after, they will all stay behind and manage the ranch and he accepts.
Marina thinks about the kiss but what she doesn’t understand is why he said sorry to her after. She goes to share her feeling with Baldomero and he tells her that is what is called love but he asks her not to fall into that love because she might may be end up with a broken heart but Marina thinks his kiss proved a great love to her.
Alberto asks Venessa to accept and let Paulino teach her horse riding but she refuses but her mum talks sense into her to obey the man who will marry her if not she might lose her and so she goes to apologizes to Alberto for being insolent and Vanessa warns Paulino to make sure that she never gets hurt and it seems Vanessa gets attracted to him though it seems like hatred.
Marina goes to Isauro and Isauro detects that she looks over happy and inquiring from her, she tells him that the son of the boss of “la Añoranza” invited her to a party in his house by Alberto and they danced and Isauro goes nervous and he warns her that she won’t see Alberto anymore because if he behaved like that with her it’s because he felt pity for her  and Marina disbelieves him. Isauro then reminds him that, she has to obey him since he is her reason for being alive and so his words are final, she should stay away from Alberto and this makes Marina go confused and sad as she steps out of Isauro’s office and she speaks to herself that Isauro is not a bad person.

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